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Character crush?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by Misty punk, Sep 26, 2007.

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  1. Faraway_Mew

    Faraway_Mew Mew, mew... mew?

    well, for the anime so far..

    I think that Lance is dang it cool >.<

    And that Roark is super cute X3

    And that Drew is super nice ;D

    And that Steven is dang cool too...

    Sir Aaron rocks cus he looks like Riley

    guess there's still a few waiting to be recalled

    always thought that she is at least 14 or 15, 10/12 is simply too young, even for the anime(then again the anime like to make it different from the game and manga) plus she looks older then may and dawn (debut) ...
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2008
  2. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    Misty is confirmed to be 10 in the Japanese version of "Ash captures a Caterpie." The dub didn't translate that line for whatever reason.

    Misty doesn't look older than the other two girls to me. Now she does, but back in early Kanto, compared to early Hoenn and early Sinnoh, the other two girls seem to be a tad more developed than she is.
  3. PokemonTrainerLisa

    PokemonTrainerLisa Veronica Taylor fan

    I have a huge crush on Ash! ^_^

    And that's why I consider myself an Ash fangirl. XD
  4. AshfanGirl20

    AshfanGirl20 Banned

    So Ash is still 10? Hasn't aged in the bit hmm. I already said my crush, Ashey-phoo.
  5. PokemonTrainerLisa

    PokemonTrainerLisa Veronica Taylor fan

    There's no possible way that Ash could still be 10. And personally, I seem him as being 14 or 15 currently (in my opinion).

    Especially since time passes in the anime, and also, there's the fact that Ash has greatly matured since season one. He certainly doesn't act the same way as he did back then. Heck, he also looks older every time he gets a new outfit! XD
  6. Hakajin

    Hakajin Obsessive Shipper

    Besides, the characters can be any age we want when we imagine them. And even without that... I became a Pokeshipper at age 12, and it just stuck. It's a little like someone still having a crush on a childhood sweetheart she hasn't seen in years.
  7. High Commander Solomon

    High Commander Solomon This is MADNESS!

    I imagine Jigglypuff is a million-year-old god of death. Because I can.
  8. sweet_angel_eevee

    sweet_angel_eevee ~Lovely Idol~

    I love...
    3.Roark(he's hot..in a geeky sorta way, but still H-O-T)
    4.jackie XD(9th movie)

    lol that's alot XD
  9. Professor Oak.

    He's such a hunk.
  10. latios reborn

    latios reborn Well-Known Member

    May I miss her
  11. razor fire

    razor fire Well-Known Member

    May.... do I need to say more?
    offtopic: how old is she? First I heard she was between 13 and 16. Bulbapedia says she's 10 years old. which one is it?
  12. High Commander Solomon

    High Commander Solomon This is MADNESS!

    Ten. It's been argued about many, many times, but she's ten.
  13. Satoshifangirl

    Satoshifangirl Well-Known Member

    Yea i also thought that there only could be a floating timeline when there is no years passing by. Plus they never actually said he is still 10 in the anime and in the first season Ash was really acting like a 10 year old. Now he really acts like a teenager(except that he still doesn't care for romance and still doesn't get it when a girl likes him but i even know some 16/17 year old guys who are like that and they aren't gay just ignorant.) first he was hyper and funny ans everything now he's really relaxed and...sometimes funny XD and yea like you said he looks way older now then in the first few seasons. Well maby we'll found out in the episode May returns too sinnoh, maby she tells that Max is a trainer now. That means that Max ages so why wouldn't Ash age? Well i'm going offtopic sorry but i already posted that Ash is my favorite and "crush" XD
  14. -Hayward-

    -Hayward- Ronin Harrier

    I've always been a big fan of Jasmine. Call me crazy, but for some reason she's always reminded me of Natalie Portman (think Star Wars Episode I), and has a kind of understated prettiness about her...

    It was cool that she made a brief appearance in the D/P games, and I'm hoping she'll make a cameo in a future D/P episode, too.
  15. plopagon123

    plopagon123 Perfectly Imperfect

    I used to have a BIG crush on Misty :)
  16. scrapbook

    scrapbook My Emo Friend

    god i have a major cruch on drew, heck im jelose of may
  17. razor fire

    razor fire Well-Known Member

    ash is 10?! On a page I read it said that Ash is 18 o_O
  18. DarkLegend

    DarkLegend The Grand Draconian

    Correction!! He SHOULD be 18....

    Anyway, it was Misty initially, then I started to write a contest shipping fanfic and I started to visualize romantic scenes between May and Drew with me as Drew.... the rest as they say is history....
  19. Tri hawk

    Tri hawk Say no to Poké-drugs

    Gardenia, although she is a tad crazy.

    Well, seeing that most episodes span over the time of one day in the Pokemon world, and there being just under 600 episodes. Ash should be around age 11 in my opinion.
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2008
  20. DarkLegend

    DarkLegend The Grand Draconian

    Actually no, it has been implied many times that there is a gap of at least a week or so between episodes. Plus the GF and Pokemon league are all annual events. Each region takes a year, so Ash should be 14... and he looks it... i think
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