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Character crush?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by Misty punk, Sep 26, 2007.

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  1. Sammi

    Sammi Banned

    *pokes at random characters throughout the Anime* You know, that one guy with the twin sisters in the seventh movie was kinda cute. What was his name again... I think it started with an R?

    Omg. Someone that's not Silver from Pokesupe. D:
  2. Korobooshi Kojiro

    Korobooshi Kojiro Funnnngaaaaa

    Rayfe. Yeah, he was pretty cool.
  3. myochan

    myochan Active Member

    Brock and James are cute, but it's not really a crush these days.

    Pokemon has alot of cute characters, like the gym leader who wears glasses and a hardhat(Rourke?) and Lance the dragon master(I liked his voice alot). Gary is cute too.

    But the character I love most is Harley. He just fascinates the hell out of me. His outfit is really cute, too. I love to watch him clash with May-- you can feel how passionate they get when they argue! I know his mannerisms and ways of speaking are really gay, but I'd be willing to bet that he's bi- or metro- sexual. Those crazy kids are made for each other!
  4. ChaosAngel

    ChaosAngel MINE!! :D

    I think May, Dawn, Jasmine and Whitney r cute.
    Maybe Misty, if she wears the mermaid outfit or her hair is down.
  5. Eternal Flame

    Eternal Flame \m/(>.<)\m/

    My friend had a crush on Sabrina, but not the cool anime one, the crappy pixalated FR/LG one lol!
  6. ~Mesprit~

    ~Mesprit~ *Summertime*

    I have a crush on Aaron from the movie^^
  7. eonmaster_457

    eonmaster_457 Well-Known Member

    Now, maybe cynthia and winona are included to my little list...
  8. zeno48

    zeno48 Zaker!

    I have a little crush on May.
  9. Vistress

    Vistress Shiny Hunter

    Riley/Aaron, they're pretty cute.
    Same person, practically. Just reincarnated, I guess.
  10. Jenna

    Jenna *glomps*

    I had a huge crush on Satoshi & that`s what got me clinged onto the PKMN series.
  11. May Ketchum

    May Ketchum Dawn IS my world....

    I have a crush on Dawn. I think she's funny, and cute. And her fashion sense is double her age. It makes her nearer my age (15)
  12. Kenpachi

    Kenpachi Flawless Technique

    Queen Lucy
  13. odd sponge out

    odd sponge out Number One Fangirl

    I really like Lance, Harley, and Jessie. I also like James, but only like. . .Orange Islands and previous. xD

    I used to like Gary and Misty like crazy too. XD
  14. dash142

    dash142 Beginning Trainer

    I have a crush on all the chicks Ash has traveled with. It pisses me off that he never made a move on any of them.
  15. rubyandsapphire

    rubyandsapphire Well-Known Member

    I had a crush on Dawn and May when I am in my dream,it is so funny.I don't really want to tell the whole dream but I tell just a few parts of it.I dream that I was traveling with May and Drawn in shinoh and both of them are earning thier own contest ribbons,along the way,there are advanture,crisis and something qurrell.Then,I woke up and was surprise that i had a very funny dream.Weird is it I think so too.
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2007
  16. Cassiel

    Cassiel Goddess of Mischief

    With Steven and Wallace, in the past. :x
  17. May Ketchum

    May Ketchum Dawn IS my world....

    It's not Drawn, it's Dawn. Just so you know
  18. Misty punk

    Misty punk Jiggwypuffles! FTW!

    I think it was just a typo.

    Anyway people I'm glad that almost no-one is thinking this is a stupid topic, I'm glad! ^.^
  19. SuicuneKun

    SuicuneKun Well-Known Member

    I reallt like Ash becuse is cute and kinda like me XD
  20. Prof.Rocket

    Prof.Rocket Team Rocket Fan! ^.^

    I have crush on Giovanni(of course), Professor Oak, and Archie(leader of team aqua) mainly. Brock ain't too bad to look at.

    Oh, and I guess Misty gets my lez crush! xD If I was a guy, I'd LOVE her haha! And probably Sabrina too.
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