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Character crush?

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Newby in Need
I wouldn't know where to begin actually...my crushes even exceed to lists of other animes as well...but I guess I'll just name my 'current crush' for now:

STEVEN STONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!​


Obsessive Shipper
Well, I tend to crush more on shippings than characters... I've had a mad crush on Pokeshipping for about... seven years now? It's something deeper for me, I think, because emotional ties I have to it and the analysis I give it. But anyway, I guess I have a crush on Ash, when you factor in projection. And I definitely do project. I've bound myself so closely to Misty... she takes on some of my own traits for me.


Well-Known Member
I used too have a huge crush on Ash back when i was 7/8 well that's 8/9 years ago. Now i just have crushes on real boys XD But Ash will always be my #1 fav. anime character :-D so yea i have a "crush" on Ash XD


Don't die, ketchup!
I never exactly had a crush on any of the Pokemon characters, but my little sister used like Brock a lot. When she was three years old, I remember her telling me that she'll marry him someday.


Piplup Master
May is probably the best looking (in my opinion) Misty is ok too.


Water Pkmn Trainer!
Ash would be mine...I wish he'd wear the costume from the Lucario movie more though! He was so hott in it! =]
I told one of my friends [a guy] that today and he thought I was crazy.


I can see the future
I would have to say May's my character crush. She was definitely my favorite of the girls we've seen. Don't ask me why, but I feel that way.


I have a crush on Drew too awsomeeeeeeeeee!! he's apparently a icy-person a riserved and arrogant but if you crossing over it and you crash the ice around him, you'll descover a very nice, favoulouse person, kind that can listen to you when u need, that can advice u! He also fought with Haley to defend May! May succes in break that ice... She's really lucky... I love them together!


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you people do realise that dawn is only 10! freaks

and that may was only 10 too!!!!!!

misty was only 12!

some of you people are really wierd.

if ya gonna pick someone, pick jesse, now i'd tap that


Misty's 17, actually. At least that's what I've been told.
the ages are:

Ash - 10 as of debut
Misty - 10 as of debut, later said to be 12...interesting
Brock - 15 as of debut

Jessie - 17 (but for some reason, pokeani estimates 25)
James - 17 (but for some reason, pokeani estimates 25)

Tracey - 14/15 as of debut

May - 10 as of debut
Max - 7 as of debut

Dawn - 10 as of debut

EDIT: rank up!
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