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Character Ages

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by ~-Overheat-~, Oct 16, 2008.

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  1. DANdotW

    DANdotW Previously Iota

    Well for one, that page says Ash was 10 "as of debut". Which is a given, since all trainers start at 10 years old. They stated Ash had been travelling a year when he got to Viridian City the second time. So he was at least 11 there.

    If they have already mentioned him and Dawn have been travelling a year, then Dawn is either 11 or 12 now.

    It was always considered as far as I knew that Misty was a year older than Ash, while Brock was three.

    Going by this, I believe:

    Ash - 17
    Misty - 18
    Brock - 20
    May - 13
    Max - 10 (if there was a timeline, he should be about 10 now, anyway. I've always thought he'd be slightly younger than Dawn)
    Dawn - 11/12
  2. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    Ash is not as old as 17, that is too much.

    If we're claiming they age, I've said Ash was 13 at the start of AG, and probably about 15 in DP.

    I don't see how anyone can see Ash as 16-19, he would be Brock's height if he was like that.
  3. Genome

    Genome pro-SHARK WEEK

    What's the consensus on Brock's height? Do we all agree that he's done growing?
  4. poshamma

    poshamma Well-Known Member

    Pokeani has the same ages stated. So they are pretty much official. Unless of course you want to argue that Pokeani is unreliable.
  5. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    I believe so. Is Brock a little shorter than Jessie/James or is he the same height as them?

    Someone needs to post a pic.
  6. hmmm

    hmmm Scuffle of Legends

    No one knows, and know when will ever know.

    Please someone close this.
  7. hmmm

    hmmm Scuffle of Legends

    No one knows, and know when will ever know.

    Please someone close this.
  8. Sonic Boom

    Sonic Boom @JohanSSB4 Twitter

    Do you mean right now, or anytime at all? Because I clearly remember an episode where Brock was standing next to Team Rocket in the old seasons, and he was about a head shorter.
  9. candyscience

    candyscience ~Misty Fan~

    In more recent episodes, Brock is just a little bit shorter than James. Not by much though.
  10. Blackjack Gabbiani

    Blackjack Gabbiani Clearly we're great!

    They're a fan site themselves so they're going by guesses.

    ...one of them was that the Iron Mask Marauder was in his 40s and there's just no way.
  11. pokeguru

    pokeguru I like to play hero!

    I'm not so sure that's accurate.

    Ash is 10 or maybe 11
    Dawn, 10
    Brock, 16
    Paul, 14

    And P. Oak, 55
  12. ~-Overheat-~

    ~-Overheat-~ Black/White!

    Again, no region patheticness. We know the stated ages.

    The thread is to guess the character's ages by their appearences

    By your ages, i dont think Ash looks 17.
  13. katfairy

    katfairy Well-Known Member

    Guessing age by appearance is tricky enough in the real world; doing it in an animated setting is a recipe for extreme frustration. I've known 17-year-olds who could pass for 12. I was one of them. Also, Ash getting older doesn't necessarily mean he'll get a lot taller; there are naturally short people in the world, you know.

    My own estimates, based on what passes for logic with me, have the DP episodes occurring roughly six years after the first episodes. This is just my opinion, though, and might be contradicted by the show at some point.
  14. Slowking[George]

    Slowking[George] #SPP-WiFi HOP

    Ash: 15
    Misty: 15
    Brock: 17
    Tracey: 16
    May: 15
    Dawn: 13
    Max: 7
    Gary: 15
    Paul: 16
    Jessie: 20
    James: 20
  15. bhrettzerda053

    bhrettzerda053 I have returned.....

    Not all episodes cover up a whole day, so that means it could be less than a year then that Ash becomes 11.
  16. lara lynx

    lara lynx meow

    Well currently I think they are:

    Ash: 16
    Gary: 16
    Misty: 17
    Brock: 19-20
    Tracey: 17
    Oak: 67
    Delia: 35
    May: 12
    Max: 9-10
    Drew: 13-14
    Harley: 18
    Jessie: 23
    James: 23

    Maybe he was an early bloomer and thats why he was so cocky. From the age of 10 he could get away with hanging around a group of girls who must have been at lease 3-4 years older XD
  17. the_eevee_breeder

    the_eevee_breeder Pokemon Breeder

    As for Paul, hasn't he traveled through other regions? I read that in his bio on Serebii.... I mean, his Torterra, his starter, should by all means NOT BE A TORTERRA if he recently started in Sinnoh. Therefore, he should be the same age as Ash, but he is most likely older.
  18. Sonic Boom

    Sonic Boom @JohanSSB4 Twitter

    Nothing indicates that Paul has battled in the Orange League or the Battle Frontier, and together, that equates to a little over a year. I say that he has traveled to throughout Sinnoh, Johto, Hoenn, Kanto, and now Sinnoh again. So that makes him around 14, if each region equates to 1 year. Following those guidelines, that would make Ash 15. As for Torterra, remember that Charmander evolved all of the way before Ash got his seventh badge in kanto, so Torterra could have evolved all of the way within the first year.
  19. Kenpachi

    Kenpachi Flawless Technique

    No way Brock is 17, 15 maybe, older than Ash but not 17.
    The girls he flirts with see him as "aww isn't that cute, that kid is trying to get with me."
  20. Twilight_Master

    Twilight_Master New Member

    Well technically, anime character don't grow up so ash should be still around 10...

    But ages in cartoon don't really exist because they always make the character look exactly the same, season after season. The writers only seen to be making them grow more mature, as we can all see with ash.

    But anybody looking at May when they say that she's 10 know that no 10 years old girls have that body

    Cartoon and anime characters seem to be trapped in a time loop, so no one ever grow up
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