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Character crush?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by Misty punk, Sep 26, 2007.

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  1. I had of course a crush on Ash about 8 years ago, then it was Gary. I use to be obsessed with Misty a while ago ^^; And for a while Erika! I loved Erika ^__^!
  2. Shinji_Charizard

    Shinji_Charizard Well-Known Member

    lol i've a crush on shinji
  3. Red

    Red PokémonGo & Chill

    Ok, fine. I've always had a thing for Jessie.. I love her! =]

    And Misty too. She's like so hot!
  4. Satoshifangirl

    Satoshifangirl Well-Known Member

    Well what i read on a (official)website is that one region takes a year and yea he looks like 14/15 too but one thing. There's been an episode that they're already a year in sinnoh. Never showed in America 'cause it were only clip[s about the fights and contest Ash & Dawn done till then. That's episode 516. It says in the episode guide on serebii that they're a year in sinnoh.
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2008
  5. neo_senku

    neo_senku Well-Known Member

    Flannery is my crush, she just hot.
  6. sweet_angel_eevee

    sweet_angel_eevee ~Lovely Idol~

    lol I know XD
  7. koaru

    koaru Just about Showtime~

    ZOMG- My crush just has to be Officer Jenny. Something about blue haired, policewoman babes that have Growlithes turn me on so much!! xD
  8. WaluigiRC91

    WaluigiRC91 ☆C e l e b r i t y☆

    Ummmm,, James, Harley and Jesse! tey are alll so fabulous
  9. jorisw

    jorisw Well-Known Member

    May(in emerald clothes) or Dawn. I can't choose. You know what I choose both!
  10. LeafiaTamer

    LeafiaTamer Leafeon Trainer

    I have a thing for May....She treats everyone with respect and she is hot!

    For Anime couples I would say Ash and May,Brock and Misty,Zoey and Paul,and Dawn and Kenny
  11. xxBlackyxx

    xxBlackyxx lol internet

    In the anime...

    Gary- Not nubcake Gary, cool Gary...-pokes jorisw's avatar-

    Drew - Maybe it's just cause of his name? Hmmm...I just want to...pet his pretty, green hair...
  12. ShinyPalkia

    ShinyPalkia Well-Known Member

    Ehh...I have a crush on Saturn. He is just so cute. ^_^
    I think that I'm the only one here who has a crush on him.
  13. DarkLegend

    DarkLegend The Grand Draconian

    Old farts like her turn me on!!!
  14. Crystal Clair

    Crystal Clair Well-Known Member

    I find him hot too. Or else I wouldn't have pictures of him on my Ipod.

    I think Wallace is hot. In fact I had a dream about him last night. It's the hair, it's definitely the hair.
  15. Amazing. This thread is free of 'tards. Never in my life I thought I'd come to see this day. o__o

    Anyway, my Pokémon love (Not just a crush) has always been Whitney since I played Gold Version. That obviously kept its hold when she debuted in the Anime, especially when they fleshed out her personality and made her so clumsy, cute, yet powerful and awesome. Not to say good-looking, as she's always been. It's been almost 8 years, and I still love Whitney as if it was the first time I got to her in Gold. Not #1 anymore, but I doubt I'll ever forget about her. Whitney is just so cute, beautiful, sexy and powerful! Truly a dream in every way. <3

    I like many other characters, but they just can't compare with how I see Whitney.
  16. cookieboy13

    cookieboy13 Well-Known Member

    I have a crush on Dawn because I got used to watching D&P. But when I saw May in Emerald clothes, uhh.. I kinda got a crush on her too! But Dawn will still be my crush-crush.
  17. Aaron_fan

    Aaron_fan Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty sure it isn't a crush, but there is something about Saturn that I like.
  18. hottfroggy

    hottfroggy Member

    Way back in '01 or so, it was Harrison. :3

    I really like Blaziken too, so... ++++!
  19. Angelic Pika

    Angelic Pika i stalk you

    Oh yeah, there's a lot..

    Ash, Gary, Drew, Paul, Max, Wallace and I forgot the other names. ^^: But Gary will always be number one. <3
  20. High Commander Solomon

    High Commander Solomon This is MADNESS!

    I give you...my crush.

    I know, you so totally guessed that.
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2008
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