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Character crush?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by Misty punk, Sep 26, 2007.

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  1. Pokeking1234

    Pokeking1234 Active Member

    I have a crush on this main person! [​IMG] [​IMG]
    She will always be my #1 Pokemon girl! ^^
  2. Meg Is Hoenn's Champ

    Meg Is Hoenn's Champ Meg Is Hoenn's Champ

    Hey guys!
    I have a "crush" on Drew and Gary,I really can't choose! :)
  3. aerisLana

    aerisLana i cannot believe

    Let's see now...

    There's Yoshi, Kenny, Gary, Frankin, Tyson, Jeremy, Saturn, Volkner, and most of all, Harrison. And, I also have slight crush on some girls, like Soledad, Candice, Phoebe & Glacia (R/S/E). I just like those girl characters, I guess.

    Oh yes, I'm just crazy 'bout them. XD
    Last edited: May 8, 2008
  4. lalalagirl

    lalalagirl oldrivalshipper :D

    Definitely Gary <3

    i like his japanese voice better :p

    but other than him, i like Paul, Steven, and Volkner XD
  5. OtakuMegan

    OtakuMegan Poke Musical Trainer

    When I was little, I used to have the biggest crush on James. I don't really know why, but he was soooo attractive!

    Of course now, I absolutely love Brock. I've seen a few really good Brock cosplayers and I go all fangirl on them. But then again, I would have to worry if he would hit on everything with breasts. XD
  6. HikariTajiri

    HikariTajiri Back! =D

    Me? Ash... I just can't resist him! I used to on Brock, too. Especially AG Brock. But Ash more than that.
  7. honey_clover112

    honey_clover112 tsundere full force!

    ..Many. Just many. XD

    Hm...Gary, Steven(It HAS to be said), Wallace, Harrison, Drew, Lucian, Lance, Volkner, DP!Aaron, Movie!Aaron, most of all, Roark...damn. That's not even half of the list. :[

    And also I do have some crushes at girls too, like Dawn and Candice and Gardenia.

  8. Tri hawk

    Tri hawk Say no to Poké-drugs

    I've always liked Misty for her attitude. When, and if she returns, she needs that attitude back.
  9. aquajet16

    aquajet16 LVL? Death

    Let's see

    Dawn is hot, May is beautiful (but if it's manga I prefer Sapphire than May) and Winona's pretty

    So those are mine, people in my bishie forum laugh at me because my bishie's are flat chested but I say to them " When Dawn or May hits sixteen, your Orihime and Sakura won't even reach their hotness level"
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2008
  10. Mewthreehundredandfour

    Mewthreehundredandfour Bring on the Shamwow

    Well, I wouldn't exactly call it a "crush"... I just think may is hot.
  11. OtakuMegan

    OtakuMegan Poke Musical Trainer

    OMG!! I completely forgot about Lance and Steven!

    I don't know why, but those champions are GORGEOUS! And Eusine, for reasons I can't really explain.
  12. Dia406

    Dia406 Totally not gay!

    I have a long lasting crush on may.
  13. Satoshi

    Satoshi リーリエの為に戦ってるトレーナー

    I don't get crushes on anime characters...

    Okay, maybe that just applies to Pokemon characters, but all the others - I never let them get past the borderline of insanity! )=

    Plus: Real, breathing, girls born with flesh > cartoon characters.
  14. andrewcun13

    andrewcun13 Top Coordinator

    I like all the female main character except for Dawn and Jessie
  15. DinoStegazord

    DinoStegazord Member

    Oh yeah. I have to agree with you on that one bro. They are hot, beautiful, and cute especially in their bikinis and swimsuit.
  16. WaluigiRC91

    WaluigiRC91 ☆C e l e b r i t y☆

    Bruno! Have u seen his muscles?
  17. ReallyOcean

    ReallyOcean Thunder Trainer

    Will someone explain to me how and why someone would have and would want to have an honest, real crush on a cartoon character?

    I know people are going to assume I'm flaming, but I'm trying to see the logic behind it and if it's something similar to having a unusual fetish or something. Besides the fact that most of the characters in the show are the definition of jailbait, I can't imagine having any sort of "crush" or sexual attraction to any of them.
  18. Magiclapras

    Magiclapras Dragon Goddess Flyder

    Dawn and May. and I dont think anyone mentioned Cynthia...
  19. Hakajin

    Hakajin Obsessive Shipper

    I'm glad you asked. The thing about characters on TV (any characters, not just anime, and not even just TV), is that you follow them over a long period of time. You know their personalities, their quirks, their relationships. When there's a character you especially like, you can definitely have admiration for him. And a lot of the time, they represent an ideal. Especially when you give them a life of their own through imagination. Then they start to take on qualities that you idealize in a way a real person never could (or should, for that matter). It's a fantasy. A person who represents your ideals. I don't usually crush directly on characters, but I get very emotionally involved with shipping, and that involves so much projection. It's similar, but not quite the same.

    I think that, with shipping, it can become even more intense due to the identification of yourself with a character. For example, I identify very strongly with Misty. I've unconsciously given her so many qualities, and I've given a lot of thought to her thoughts and attitudes. In this way, she's become very real to me. I'm more attached to her than I am Ash, though he's the one I suppose I like through her.

    The thing to remember is that while anime characters don't look like real people, they behave like real people, especially when we put our imaginations to it. Even characters that come off as flat and stereotypical can take on emotional depth, depending upon how you view them.
  20. Dragodynamite

    Dragodynamite ÆØÅ

    May all the way :D <3
    also Kelly with her grumpig ^_^
    and dawn quite a bit xP
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