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Character crush?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by Misty punk, Sep 26, 2007.

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  1. Wallie

    Wallie New Member

    I like May, but now here the Diamond and Pearl Season has started.
    Dawn is lovely also but May a little more.
  2. Juuchan17

    Juuchan17 <--- For the win

    Oh Gawd . . . I've been crushing on some characters for a while (and others, I just started once I got into D/P!):

    - Gary (Well, I always liked the way he flaunted himself. LOL . . . he was just too cute.)
    - Lawrence III (Gah, I always thought he was the best part of the second Pokemon movie anyway . . . *___* )
    - Tracey (He's a HAWT artist. Nuff said!)
    - Roark (*points at avvie* What's not to like about a cute gym leader with glasses? Ultimate hawtness. KYAAAA . . .)
    - Paul (AKA Shinji-kun . . . he's just adorable. How can you not like his always serious face? -///- )

    As for Ash, . . . I never liked him much. There's probably some other guys I'm missing (like Saturn . . . love his eyes and hair! XD), but that's just the basics.

    - Juuchan17
  3. JFate

    JFate Travelling Trainer

    I like Riley, he's so cool and is very single =D.

    Honestly, Ash should be a teenager. He thinks like one and would spare him a flating timeline plothole.
  4. Valorous

    Valorous Well-Known Member

    Definitely Jasmine of Olivine Gym and also Claire the gymleader
  5. ~Mesprit~

    ~Mesprit~ *Summertime*

    He is a teenager
  6. Paul1985

    Paul1985 Ana de Armas fan

    My crush is definately Flannery of the Laveridge Gym, I'm in awe of her beauty :D.
  7. JasonChu

    JasonChu PikaAsh:o

    Mistys Cheakyness and her style^-^
  8. Crystal Clair

    Crystal Clair Well-Known Member

    Last time I checked, being ten years old isn't being a teenager.
    Floating timeline, my friends. An odd floating timeline too, because they reference years going by
  9. ~Mesprit~

    ~Mesprit~ *Summertime*

    So you are saying that after all years of yourney he is still 10 years old? Wow! =P

    I think he is much older - like 15-16. He looks older, his friends also do (Misty and Brock). The current age hasn't been mentioned but they probably aren't kids anymore.
  10. Satoshifangirl

    Satoshifangirl Well-Known Member

    Totally agree with you!
    the current ages never been revealed in the anime and if there is a floating timeline means there aren't any years passing by and they said it many times how many years been passing by so i think that Ash & Brock are travelling for like 5 years now IF they age what also seems the most obvious 'cause Ash looks now like a 14/15 year old and Brock 20ish.
    Last edited: May 13, 2008
  11. Ikito

    Ikito Well-Known Member

    You. Die. She's. Mine. >;
  12. Poke-Ghard

    Poke-Ghard Cmon and fite me! :$

    I like may tooo One of the sexied girl ever !!! May is good <3
  13. ...


    Paul. I can't believe I just admitted that. I had a dream about him once. It was... strange. o_O
  14. Well when I was younger, I was all about Misty...
    Misty was my Kanto waifu, but we got a divorce forced on us by the Anime studio ^_^;

    After all, it's kinda hard to have a favorite character that NEVER APPEARS ANY MORE ;_;

    However, over time, and my maturing tastes i'm all about Dawn...
    Dawn is mai Sinnoh/Shinn'ou waifu, do not steal :p

    She's so gosh darn cute, I just want to hug her <3 She seems like such a fun girl, minus her lack of confidence. I think she used to be really shy when she was young, and her personality overall is much better than a tsun tsun dere dere like Misty ^_^;

    I never took to May, maybe because she started out not liking Pokemon at all or that she just wasn't an endearing character to me. It's not like she's not likeable, since she had a carde of fans though she isn't just my type of girl.

    Also i'm going to go with polygamy >.>;
    Marina is my Johto waifu, do not steal :p

    I was sold on Marina as character with the HoSho' Special "Raikou: Legend of Thunder". How can you NOT like her?!
  15. Misty punk

    Misty punk Jiggwypuffles! FTW!

    I just wanna say I'm still in luv with Ash!
    Am I considered an Ash Fan Girl?
    I think so. Hm...

    Anyway.... Misty <3 Ash!
  16. Chelc

    Chelc Well-Known Member

    Annnnnnd I just wanna say not to bump threads over 30+ days old, even if you are the thread starter. D:

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