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Character Face-Off

Discussion in 'Face-Offs' started by Medea, Feb 8, 2006.

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  1. Medea

    Medea Excalibur

    Member tested, Himiko approved!

    Okay ladies and gentlemen, this here is the official Character Face-off! At the beginning of each season, you will get a chance to nominate one human character. Once we get enough nominations, we will begin the voting. In each face-off, YOU MAY ONLY VOTE ONCE PER ROUND, and only once. The first character to get up to 10 votes or the most votes over 10 that character will win. However, I will make an acception in the final round of the season where you get to vote once a day.

    Past Winners
    Season 1: Viewers Choice
    Season 2: Coordinators
    Season 3: Girls
    Season 4: Boys
    Season 5: Kanto
    Season 6: Orange Islands
    Season 7: Johto
    Season 8: Hoenn
    Season 9: Battle Frontier
    Season 10: Movies
    Season 11: Medea's Favorites
    Season 12: Gym/Elite/Frontier Leaders
    Season 13: Specials/Chronicles
    Season 14: Villians
    Season 15: League Opponents
    Season 16: Reoccurring Characters
    Season 17: One-shot characters
    Season 18: Little Kids
    Season 19: Kanto Gym Leaders
    Season 20: Johto Gym Leaders

    Juan vs Brawly vs Roxanne = Brawly/Roxanne
    Liza vs Norman vs Wattson = Liza/Norman
    Tate vs Winona vs Flannery​

    Now then if some of you want to help me out and help keep score while I'm not online, go ahead. But please, if I'm not here and a character has won a round, please do not start the next round without me. Please be paitent and wait for me!
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2007
  2. .Bambi.

    .Bambi. Be Wise, Tell Lies.

    Azami plz.

    Heh, I pretty much live and breathe her...in the Pokemon sense that is o_O
  3. Tropical Spirit

    Tropical Spirit YAY! Original>You =3

    Harley. 83 'Coz he gives me orgasms. D:

    EDIT:I'm a moron. D: I won't go into details, though.
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2006
  4. .Bambi.

    .Bambi. Be Wise, Tell Lies.

    Errr...it is. But since Greta has appeared in the anime, she qualifies.
    *would hate to be an Anabel or Brandon Fan right now*
  5. MiloticKnght

    MiloticKnght Guest

    mmm how about Winona(thought about Flannery)
  6. Tropical Spirit

    Tropical Spirit YAY! Original>You =3

    Still nominating Harley, though. :x I don't like anime!Kogomi. >_>;
  7. Sika

    Sika Transcendence

    I would like to nominate James/Kojirou.
  8. Medea

    Medea Excalibur

    I was wondering why you didn't nominate Greta, Tropical Spirit. That just sounded weird. Now if you all are wondering, I'm not nominating anything and I am not voting in any of my face-offs. Here's the list so far.

    1.) Mondo=Himiko
    2.) Lucy=Kawaiiest.Combusken
    3.) Harley=Tropical Spirit
    4.) Winona=MiloticKnght
    5.) James=Sikamikanico
  9. Slypher

    Slypher Well-Known Member

    I nominate Sabrina, cause she's awesome like that.

    Although, all those episodes that involved her scared me when I was a kid...
  10. Shadowcat

    Shadowcat Guest


    Any kind of characters?

    Blue (Female, Japanese Name) from Pokespecial.

    If not... Shuu/Drew.
  11. ~Flareon~

    ~Flareon~ Coal Trainer

    I nominate Ash.
  12. Breeze'

    Breeze' Guest

    I nominate Noland
  13. Medea

    Medea Excalibur

    Sorry ~xXSapphireXx~ but you can only vote for someone from the anime.

    Now then, I need someone to help keep track of the nominations today since I'm going to be in school ALL day and won't be back until late tonight.

    Ash=Rene Swee
  14. MondoTR

    MondoTR Dani

    Your twin'll do it. ;P
  15. GoldenHouou

    GoldenHouou ☾ eclipse ☽

    I assume they must be human Characters... Okay, then I'll nominate Eusine <3 What? He was in the anime too! In one episode, yes, but still was! Don't you dare forget him! >:0
  16. MondoTR

    MondoTR Dani

    Actually, it was two eps. Though I heard his name was changed in the Raikou special. And besides, if they had to be in it a certain amount of time then Mondo wouldn't have been nominated. He didn't even make it out of Japan.

  17. Komedic Konservationist

    Komedic Konservationist N00b in the dungeon!

    I guess we're still nominating. In that case I nominate........
    Hmmmm, well, I don't watch the anime, so I'll nominate a character from the games that I like. I'm rather toarn between Flannery and Brawley, but meh....... Brawley. Too bad he's got a really horrible taste in Pokemon 0_o
  18. MondoTR

    MondoTR Dani

    Brawly=master chuckle
  19. Medea

    Medea Excalibur

    Thank you so much Himiko. Well I don't have to go back to school until Monday. So I'll be here taking nominations!

    1.) Mondo=Himiko
    2.) Lucy=Kawaiiest.Combusken
    3.) Harley=Tropical Spirit
    4.) Winona=MiloticKnght
    5.) James=Sikamikanico
    6.) Sabrina=Slypher
    7.) Drew=~xXSapphireXx~
    8.) Ash=Rene Swee
    9.) Noland=Breeze'
    10.) Eusine=GoldenHouou
    11.) Brawly=master chuckle
  20. OO! i nomanite Misty
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