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Chansey vs Blissey

Discussion in 'Older Gens' started by Psycho Cut, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. Psycho Cut

    Psycho Cut Well-Known Member

    Ok, pretty simple question: title says it all. Who do you think is best, Eviolite chansey, or Blissey?


    Feel free to post sets to argue your case.
  2. windsong

    windsong WEST SIDE

    Eviolite Chansey is pretty much superior, imo, aside from its inability to use special attacks. But it's basically if you want Ice Beam/Flamethrower, go with Blissey, if you're okay with just SToss, go with Chansey.
  3. Blue Harvest

    Blue Harvest Banned

    Leftovers + Protect makes Blissey a far superior Wish passer and Flamethrower / Ice Beam sorta keeps it from being setup fodder for everything not hurt by its status move. Leftovers keeps Blissey from being devastated by sandstorm and makes it far more resistant to residual damage.
  4. Aquadon

    Aquadon TCG Trainer

    The only thing Chansey really has going for it is the ability to take Physical hits better than Blissey. The lack of Leftovers and Special Attacks makes Blissey a little more powerful in my book.
  5. I believe there was already a thread similar to this. But yeah, Chansey if you want more bulk from the get-go, Blissey if you want Leftovers recovery and decent special attack, and Happiny if you want to troll people. That's about it.
  6. Vandslaux

    Vandslaux Well-Known Member

    Chansey. Look at it this way: Chansey walls almost every non-set up attacker with 704 HP and 150ish Defense, and troll special bulk, making it perfect for stall, who are usually phazer-heavy anyway. The only way for Blissey to achieve Chansey's bulk (and it still can't fix it's mediocre physical bulk) is CM.
  7. Psycho Cut

    Psycho Cut Well-Known Member

    Yeah, in my eyes, Chansey is usually the best bet. But the fact that blissey can hold the leftovers often keeps him in consideration.
  8. Aquadon

    Aquadon TCG Trainer

    Well, there's that, but there's also the thought that Chansey can't do squat to Ghost-types (especially Gengar), while Blissey has the possibility of using Ice Beam/Thunderbolt/Flamethrower/whatever in order to strike back on any opposing Ghosts. Does make more difference than you think.
  9. Psycho Cut

    Psycho Cut Well-Known Member

    Yeah, that's a good point. Most of the time when I run blissey/chansey (which isn't all that often, tbh) I only usually have seismic toss as my attacking move, and most of the time it works fine. But I see your point. Especially against subdisable Gengar
  10. irock245

    irock245 She wants it

    I'm sorry, but those who think chansey is better is uttery wrong. It only has better physical bulk. It's perfect taunt and set up bait. Blissey can do decent damage and is better and a wish passer like blue harvest said. If you favor chansey because you like chansey more, then go ahead, but competitively there's a reason chansey's uu and blissey's OU.
  11. Psycho Cut

    Psycho Cut Well-Known Member

    It has better special bulk too. And only, like, 10 less HP iirc
  12. Porgon-XYZ

    Porgon-XYZ Wut are you saying?

    When it comes to walling, Chansey wins. When it comes to dealing damage, stalling, and survivalbility, Blissey wins.
  13. Vandslaux

    Vandslaux Well-Known Member

    Yeah, so, like, a miniscule 5 hp less wishes?
  14. hallstromjr

    hallstromjr Boston Celtic

    I think its all situational. Blissey is a much better Wish Passer, and I dont think SpA makes too much of a difference..going from a 4KO, to a 5-6KO. Seismic Toss is better anywho. Most Chanseys and Blisseys usually use Thunderwave or Toxic to stall and cripple.
  15. thejt

    thejt Everyday Im Shufflin

    I friggin hate them both. The bad thing about Chansey is that Seismic toss is its attacking move so it is easily countered by ghosts. Blissey is much more useful and annoying.
  16. It's more about Blissey's ability to utilize Protect to take advantage of the Wish herself, while also stalling for Leftovers recovery. Each time Blissey does the Wish + Protect combo, she's getting about 62% of her HP, while also taking no damage the second turn, wasting the opponent's PP, and stalling for whatever extra residual damage may be available.
  17. Cometstarlight

    Cometstarlight Race to the finish!

    How do you get seismic toss on Chansey, btw I think Blissey is better in survivability
  18. emboarrocks

    emboarrocks #1 emboar fan

    I use a Chansey because of evolite but I could see why someone would say Blissely is better.
  19. 3.14kachu

    3.14kachu 2.72pic √(-1)nventor

    Item clause favors Chansey, as Chansey is one of the best Eviolite users, while Blissey is one of very many Leftovers-users. In any item clause situation, the overuse of Leftovers will usually prompt the use of Chansey, even if Blissey's stats might be a bit better for the job.
  20. Psycho Cut

    Psycho Cut Well-Known Member

    That's another good point, actually. I hadn't considered Item Clause

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