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Character crush?

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I have more than one.
They are:
Richie (so so cute)
Roark (really cute)
Joe (from the Poketech school)
Drew (kinda)
Gary (kinda)
Rudy from Trovita Island (kinda)
and last but not least, Ash Ketchum. (Before AG)


Mew's Chosen Otaku
Oh, me? well, that'll be a short list:

...Dawn?!? o_O yeah, slightly kinda. #^^#

But i'm in love with someone i know at the moment. Soooo...no hot lovin for these three. From me, anyway. ^^

High Commander Solomon

This is MADNESS!
You must be new here...for the purposes of my own amusement, and since you're apparently eighteen years old...why do you consider Misty and Dawn hot? I've grown to live with the May fanatics, albeit grudgingly, but the other two are a good question.
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Shadow Lucario

Lone Vanguard
I think Dawn is really hot

*Jean Grey*

Night Triumphant
Well, you all know who it is....Lucian of course!

Emperor Giratina

Car Racing Pundit
I have a crush on Cynthia and Pike Queen Lucy..... But I like them equally.... It's hard to decide who is the hottest to my point of view.... If ANYBODY laughs, I'll beat you to a gummi pulp.
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Angelic Pika

i stalk you
well .. if you think about it ..

Ash is cute, uber cute .. Gary is hott in some insane way too .. **blush blush**

hmmm .. i think Drew is hott [in the littlest possible way!!]

+don't laugh or i'll kill you .. and eat you for breakfast lunch and dinner..yum!+


Well-Known Member
i like misty and may especially in their bikini's


Well, this'll be a list for me to remember >.>

1. Jasmine - <3
2. Whitney
3. Cynthia - though I only like her overworld sprite..
4. Candice - Yes the Snowpoint Gym leader
5. Winona
6. Well these ones aren't really sure - Dawn
7. Misty

Other than that, none really, well in my eyes, that's my "long" list >.>
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