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Changes to 4th Gen Competitive Battling NO GARCHOMP DISCUSSION!

Discussion in 'Older Gens' started by Machiki, Oct 2, 2008.

  1. goldfan

    goldfan playing an ish game

    Please please PLEASE read this before making any more questions about "Why Smogon put x in tier y." There is a perfectly explainable reason. Besides, what is wrong with Donphan in UU? It has no reliable recovery, meaning even weaker Physical sweepers will eventually wear it down. There are many powerful Water-types that can take it, Azumarill, Milotic, Lanturn. It doesn't beat Moltres or Migmagius either. Personally, I like the introduction of Donphan to UU, it is a perfect switch-in to the ever-present Registeel and so, I believe, will help to diversify UU.

    Good in OU =/= Too strong for UU. Ask Tentacruel.
  2. Kingdrom

    Kingdrom Turn Away Again

    Umbreon has become OU in part due to the efforts of a battler, Opjqy. He is a frequent member of the top ten ranked players on Smogon's Shoddy Server. He used a Chople Berry Umbreon with Yawn / Baton Pass / Mean Look / filler. It was a wildly successful team of gimmicks, one that worked due to the overabundance of offensive teams and set-up sweepers. I'd imagine that this inspired other players to some extent, as it beat many of the best OU players currently active.

    Other than this, I've seen Umbreon used once as a Pursuiter on a non-joke team.
  3. TheLupineOne

    TheLupineOne I'M GETTING WHITE.

    Endure-Salac-Reversal: What do you think of this Strategy?

    Although the Battle Factory tests your Pokémon knowledge, you can also learn things from it.

    I learned a new strategy that some Competitive Battlers may be familiar with.

    I rented a Blaziken that knew Endure and Reversal, and held a Salac Berry.

    When Blaziken was on the ropes, I used Endure to keep it at 1HP.

    It ate the Salac Berry and boosted it's Speed.

    Then I used Reversal to hit opponents for Massive Damage.

    Unfortunately I didn't keep the Streak, but you CAN see Blaziken in action at Vs. Recorder Video 73-98756-35015

    What's your opinion on this strategy?
  4. Ammako

    Ammako Well-Known Member

    It's a great strategy, works better on fast Pokémon, since the Salac boost isn't sure to make you move first.
  5. oooo

    oooo Well-Known Member

    VERY hard to pull off - any priority moves, bad weather, any ressidual damage of any kind destroys it - plus, reversal/flail is blocked by ghosts - who can have shadow sneak. If you want to use this strategy, try lucario, as he is immune to ss damage. Alternatively, you can use substitute to reduce your health instead of endure if you want to get a free turn or two, but stealth rock/spikes can cause you problems....The whole thing is very risky but extremely powerful, as I have found out the hard way.
  6. Truly Deceptive

    Truly Deceptive It is I: ME!

    @ Pengoiun7: But it does make it quite fast.
    @ oooo: You're right, that.
  7. -Gengar-

    -Gengar- <#1

    It is a good strategy if done right. However, too many things get in the way of it working, IMO. SR, Spikes, Poison/Burn, Priority Moves, and Sandstorm/Hail all get in the way.
  8. AlCario

    AlCario Banned

    I agree with Gengar. An effective strategy, but a lot of things can go wrong. Also, does anyone know where to get the salac berry in Plat?
  9. WynautQueen

    WynautQueen Pokemon Caretaker

    Yeah, it's all right, but I wouldn't rely on it.
  10. It's a good strategy, but stopped cold by several factors:

    ~> Priority Moves (unless you're using one, too. Idk why you would, but eh.)
    ~> Sandstorm / Hail (unless you're Mamoswine)
    ~> Toxic / Burn / Paralysis to an extent
    ~> Rough Skin / Aftermath
    ~> Ghost-types (immune to both Flail and Reversal)

    A similar tactic is also used on Endeavor, which is the basis of FEAR.
  11. lvl100blastoise

    lvl100blastoise Well-Known Member

    It doesn't work very well in OU but for casual battling it's fine.
  12. Typhlosion Trainer

    Typhlosion Trainer Fire Trainer

    Seems like a good strategy.
  13. Aviano

    Aviano I dropped my balls

    Not a fan. The "massive damage" is way to frail.
  14. TurtwigFan1

    TurtwigFan1 burning it down

    I think you can get a Salac Berry from the Battle Frontier in Platinum, from the scratchcards.

    But I wouldn't rely on this strategy. It's too risky and if it fails, your whole team might go down.
  15. Clank

    Clank Insert Title Here

    i watched your video, i had never thought of it
  16. Drybones446

    Drybones446 That Photography Guy

    I just got lucky I got a Baton Pass team in Battle Factory (Platinum). Scizor (Attack) and Typhlosion, plus a reserve sweeper in the name of Electivire. Typhlosion rips them off with +4 Fire Punches/ThunderPunches/ShadowClaws/QuickAttacks.
  17. .:Shadow:.

    .:Shadow:. The Black Dragon

    Pretty good,but there's just too many ways to ruin this strategy. I wouldn't use it,though.
  18. GeoFerocious

    GeoFerocious Total Bull

    I totally agree. It is a little risky, but there are more dicey things that people do. It's a neat strategy that I don't think gets played enough. I can only imagine, depending on the starting HP of the opponent, what a Bulk Up would do beforehand.
  19. thepokeperson

    thepokeperson New Member

    i say just kill your opponent
  20. Drybones446

    Drybones446 That Photography Guy

    What would happen to the OU Metagame if Shaymin-S and Deoxys-S are in it?

    What would happen to the OU Metagame if Shaymin-s and Deoxys-s are in it?

    Shaymin-s: 100/75/75 Defenses aren't bad, and 103/120/127 is just outrageous. Can rip through teams with proper support.

    Deoxys-s: Extremely quick, even without EV investments. Able to outrun some Scarfed pokemon without Speed investment. Awesome revenge killer with balanced offense and defense.


    P.S. Please don't lock, I just wanna hear opinions. If it isn't in the right section, please move.

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