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Changing the ball type of a caught Pokémon?

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I know you could do this in at least one Pokémon game in the past and I'm pretty certain the answer is that it can't be done, but is there any way to change the ball type that a caught Pokémon is in? EG, catch a Shinx in an Ultra-Ball and change the ball type after the catch to a Luxury Ball.

Please and thank you for knowledge!

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Changing the type of Pokéball for captured Pokémon has never been a thing.


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Unfortunately thats the case. I also get tired when i always remember that the starter will always seem to be the odd one out among your team of ultra balls.

Probably you could try to breed a shinx and try only having a single luxury ball (don't save after selling) and you could check if the egg that hatches uses the luxury ball. Unless the regular red/white ball is pre-determined then it won't matter what you have.


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That's pretty much /thread. The answer is no.
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