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Changes to attacks/types/other for balance or logical reasons

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I might have been able to make my comments on the "type weaknesses that don't make sense", but I read you can't post if it hasn't been replied to for a month, so here is the topic I really wanted to discuss.

I really think that water should be weak to poison; after all, toxins pollute rivers, and marine life is very sensitive to pollution and chemical changes. also, it would give water pokemon a physical weakess and make poison attacks more useful

Also, I think rock smash should at least thrice as strong - as the weakest fighting move in the game right now, it isn't even really a legitimate attack; you either have to give someone in your team a crappy attack till lilycove, or have an HM slave handy for boulders. Besides, it's ROCK SMASH...shouldn't it be actually strong enought to smash rocks?

Post replies or suggest your own changes - make sure to include reasons!


okay about the pollution in water thing...

poison doesnt damage the water, it only makes the water "super effective" to marine life and the people who drink it. if u put poison into water, the h2o component will still remain.

but i do kinda agree on this rock smash issue. i think rock smash SHOULD be at a higher power. but you gotta remember that foe's def falls most of the time so its still a worthwhile attack for beginners. better than tail whip i guess.

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I truly like that Rock Smash is weak. If you hit someone in the same way you hit rocks it would do much. Rock Smash is about precision so the fighter aims at a rocks weak spot and hits in specific areas. Opponents are different than rock. It used to be an optional move therefore the thing was either have a weak move on your team or don't have rock smash. Now, it is a annoying move that is unnecessary because we have strength. I would say to either make it become like inaccurate OHKO move against rock type or stop being a damn annoying HM.
I do agree that rock smash should be stronger, but i also agree that it is about finding weak spots. But if you think about it, if you hit a rock in its weak spot really gently, it wont do a thing!!

One way to get out of it being in your squad, is do what i do. This is teach it to a HMer. This pokemon should have 4 HM moves. A good example of this is sabelye. Mine has Flash, Rock Smash, Cut and..... Night Shade. did i mention that it is at level 80!!
Another example is my Tentacreul. It has Surf, Dive, Waterfall and Cut!

Hope that helps.

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Haze and Mist should be Water, rather than Ice, as it makes more sense.

All attacks with a base power of 120 should have an accuracy of at least 85.


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I think that Fire Blast and Blizzard should have an accuracy of 80 and that Hydro Pump, Mega Kick and Mega Horn should get an accuracy of 85. This is because Fire Blast, Blizzard and Thunder have added effects, while Hydro Pump, Mega Kick and Mega Horn don't. This is also why I think Surf should have an added effect.


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Flamthrower, Thunderbolt, and Ice Beam have about a 1% chance of hitting their effects. Also, you must remember that HM moves were created as weaker substitutes for certain attacks that you need to cross the game.

You want effect, get Muddy Water.

Besides, Water is already broken enough not to warrant an STAB effect.
Grass needs it infinitely more if you ask me, despite the fact that there are Toxics everywhere that every Grass Pokemon can get.


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Bruce Lee could do a few hundred pushups on his pinky. I think he holds the record.
Not the point though.

If anything, Water and Poison should remain the way they are. Throw poison into water and it usually gets diluted to a point where it is merely a nuisance. However, throw water at poisonous substances however, and nothing important will likely happen.
(I mean this as if it was the Pokemon world, where seas are huge and muck pools are immense.)
rock smash is irritating as an HM, but I guess if it wasn't, no one would ever use it... maybe it should be 4x effective or OHKO against rock or something
maybe, because of focusing on weak spots, it should have a high critical hit ratio?

what I meant was that most water pokemon are fish-type things, which are affected by toxins and poisons - ever seen an acid-rain lake?
I guess I'm just upset that poison is only good against grass, which has enough weaknesses anyway

jellsprout said:
I think that Fire Blast and Blizzard should have an accuracy of 80 and that Hydro Pump, Mega Kick and Mega Horn should get an accuracy of 85. This is because Fire Blast, Blizzard and Thunder have added effects, while Hydro Pump, Mega Kick and Mega Horn don't. This is also why I think Surf should have an added effect.

I like most of that idea, but I think surf is a good enough attack anyway - it's very easy (in fact, mandatory) to obtain, and virtually every water pokemon can learn it. just my thoughts, though
Oh yeah, the other things I wanted to say I would change was constrict, covet and bite. Constrict has gotta do more than 10 damage, I mean come on, it's basically THE WORST attacking attack in the came. I guess constricting isn't that tough, but come on! It's gotta be stronger than, say, an insect bite, or "cutely begging for the foes item" - why does covet even DO damage at all?

Actually, I think bite is fine as is, but they need to invent a NORMAL type biting attack, for pokemon with attack and big teeth. Trapinch, for example, has big teeth. Trapinch's highest stat is attack. Trapinch's bite attack sucks. Moral of the story is, they need an biting attack based on the attack stat.

PS I don't know if this counts as double posting, cuz I was saying something new and different quite a while later.

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Here we edit posts.

Yeah, constrict is a strange move. Covet probably should mention that the pokemon hurts the opponent after getting the item.

Eh. I guess you are right about bite but I don't want "Bite, Dark" and "Bite, Normal".
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