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Chaos Theory vs. Assassins Alliance

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Chaos Theory




~All SPPF Clan War Rules and Regular Rules Apply~

~6 on 6 Standard Smogon Tier OU on PO/PS~

~ All Battles Most Be Best of 3. Nothing More And Nothing Less~

~Because we all have different time-zones, there will be no match-ups. War participants will battle whoever is online, so people don't have to stay up all night just for the war~

~Subs can only battle IF AND ONLY IF the leader/co-leader/War Captain of their clan HAS CONFIRMED that they will be subbing in for someone else~

~5 War Members in total for each side, first team to 3 wins, wins the war!~

~Self KO Clause, Species Clause, Sleep Clause, and Freeze Clauses~

~Deadline: 2 weeks from when this thread is approved~

~Be a good Sport~

~No Spamming~

~Keep posting only to members of either clan~​

Chaos Theory War Team


Wolf Prince








Assassins Alliance War Team

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Wolf Prince

Lycan Seraph
Good luck both sides.
I can try to be online from 9:00 am to 9:30 pm GMT-07:00 so whoever thinks they have a good time to battle me VM/PM me please.


Good Luck to CT and same to you AA.

I am available pretty much all day...
From like 12:00 PM to like 2:00 AM EST. The best way to get to me is through xat so... You can PM/VM me


Umbreon Master
I live Eastern US time and im pretty much free. sometimes i may not be most of the time i am. Message me or VM me or visit the clan xat im usually on there.


Artistically angry
Good luck everyone, I'm gmt -4, I'll inform the other war team members

Also, one of the links on CT's side is broken, just saying


Legendary Outlaw
One more win! Yowza Im excited :D
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