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Character Genders


Well-Known Member
Hmm, interesting question. I'm female, and as for my writing so far...

At this point in time, the only fanfic I currently have going is Reflecting Balance, which started out with two male protagonists and one female. I guess the one protagonist I was the most invested in early on when it came to backstory details and such was Blitz the Shinx, one of the male protagonists. Although, that may just have been because these details and such were important at the time since they'd be important to starting off an arc that would lead to character development for both him and Sera the Eevee (the female lead) in particular. I also did a story arc taking place in the past and explaining the backstory of the town, where the focus was primarily on two female characters.

I also intend to write some one-shots based on Reflecting Balance, focusing on various recurring characters and such. I haven't gotten very far with that project yet, although I have been working on one such chapter focusing on one of the older sisters of one of the main characters.

Anyways, when it comes to coming up with concepts for original human characters, however, I feel like I tend to have an easier time coming up with female characters than I do male.


The Pokemon Observer
Although I'm physically a women, but some times ago when I took an online gender test, the result reveal my thinking pattern was being completely neutral androgynous. Well personally I do admit I don't really behave like any girly girl nor feminine woman.

And that reveals in my writing where I prefer to write male protagonist. To be fair my very first virgin work was a female self-insert, but that work had long been abandoned. That doesn't mean there didn't exist any female in my current works. Females in my fics tend to be secondary supporting characters.

Well TBH, I won't deny there may possibly exist some kind of gender bias within myself. Now when I come to think of it, the overall gender ratio within my writings tends to by male 7: female 3, there are more boys than girls when I account all the characters appeared in my writings. I guess I am just not that skillful in writing female characters, due to my androgynous personality.

Janice Quatlane

helloooo ladies
I find it incredibly difficult to write male characters, possibly due to not having any males in my life - i just feel like i can't relate or "get in their heads" at all! Because I this, I usually will write female characters, but lately I have been writing more trans/not cis characters and am finding it really fun and interesting! i've been able to develop lots of relationships with other lgbt people, and learning about other genders has helped me to learn about myself too!