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Changes to 4th Gen Competitive Battling NO GARCHOMP DISCUSSION!

Discussion in 'Older Gens' started by Machiki, Oct 2, 2008.

  1. Skaisdead

    Skaisdead Movers and Shakers

    It would be spammed with these two Pokemon. Maybe not Deoxys-S because of it's shallow defense and awful HP, But with Serene Grace and Seed Flare, Shaymin-S would definitely become commonplace and almost unrealistically unfair.
  2. Skaisdead

    Skaisdead Movers and Shakers

    It would be spammed with these two Pokemon. Maybe not Deoxys-S because of it's shallow defense and awful HP, But with Serene Grace and Seed Flare, Shaymin-S would definitely become commonplace and almost unrealistically unfair.
  3. Drybones446

    Drybones446 That Photography Guy

    OU would be broken with Shaymin-s. But, knowing that, priority users like Weavile, Mamoswine and Scizor will be used more. Scizor can switch on Seed Flare-locked Shaymin-s and Pursuit away. The next time it switches in, it would have had 40-30% left, due to switching in to SR 2x and hitting with a Pursuit.

    Knowing that it might not be so broken after all, seeing Scizor is the #1 on the OU usages of June 2009.
  4. lotr297

    lotr297 wahaha

    I think we would see a rise in Heatran usage, due to its 4x resistance to Seed flare and STAB fire attacks
  5. Noheart

    Noheart The Abysswalker

    I will have a Band Ninjask destroy them.

  6. calum

    calum Banned

    No sillies

    Dragonite and Crobat thanks to Inner Focus dont flinch from Air Slash, and have a 4x resist to seed flare.

    Clear Bodies will also be seen a bit
  7. Rad3n

    Rad3n Banned

    Well we actually know the answer to this. Deoxys completely centralised the meta-game, while Shaymin cuts the usage numbers on a few things and reduces the amount of Pokemon using Earthquake. Spikes > SR > Sweep teams become extremely popular and Deoxys is banned again within a week. As for Shaymin, I have no idea. It's pretty BL Uber to me.
  8. Drybones446

    Drybones446 That Photography Guy

    Earth Power owns Heatran bad.

    Scizor checks Choiced Shaymin-s, comes on in a Seed Flare, if it switches, its gonna get hit with a Pursuit. Add that to SR damage (and if it comes back) plus a Pursuit.

    Dragonite could come in on non-HP Ice variants and KO with Fire Punch / Fire Blast.
  9. the massive damage that these sweepers accumulate is often enough to alone destroy teams and it is an effective strategy if it is built around. In saying that it is seldom necessary to go to these measures to win as opposed to creating a regular team and as always it is a matter of preference.
  10. BaldWombat

    BaldWombat Mortal Wombat!

    Kinder got it perfectly right here. If you want to use this strategy you have to build your team to deal with all the major priority users in the game. If you aren't using Lucario for this you will also need to have weather changers to get rid of SS and Hail, if you see it, to make sure that you can give that late game sweep. It is extremely powerful if pulled off right but it is not easy to do in todays metagame.
  11. Zenotwapal

    Zenotwapal have a drink on me

    Shaymin -S would bring utter destruction to OU.

    those attacking sats, plus the speed, would murder the other sweepers fast.

    Deoxys-S wouldn't be too much of a threat, but a truely game breaking lead.
    Spikes+SR+speed+thatmassivepower= purewin.

    Not if Shaymin-S has HP-Fire.
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2009
  12. LightingKimba

    LightingKimba Listenin' t'Dragons!

    Well, so far, in the UU Suspect Test vote, Crobat's 9-2 on its vote, 9 being its vote to BL, and the 2 being Abstain.

    Honchkrow's 4 BL, 6 UU, and 1 Abstain. Appears it could be close for the crow to stay in UU.

    Shaymin's at a landslide of 11 votes to BL.

    Any comments, questions, etc?
  13. phop

    phop (D)

    It is surprizing that so many have voted for Shaymin to BL, when I feel he is more than OU material for a number of reasons. It has great stats with 100 in each stat, acts as a good status asorber, has a great move-pool, etc. But on usage, I'll have to agree that's it's BL material, simply because it's very rarely seen in OU play.
  14. Naxte

    Naxte Well-Known Member

    I find Crobat quite interesting. Last time, it was unanimously voted UU. Now that majority is shifting to BL. I really don't think Crobat really got better in-between, at least not to that large of a degree, so the complete flip-flop on the opinion of its status has me quite intrigued.

    I think that might be because Celebi pretty much does what Shaymin-L does, but a bit better, and it's silly to have both on your team, and thus Celebi frequently is used enough to make it to OU, whereas Shaymin-L isn't. And since, other than the ban lists, the Smogon tiers are based on usage, BL really would be where it belongs.
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2009
  15. calum

    calum Banned


    Draggy gets Ice Beam as well
  16. Ryu-San

    Ryu-San New Member

    If they were allowed, then in everyones sigs it would say
    MY RULES: no hax pokemonz srs i can tell
    NO Shaymin S or Deoxys-S

    Just like they all did before Garchomp was uber

    yay first serebii post
  17. Drybones446

    Drybones446 That Photography Guy

    Also Ice Punch.
  18. I find this thread rather silly, because we've allowed Deoxys-E and Shaymin-S in OU for a considerable length of time.

    They were considered broken (not so much Shaymin-S, but Deoxys-E in particular), and banished to Ubers.
  19. So, it looks like Crobat and Shaymin are now BL, and Honchkrow is UU again!

    I'm not very surprised, to be honest.
  20. goldfan

    goldfan playing an ish game

    I think Crobat should be BL, but I am surprised that it was voted so. It is a borderline case, isn't it, similar to that of Clefabe who I also think should be BL. Shaymin is a good decision, it'll be intereting to see how Donphan plays now as all of it's other bulky water counters are more passive, switching Shaymin in takes you straight onto the offensive, but that can't be said of bulky Waters, especially if they get hit by a solid EQ on the way in =/

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