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Chaos Words Graphics

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Only Mostly Dead

I’M BACK. Did you miss me? I got my schedule pretty well squared away, and I kinda missed doing requests. So here I am!

Requests are CLOSED.

Request Slots:
1. =
2. =
3. =

I can make avatars, banners, wallpapers, headers, avatar banners, text banners, and extracted signatures.




Wallpapers: http://i27.*******.com/1zgynew_th.jpg


Avatar Banners:

Text Banners:

Extracted Signatures:

The Form-

Extra Info:


1. Give Credit.
2. No fanart unless you’ve gotten the artist’s permission
3. If you don’t specify a size I’ll choose one for you. Don’t expect me to resize it for you if you don’t like it.
4. Use the form.
5. Don’t hotlink. Host your own images.
6. You may request *one* graphic at a time.
7. No more than four images per avatar, banner, wallpaper or header. Extracted signatures can only have one and text images almost always shouldn’t have one.
8. Provide good quality images.
9. Don’t request when the three request slots are taken.

If you break the rules, you get an infraction. Strike one = 1 day ban. Strike two = 1 week ban. Strike three = 2 week ban.

Infraction List – strike one - strike two - strike threeperma-ban

Shining Glaceon
ancient pray
Eon Master
Dan The Poke Man
sailor jupiter
OmniRo banned forever
Ho-oh Master
The Baron of Fate
Shadow Lucario
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shooting the moon ☆
Umm... I have two requests?
Type: umm I'm not sure if I should call it a banner.... :/
Size: could it stay the same size as the original image that I'm providing??
Image(s): http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v210/marixoxella/pokemon/193936258951114782994.jpg
Text:pokemon trainers only
comment to be friended
Colors: reds, blues, and yellows
Extra Info: I'm not using either of the two on serebii, I'm using them on LJ

Type: banner
Size: could it stay the same size as the original image that I'm providing??
Image(s): http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v210/marixoxella/pokemon/ashmistywurmplecute.gif
Text: marixoxella@livejournal
Colors: none else, i jsut want the txt added to the art.
Extra Info: :) ily x 2


Only Mostly Dead
Ah, this makes me sad. My first request and I have to nix it for violating two of the rules :(

XxM!styxX, you've been marked down with your first infraction for violating rules #2 and #6.

2. No fanart unless you’ve gotten the artist’s permission
6. You may request *one* graphic at a time.


New shop looks nice Skiyomi :)

Is this request ok?

Type: Banner
Size: 400x100
Image(s): 1 2
Text: 'Pharoah' btw, i don't know if i spelt that right, but i'm sure you know what i mean.
Colors: Blue-white
Extra Info: Not that i know of...

Mr. Joker

keep calm & carry on
I am so happy to see you back Skiyomi!

Type: Banner
Size: 320 x 240
Image(s): xo
Remember my name
Colors: any that seem fit
Extra Info: I want "Fame" to be underneath "Remember my name" but bigger.



Oh Skiyomi, I missed you XD

Type: Banner
Size: Honestly, with this image, i can't decide on a size. So can you come up with one? You can split it if you deem necessary.
Image(s): .+
Text: Soul♥
Colors: Things that match Soul :]
Extra Info: Have fun with it! xD
Type: banner
Size: 280 x180
Image(s): kiss
Text: Do you remember?
Colors: Blues
Extra Info: make it look nice and elegant...if you consider the image fanart or poor quality, just tell me. it's those random anime images you find in search engines but i wanna be sure.

thanks a lot, your work is very lovely. x]


Only Mostly Dead
Excellent :) Everyone's accepted and on the list. I plan to tackle a couple tonight so I'll edit with the updates.

Lil Crickee, I'm pretty sure your image is okay. It looks like a screenshot from a dating game or something.


Sparkling Star
A request please.
Type: Banner
Text:I might not be the brightest..but I'm the funniest one!
Colors: Any colors that looks good, but not any too bright please
Extra Info:, the Image it's Official Fan Art , have fun messing around with it, and if it necessary can you split it.?

Thank you.


Only Mostly Dead
Alrighty, Sinnohdragon, yours is done. Hope you like it!

Remember to give credit and host the image on your own account.

And so's Mr. Joker's:

Remember to give credit and host the image on your own account.

m!ss p!nk

Puss wuss >3
Yayy, finally a spot for me ^^

Type: Banner
Size:260 x 137
Image(s): Thiiiisone :3
Text: Pinky Pinky Baaa [with a heart please]
Colors: like flaaffy color and deep pink please :]
Extra Info: make it cute :3

Thanks in advance ~

Peter Quill

Type: Text Banner (<3 The Idea)
Size: 156 x 80 looks nice.
Image(s): N/A I'm pretty sure.
Text: Burning!
Spoken by a sushi chef, tennis player, and friend. - Takashi Kawamura.
Colors: Mainly Warm colours, predominately flame/ orange-red.
Extra Info:

Burning! Should be a big text at the top, with the smaller sub text under it. - Takashi Kawamura has to be at the end of the "stanza". (It's not a poem but I can't really describe it any other way Dx fail.)

By "end", I mean it's the last line. As in Enter. God I fail at descriptions.


Only Mostly Dead
You've both been added to the list :)

glowing_light010, your request is done. Hope you like it!

Remember to give credit and host the image on your own account.


le quant-à-soi
Welcome back ~

Type: Avatar
Size: 100x100
Image(s): Lady Gaga
Text: None
Colors: Whatever looks best and what matches the image.
Extra Info: Just her head please. Also, can you put your name on it somewhere so I don't have to worry about credit? Thanks a lot =]


Only Mostly Dead
Welcome :)

Lil Crickee, yours is done. Hope you like it!

Remember to give credit and host the image on your own account.


their rooms
Welcome back lady Skiyomi!

Type: Banner
Size: 250 x 250
Image(s): *
Text: 誕生日おめでとう (if not, then no text please)
Colors: Uhm, maye blue or orange, or both
Extra Info: OMG my birthday is coming! (guess I went over board a little...)


Only Mostly Dead
Glad you like it :)

Rosemary, your request is done. Hope you like it!

Remember to give credit and host the image on your own account.

Mimori Kiryu

Well-Known Member
I'm really glad you're back, Skiyomi. I missed you.

Type: Banner
Size: 400 x 200
Image(s): o1
Text: forever on the journey west
Colors: Anything bright (like in the picture).
Extra Info: Can the text be cursive and glow? Thanks.

Love ya lots, Skiyomi.
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