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Character Interviews


Lost but Seeking
So a while back DeliriousAbsol mentioned that something she finds useful for developing her characters is to do a mock interview with them. I thought I'd put together a thread where people can do just that! The premise is simple: you choose a character and have them answer the general questions at the bottom of this post, and then I'll provide you with a couple additional sets of interview questions tailored to whatever character you picked. One character (and version of a character) per person at a time, please!

In addition to answering questions, in each of your posts please also include one question, either IC or OOC, for the character in the post above yours (if any) to answer.

The idea is to answer these questions in the first person, posing as the character being interviewed. Feel free to add out-of-character author's notes to their answers if you like, however, for example if what they're saying is actually a total lie.

Here's the set of general questions for you to start with, then:

  1. How would you introduce yourself to a stranger?
  2. Where do you live?
  3. What's your family like?
  4. What do you want to do with your life? How does what you're doing now relate to that?
  5. What's your most unusual trait?
  6. What's a sure way to make you angry?
  7. What's your biggest accomplishment?
  8. What decision do you most regret?
  9. What do you think is the most important thing for other people to understand about you?
  10. If you could change just one thing about yourself, what would it be?
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This definitely looks interesting, I'll give it a shot with my pseudohuman? OC, Vis.
I'm gonna be putting two different perspectives : before and after the apocalypse.
I hope that's within the criteria. Heh.

Q1): How would you introduce yourself to a stranger?
Pre-Apoc: Walk up to the stranger, and have a conversation. Only mention name and personal details if directly asked.
Post-Apoc: Stay out of sight. Do not communicate.

Q2): Where do you live?
Pre-Apoc: *Change the topic as quickly as possible* (Roaming, does not have a home)
Pre-Apoc: In a ruin underground, within a cave that violates all principles of reality. I think it's slowly driving me insane.

Q3): What's your family like?
Pre-Apoc: Change the topic. (Thrown out by them, no urge to reconnect).
Post-Apoc: Dead. Next?

Q4): What do you want to do with your life? How does what you're doing now relate to that?
Pre-Apoc: Find a purpose, and stick to that. The world's big, and there's probably something out there I can do.
Post-Apoc: Finishing what I should have done centuries ago.

Q5): What is your most unusual trait?
Pre-Apoc: *silence* (supernatural abilities)
Post-Apoc: *silence* (Same thing)

Q6): What's a sure way to make you angry?
Pre-Apoc: Steal something from me, directly attack me...
Post-Apoc: Be the bastard that ruined my life.

Q7): What's your biggest accomplishment?
Pre-Apoc: I've been to places people don't even believe in.
Post-Apoc: Despite everything I've been through, I'm still not dead.

Q8): What decision do you most regret?
Pre-Apoc: Refusing help when I could have gotten it. Over a dozen times, this has happened.
Post-Apoc: *Icy Glare* Falling for his tricks.

Q9): What do you think is the most important thing for other people to understand about you?
Pre-Apoc: Different and weird doesn't always mean bad.
Post-Apoc: Despite what the rumors say, I'm not a monster.

Q10): If you could change just one thing about yourself, what would it be?
Pre-Apoc: Maybe tone down whatever is causing me to drive off everyone I meet.
Post-Apoc: Change my life so that I'm not a pawn.

Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
I'm a little confused in terms of this: “in each of your posts please also include one question for the character in the post above yours (if any) to answer.” So we're basically stuck with this one character we've picked, but is the character in question asking the above character, or is it the OoC portion?

I'm just going to assume it's the former. Given who I've chosen for this, it'd make more sense.

*drags in Deoxys from Forsaken*

Note: things written in parenthesis in the middle of an answer is the interrogator—which is me, I guess o_o.


Question 1: How would you introduce yourself to a stranger?

Kind of like how you're doing right now, sweet cheeks?

(Excuse me?)

At least I have the common courtesy to just walk right up to them and say, “Hello! You look like someone I can talk to while still being my loveable, handsome self! How about we talk over here where no one can bother us?” But who's to say I will? I'm a Legendary Pokémon for God's sake! What makes you think I can just do that? I'm not that desperate!

(Uh... what if I said it in a hypothetical way?)

So “hypothetically” I'm not an alien Pokémon? *slaps knees* Well, shit, I'm at a loss, then. I don't know people enough to do that.

(You don't have to get all defensive about it.)

*leans back in chair* It's called “sarcasm”, girl.

(...let's move on...)

Question 2: Where do you live?

Is this a trick question? Like, currently? I live with a bunch of folks I don't particularly like or care for, but I can't do a thing about it. That's the thing about the end of the world and all, you don't have a choice with whom you can live with or where. I'm pretty sure if I had my way, I'd vote out Satellite Breath from the group. Hogs up too much room and takes all the food as well as oxygen he can live without. Oh, wait, Groudon does that, too.

(You're dodging the question. I didn't ask who do you live with, but where.)

Oh. Cherrygrove City, or what's left of it. I didn't pick it, but it was the least worst area we could find and especially for Kyogre and Manaphy since the ocean's right there. I'm sorry, but couldn't we have taken a vote? There are other places we could've set our asses down in, so why Cherrygrove? Why Johto?


Question 3: What's your family like?

I'm a Legendary from space. I don't have family, so this question doesn't apply to me.

(Well, then just pretend the other Legendaries are your family.)

Gee, thanks. But I'm so glad I'm not related to any of them. For one thing, I don't want to have that issue where I'm stuck with few options because two or more of them are my sisters. *snorts* Those poor bastards who do, I don't really envy them all that much. And yet they're the same ones who get on my back about it. I mean, sheesh, sorry I've never met another one of my species. I'm better off without them.

(And yet you need someone to talk to.)

Oh my God, it's like you're reading my mind. Are you psychic?

(I've joked about it before.)

I was being sarcastic, but whatever.


Question 4: What do you want to do with your life? How does what you're doing now relate to that?

*chortles* This is my life! I ask myself that all the time, but when the world ends on you, you don't get a say in what you can do with your life. You basically have to dedicate it to survival and recovery. Not that it's any different from before the disaster, but at the very least I could do things whenever I wanted. We have to report back to the campsite every night if we weren't already ordered elsewhere. I used to be a night owl.

(Gee, I wouldn't have ever guessed.)

You would think, but everyone's so surprised when I tell them that. Like holy crap, you don't know me, so why are you so shocked about it?

(...because you don't tell them?)

...there's that, but no! It's because it's so obvious. Aliens. Nighttime. *puts two fingers together* It's a perfect match.


There was also the fact that, as immortals, sleep was just something we could do whenever. Although I do like my sleep. Hey, want to hear about the weird dream I had last night—wait. *peers suspiciously* Are you even an adult?


Question 5: What's your most unusual trait?

*morphs* This, pretty much. I can kick everyone's asses if I play my cards right. Speaking of, Moltres still owes us a deck! Oh, and I can heal.

(I know about the Ouija board.)

Oh, God, please don't remind me of that! How'd you know, anyway?! You're dead, aren't you?

(Yeah, let's forget I said that.)

No, seriously! Are you dead? Ho-oh wasn't just making shit up?

(Can we just move on? Ugh, I made a mistake picking you...)

Question 6: What's a sure way to make you angry?

*morphs back to normal* By taking my words out of context. I say one thing, ooooone thing, and everyone's up in my face about it. *moving back and forth* “Oh my God, Deoxys, don't you ever think before you speak?” Yes, I do! How else do I form coherent thoughts and sentences for you people?

(*dryly under breath* Preach it.)

Question 7: What's your biggest accomplishment?

Uhhh... *takes in sharp breath* Can we come back to that?

(Just say “No comment”.)

But I want to think about it first.

(There's no time. Moving on.)

*pouts* Dammit.

Question 8: What decision do you most regret?

That damn Ouija board. Why didn't anyone tell me it was a bad idea before I found it? How the hell was I supposed to know?

(Well, it's something.)

What was that?


Were you expecting me to say something like, “I regret everything that comes out of my mouth?”

(You said it, not me.)

First Cresselia's always getting on my case, and now you! It's like you're putting words into my mouth, which is non-existent, thank you very much!

(*covers face*)

Question 9: What do you think is the most important thing for other people to understand about you?

That I am not a pervert! *beat* Okay, maybe I like women a little too much, but I don't mean to offend anyone. I don't hate people that much, and I'm pretty confident in myself. As much as I've bitched about the others, the fact I'm still alive and kicking is proof they like me enough. Problem is, I just don't see myself mating with any of them. Mew's already taken so there goes my shot at her, Cresselia hates my guts, Suicune hates my guts, pretty sure Mesprit's not interested in me, both Articuno and Moltres don't like me either, Latias is cute but her brother weirds me out and I'm pretty sure she's too young anyway, Shaymin I don't think would ever work... *looks up*


Also, they're pretty violent, haven't you noticed? They're always angry, and they always take a swipe at us. It's like they're always PMS'ing or something, even before we became mortal.

(*slowly glances over shoulder* ...yyyyeah, you're totally a misunderstood individual.)

Hey, why're you looking away like that?!

(*breathes sigh of relief* Oh, thank goodness, the last question.)

*slumps back* Finally. You're the worst interrogator ever.

(*veins popping*)

Question 10: If you could change just one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Pfft, why would I change? As much as they deny it, everyone loves me. They're just not the same without me, because I'm the glue that holds this group together. If it wasn't for me, they'd be losing their minds, and none of this would've ever happened. *throws arms behind head with a smile*

(...thanks for your time, Deoxys.)

Hey, think you could cut down on that last question? I kind of ranted a little, and I'd appreciate it if the others wouldn't know about it, especially Cresselia. I like having my head on my shoulders, and I don't want them to know of my sex life.

(You've never had a sex life.)

Shows what you know about us alien Pokémon!

(Oh, I almost forgot. You need to ask someone a question.)

Oh, does that mean I get to sit in that chair?

(No, I want you to look over there at that person... *points* ...and I want you to ask him a question.)

*peers over and then cups his “mouth”* WHAT'S UP WITH YOUR FACE??

(*slaps him upside the head* A real question!)

I don't know that person!

(Just ask a question!)

Fine. *looks over again* What's your favorite card game?

(*sighs* Whatever... *trudges off*)

*smirks and his face takes up the entire “camera”* Laaaaay--dies. *sparkles*
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My will be done
Huh, well this seems interesting.

[spoil] So let's use my favorite PMD murderer, Hysan.

Introductions: Walk up, stab person in throat. No need to thank me.

Residence: Homeless. Apparently releasing one from their suffering is not paying rent.

Family: They tasted great.

What do I want in life: I'm pretty happy helping others. I have what I want.

Unusual traits: I don't understand why everyone screams when they're stabbed. I feel great when that happens!

Anger: How to piss me off... Draw breath. Deny yourself freedom.

Accomplishments: I personally freed an entire town in one night. The flames were glorious.

Regrets: The fact that I took so long to figure this all out haunts me. Who knows how well I would have done if I started earlier?

What do you think is the most important thing for other people to understand about you? I'm acting for your own good.

If you could change just one thing about yourself, what would it be?: I'd make it so nobody runs away from me.

So, Deoxys. What makes you happy?

Brendan, what advice would I give? Interesting. I'd say that no matter what you do, act for others.

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I love how Kutie Pie approached hers so I'll try to do something like that!

Gonna go meta and interview the interviewer of Humans of Hoenn, Brendan.

Italics are me / the question (which are numbered), everything else is him.


Wait, wait, you wanna ask me questions? Huh, all right. Guess it makes sense for the tables to turn after, what, 300 conversations?

Yeah, you've done a lot of asking! So it's about time you did some answering.

Okay, I'm excited, but a little nervous! I wonder if this is how all the people I've interviewed feel like…

Well, that's a great lead up to the first question. (Q1) How would you introduce yourself to a stranger?

It's usually the other way around, actually, especially if I'm on routes! The trainers ask me for a battle, and I oblige, and then afterwards we have some friendly chatting and I tell them about the project. They'll usually think it's interesting, with some of them telling me how crazy I am for wanting to interview everyone in Hoenn—which I take as a compliment. But if I'm the one approaching them, it's always just been a "hey" and a "how are you". Trainers in Hoenn are usually pretty open!

I'm sure this is a bit redundant given the name of your project, but (Q2) where do you live?

I mean, I always say this: there's no such thing as a shallow question! And where I live often comes up as the start of a conversation with other trainers. But to answer that, I currently live in Littleroot Town with my mom and dad, though Dad is usually at the gym in Petalburg while I'm usually roaming around Hoenn. I make it a point to call Mom at least once a day, though!

(Q3) Could you tell me more about your family? What're they like?

I've always admired Dad for how strong he is. Not just in the level of battling—though he really is tough to beat in one, as many other trainers would tell you—but in how persistent he is in pushing through challenges. I mean, he had to juggle moving from Johto to Hoenn, getting used to being a gym leader and looking after his family. You gotta admire the guy.

But I'd venture to say that Mom is even stronger. Sure, she doesn't have dozens of trainers attesting to her strength like Dad does, but the strength of her patience and care is something I didn't realize I took for granted. I've interviewed many mothers whose children left for their journeys, and there's always been this common thread in their answers of being resilient, of weathering the pain because they know that that's what it takes for their children to succeed. What Mom said in her interview really stuck with me: "The difficulty of letting go is nothing compared to the satisfaction of seeing our children grow and succeed." I can only imagine how hard it is for her for both me and Dad to not be home most of the time, so I really admire her.

That's really sweet of you to say, and… Uh, sorry, I'm not really good at segueways like you are, but… I guess… I have to apologize in advance for sounding like a parent with this next question?

Hah, it's all right, dude.

Okay. (Q4) What do you want to do with your life? How does what you're doing now relate to that?

Well, you weren't joking about sounding like a parent! Honestly, those questions have become more and more unanswerable for me as the project went on. When I was about to start my journey, I had similar goals as May, my neighbor, in that I wanted to get all eight badges and compete for the League. But ever since I started interviewing people for no reason and then evolving that into what the project is today, I'm not really sure where that's going to take me. I mean, there's always that goal of interviewing everyone in Hoenn, and that's something I do intend to work towards, but I guess I haven't really thought about what happens after. I can only hope this project will help me in realizing that.

That's a great answer! I don't get why you'd be so nervous if you're pretty eloquent.

Hah, thanks. Although I pale in comparison to everyone else in Hoenn!

Okay, that's a good enough segueway, I think. (Q5) What's your most unusual trait?

Hm, unusual trait? Well, apart from my fascination of interviewing everyone I meet… I guess it'll have to be how, as much as possible, I only order the "house specials" of restaurants. They're "house specials" for a reason, and I feel like the best way to show your appreciation to the restaurant owner is by ordering them.

Would you feel angry if the house special didn't taste good?

Maybe anger is too strong a word…disappointed maybe?

But (Q6) what would be a sure way to make you angry?

Hey, that's a great segueway! Uhh, I wanna say trainers who purposely ruin interviews, but I've gotten better in handling them—well, it's more that I've gotten better in learning how to forget them. May had a great answer in her interview with how she was being compared a lot to her dad, but that doesn't really affect me as much as she does. Hmm…maybe I'll just go with my first answer!

Heh, all right. Let's make it more positive with this next one. (Q7) What's your biggest accomplishment?

Definitely this project. I mean, technically it isn't an accomplishment yet since it isn't finished, but it's definitely something that's made each day fulfilling for me. I've interviewed the Champion, the professor, several gym leaders, even the leader of Team Magma! How cool is that?

It's definitely cool. On the other hand, (Q8) what decision do you most regret?

Hm, great question. I should start using that one for the project… anyway, decision I most regret? Well, there was this one time I interviewed a grunt from Team Magma, and he talked about this grunt from Team Aqua he fell in love with. But she stopped seeing him after they found out that they were in opposing teams. Fast forward to a few weeks later, I interview the very grunt he was talking about, and she talked about him! At the end of her interview, I debated long and hard about whether I should tell her about him, especially since she said that she missed him. In the end, though, I let it pass, since she did say that she would see them soon.

You have no idea how long their story stayed in my mind. The entire week after interviewing the Team Aqua grunt, I kept on wondering what would've happened if I told her about what the Team Magma grunt said about her. Some nights I would say that what I did was right, but other nights I would think I was the biggest idiot for keeping that from her.

Hey, it's all right. It worked out in the end, right? I saw those conversations about them meeting up again and deciding to elope.

Yeah, while the decision was a huge relief for both of them, those two interviews were a huge relief for me, too, giving me a sense of closure. Still, I keep on wondering, what if I told her? Would they have escaped and lived happily ever after sooner? It's the beauty and the madness of the project, really.

Okay, we're down to our last two questions. You still doing okay?

Yeah, of course. It's been great doing the answering for a change!

All right, awesome. (Q9) What do you think is the most important thing for other people to understand about you?

I guess it's how I'm doing this project for fun! I've lost count of how many trainers have asked me if this was like the Gabby and Ty interviews or if I secretly work for Hoenn TV. Some even think I'm part of the police! I'm quick to tell them otherwise, though, and I think that makes them much more open with their answers.

Last question! (Q10) If you could change just one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Well, I know it's something that's beyond me, but I would like to see what would happen if I wasn't recognized as "Norman's son". It comes up more often than I thought it would—who knew a gym leader's life was so public? But hey, I do get the chance to interview a lot of trainers who just know me as "the trainer they battled" or "this talkative guy I met on the street", so it's not that big of a deal!

How about in terms of you personally?

Hmm, I'd like it if I were a bit more eloquent. I know, you just complimented me about that, and I feel flattered. But I also said how I pale into comparison to most people I meet, and sometimes I get nervous at how I can't match the depth of their answers with my shallow questions and reactions. So I wish I could speak better and more confidently!

If anything, I thought your answers here were terrific and very insightful!

Thank you so much for saying that!

Oh, one last thing, and I'm sure you'll enjoy this. You can ask, uhh, that Pokémon any question!

Wait, what? A Pokémon? And they can understand me?

Seems like it, yeah.

That's insane! You won't believe how long I've been dreaming of interviewing a Pokémon for so long! Wait, uhh, what do I ask them? Uhh, Can you tell me how you caught— Wait, no, silly, Pokémon don't catch other Pokémon. What's the most difficult— No, no, let's not be negative, Brendan! Ah, let's go with the classic. What piece of advice would you like to give to trainers? And to your fellow Pokémon, too!

Absolutely loved doing this. It gave me a chance to finally write the Brendan conversation I've been wanting to get out of my system. Gave me some ideas for conversations for the fic, too! Great thread, Negrek, and thanks to Kutie Pie for the conversation with Deoxys! :D

EDIT: Oh, oops, Omegagoldfish posted in between me finishing this post. That question was meant for Deoxys, but it could apply to Hysan too! (I'm assuming Hysan is a Pokemon given that they're from a PMD universe, but if Hysan is a human, just take out the part where they give advice to Pokemon. :) )
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Lost but Seeking

I'd prefer if people stuck to only one version of their character per interview, but since I didn't specify, we'll roll with it. These questions are for pre-apocalypse Vis!

Why are you so reluctant to discuss your personal life? Is there anyone you'd be willing to open up to?

You say you're sure there's something in the world you'd be able to do. Any idea what that might be? What do you consider to be your strengths?

Apparently you have trouble accepting help when it's offered. Why do you think that is?

You mention that you've been "places people don't even believe in." What sorts of places are those?

Kutie Pie

I'm okay with either OOC or IC questions for the character above, sorry for not making it clear! I'll edit the first post a little.

Looks like you had fun with this! XD Here are some more questions for your space virus:

It sounds like you have a lot of trouble with people misinterpreting or misrepresenting what you say. Why do you think that is?

What would you be doing if you weren't stuck at the end of the world?

So you're the glue that holds the legendaries together? How do you go about doing that? What makes you so sure that they all love you?

I don't think I can let you get away without more details on the Ouija board...


Please include a question for Deoxys along with your answers.

Dramatic Melody

Ah, interviewing Brendan is a really cute idea! Actually might work as kind of a capstone to the project, if you actually run out of NPCs to interview. (Not sure if that would ever actually happen... dunno what the in-game population of Hoenn is.)

Some more questions for Brendan:

You interview a lot of trainers, and even mention that some ask to battle you, but you never talk about your own experience training or your relationship with pokémon. What pokémon do you have? Do they ever help out with your interviews?

How did you handle the move from Johto? Could you see yourself carrying out a similar project in your old home region?

You mentioned that you sometimes encounter people who try to ruin your interviews. How do you handle difficult interview situations? Who have you found to be the most challenging to interview thus far?

I imagine that your interviews consume a lot of the time you spend out traveling, but you can't possibly be working on them 24/7! What are some of your other favorite things to do while on the road? Are there particular things you have to check out in each new place you visit?

Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
So we basically just reply back here whenever a question is being given? Sounds fine by me.


(*drags Deoxys back in*)

What the hell, I'm trying to sleep! What more do you want from me?

(You're needed for some extra... *tilts head down* interrogation.)

...what was with the long pause?

(Whatever. *shoves paper into his hands* Answer these, then you can go back to what you were doing.)

*sneers before scanning the paper* Let's see... first question's from this Brendan: “What piece of advice would you like to give to trainers? And to your fellow Pokémon, too!” *looks up flatly* Really?

(*grumbling while holding head* Just answer the questions, Deoxys.)

Okay, kid—can I call you “kid”? Whatever. I don't think you get out much. You see, I am a Legendary Pokémon. *slowly* Legendary. Pokémon. *leans in* Do. You. Know. What. That. Is?

(Are you serious right now?)

*leans back* Let me rephrase that. I'm a Legendary. Pokémon. I, as in we, don't give a damn about you trainers. You can't touch us—at all. The chances of you getting within a hundred feet of us is zilch-to-none. Unless we somehow like you for whatever reason—and I don't—the only advice I, and by extension everyone else can give is: give it up. You're going to kill yourself if you try. Just don't bother, let us come to you if we want.

(*has had face in hands the entire time*)

*throws hands up into the air once he notices* The hell did you want me to say?

(*takes in a breath* Just... just read the rest.)

*scowls and returns to reading* “It sounds like you have a lot of trouble with people misinterpreting or misrepresenting what you say. Why do you think that is?” Because no one's on my level. No one knows me better than me, and as much as I'd like everyone to know me, clearly there's some parts of me that are hard to swallow. But that could just be my alien biology, so—

(*chucks the nearest object at Deoxys' head*)

What the hell was that for?!

(What the hell is wrong with you?! You don't say that, not here!)

*pointing wildly* See this?! This is the problem! You twist my words into meaning something else! This is what humanity is all about! This is what you've done to me!

(*crossing arms tightly while glaring* I knew you were going to be a problem. I was going to go for Mewtwo, Giratina, Entei—freaking Entei, and he's the most childish of you all! Hell, I could've used Legion, but no! You pushed your way to the front with claims you're the “popular one”, the “fan favorite”.)

What can I say? The people have spoken. You can't argue with the masses.

(No they didn't! No one asked you to come here!)

Shh-shh-shh. You hear it? It's the sound of no one caring. It's also the sound of a question pleading to the winds to be answered but can't because someone's getting a little mouthy. *quickly glances down at the paper to avoid the death glare* “What would you be doing if you weren't stuck at the end of the world?” Anything but this, of course.

(*grumbling* You mean like peeking into other people's windows?)

Hey, if they don't want to be looked at, then they need to close their damn windows! Honestly, people, you complain about your privacy being invaded, then you do shit like that. You're sending mixed messages here. Poor communication kills, and causes people like me to gouge their eyes out.

(Then stop going into populated areas. There.)

*leers and returns to the questions* “So you're the glue that holds the legendaries together?” Hell yeah, I am! Totally! “How do you go about doing that? What makes you so sure that they all love you?” *gestures to himself* Look at me. I'm that one guy everyone doesn't shut up about. I bring more people together than anyone else. I could be the leader if I wanted to, but I don't like putting up with all the drama, so Ho-oh and Shaymin take care of it. I'm also a chick magnet, they can't keep their hands off of me.

(*blankly turns to the “camera” and shakes head*)

*returns to the paper* “I don't think I can let you get away without more details on the Ouija—” *drops everything by throwing hands up and slowly backing off* Nuh-uh. Not going there. I refuse. You crossed the line, buddy. Nope. I'm leaving—you can't stop me.

(Yeah, I'm powerless against that. *beat* Oh crap, I'm agreeing with him.)

*pokes head back in* And don't bother trying to ask anyone else. No one wants to remember it either. I'm going to bed before someone takes my spot. *walks off* I'M ON TO YOU, ASSHOLES!

(*huffs* Just so you know, Brendan, Deoxys isn't a people-person—er, Pokémon. End of the world does that to you, and what-not. I don't blame you if you don't want to... get to know him more. You have a better chance with Giratina, and he despises people.)
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Interview with Matron Blissey.
Protagonist from Carry On, Blissey and Team Rocket's Underground Clinic

How would you introduce yourself to a stranger?
;242;:I would introduce myself in a professional manner. As if I was in a formal interview, I would be polite and calm. I admit that times this can be very difficult with abusive trainers and lazy staff.

Where do you live?
;242;:I was born in Sinnoh. I studied at Smogon University with my trainer but when she was expelled for using drugs, I worked in a clinic in Kanto owned by Team Rocket. When the clinic closed down fifteen years ago, I returned to Sinnoh to work full time at the Pokemon centre.

What's your family like?
;242;:I know very little of my family. My trainer was the first face I saw. When I was battling, I considered her rhydon as my father figure. His death taught me how to cry. During a trip to Lavender, a nurse gave me some instant egg drops that made me lay an egg. The nurse's trainer decided to nickname my daughter, Lavender after the town she was born in. I don't see her as much as I would like to.

What do you want to do with your life? How does what you're doing now relate to that?
;242;:What I've always been doing for years. I want to save the lives of Pokemon and I hope to educate trainers on the dangers of mass breeding and overdosing Pokemon on drugs such as Action Replay and Gameshark pills.

What's your most unusual trait?
;242;:people expect me to be happy and cheery because of blissey's pokedex entries. Anyone who knows me knows that I have a very firm attitude that most humans would describe as, "saying it how it is". I've had heated arguments with doctors and Nurse Joy. The kanto clinic I worked in had horrible standards and I won't let this hospital have a standard any less than outstanding.

What's a sure way to make you angry?
;242;: Bad humans make me angry too. When a human mistreats their Pokemon. We had a case where a trainer abandoned their Swellow because it was unable to use his arms anymore. The swellow had the hacked syndrome which is a disease caused by too many drugs. I also hate how humans think they're the superior race when there are other species much more powerful that would destroy their luxuries in seconds. The thing I despise the most is pokephiles and humans that engage with sexual acts with pokemon, I think they are the scum of this earth and should be locked away.

What's your biggest accomplishment?
;242;:My first shift at Hearthome City Pokemon Centre. They do my head in sometimes but I think it truly is a great place to work. I feel like I've made lots of friends here and I hope to contribrute to outstanding care for pokemon for many years to come.

What decision do you most regret?
;242;:My colleague had the hacked syndrome. It's a terrible disease that he eventually lost his to. I wish I knew sooner before it was too late. He was a great expert in the disease and his parents had it too. Even though it was his own choice to sacrafice his life, I wish he didn't go the way he did. Another action that I do regret, which I feel is the only malpractise I ever committed was placing a clinical bin full of stillborn pokemon in the incinerator room. It's only partly my fault though, if the humans had given the corpses a better burial then I wouldn't have had to have done it. At the time I thought cremating the dead pokemon would have been more digified then letting them rot in a mixture of incontinence waste and used needles. Luckily karma got to all of them.

What do you think is the most important thing for other people to understand about you?
;242;:I hope everyone can understand that I want all my patients to leave the centre happy and healthy. Some think I can be a bossy *****, but I do it for the sake of the Pokemon I care for. Healing others gives me a sense of satisfaction, without my role as a nurse I would be really lost.

If you could change just one thing about yourself, what would it be?
;242;:I wish I had more physical bulk. I've had my fair share of aggressive patients that have sent me flying. Who knows there might be a blissite sometime in the future, I doubt I would ever use it as I don't battle anymore.

My questions for characters in another post.
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Oh, cool! I really like this concept! Just for clarification, when I do the new question for the previous interviewee, I'm directing this to Brendan, not Deoxys, as he hasn't had a question yet. But this is for the protagonist of my main fic, Pokémon: Convergence, that being the human-turned-monferno, Derek Avery.

Italics are me, FYI.

...well...first time interviewing a talking pokémon, huh?

If you're wondering, how you came to be that way isn't one of my questions.

Oh, *phew*, that's a relief, 'cause I have no Arceus-damned idea how it happened either, haha. Anyway, let 'er rip.

Sweet. *Ahem* Question 1: How would you introduce yourself to a stranger?

You mean, other than wondering how and why people wanna come near me?


I-it's a joke, I'm joking, that wasn't serious. Aaaanyway, it'd probably be something generic like, "Hey, how's it going, my name's Derek, what's your's, this is getting kinda awkward so I'm gonna go away now byyyyye." Yeah, in case you couldn't tell, I'm not exactly the best around new people. Introvert, and all that.

This isn't one of the questions, but I'm a little concerned. You DO have friends, I hope?

Yeah, I have a couple, but I've gotten kinda bad at making new ones. Believe me, if you were asking me this question ten years ago, I'd be all over you asking if you could be my friend. Don't really know what changed. Maybe it was the bullying. Actually, yeah, it was definitely the bullying. And if you're wondering, I'm fine now. I just had a rough patch a while ago.

...alright then. Hopefully this'll be a little more light-hearted than the last one, but Question 2: Where do you live?

You mean most of the time, or right now, because at present, things are a little on the weird side, being a monferno and all.

I mean, where do you feel is your home?

So...normally then. Pastoria City, born and raised. My dad takes me to Veilstone every now and then, and I've at least seen most of Sinnoh, but Pastoria is where I belong. I remember me and my friend Amy used to get into mud fights all the time, and we still do every now and then. My friend Terrance likes to jump in every once in a while, and I get crushed when that happens, but it's always a ton of fun.

Well, that's a little happier. Moving on. Question 3: Could you tell me more about your family? What're they like?

Okay, first off, I like my family. Yeah, I know, a teenager likes their family, crazy, but I actually find them to be tolerable more than half the time.

My older sister, Dorothy, has always been fun to be around, but she's on a journey in Kalos right now, and the reception there is terrible, so it's kinda hard to keep in touch. We got along, though, and we'd always tune into the Pokkén Tournament every Sunday we could, so that's something.

My mom can get a little annoying at times, and even a bit, uh, hypocritical at times. She's always in my face about doing science experiments with my dad, even though she's so open about experimenting with...other stuff. (She WAS a Flower Girl, you know. Still got the long hair and everything.) But I know she just worries, and I really can't be mad at her. And I really appreciate that I can be so open with her about anything that's going on in my life. I just kinda wish she would calm down sometimes. I'm a responsible kid. Most of the time.

And my dad...well, Amy's said it best. I'm a bit of a "Daddy's boy." If I'm not at school or with a friend, I'm doing something with my dad. Honestly, he's why I'm like this right now. *Sigh* I'd rather not talk about him right now.

Don't worry about it. No pressure here. Anyway, Question 4: What do you want to do with your life? how does what you're doing now?

Well, I want to be a physicist when I'm older, and since I've been doing experiments with my dad since I was, like, eight, I'm pretty sure that qualifies as some sort of experience. Not sure that the monferno thing helps in that regard, though...

Believe it or not, Derek, that's actually not a bad segue into my next question. Question 5: What's your most unusual trait?

Ha. Ha. Ha. You're hysterical, really.

I try.

Well, other than, you know - *gestures to self* - I think my most "unusual" trait is...well...I kinda talk to myself sometimes.

Um...care to explain?

I-I'm not crazy, I swear! It's just that when I need to plan something out I tend to mutter to myself under my breath. Maybe it's so I can hear what I'm thinking, maybe to confirm that my plan isn't completely stupid, but sometimes, people notice and are a little weirded out by it. It's not me being crazy!

Alright, alright, I get it, haha! Let's move to the next one. Question 6: What would be a sure way to make you angry?

...huh. It's actually kinda hard to make me angry. But...call out anyone I like, be it friends or family, but ESPECIALLY my dad, and I will kick your ass, no questions asked.

Good to know. Question 7: What's your greatest accomplishment?

Making a working, kinda powerful battery out of a freaking Kebia berry! Oh my Arceus, getting that thing to work took for-freaking-ever, but I actually got the thing up to 100 volts, which is kind of insane for a battery made out of a fruit. That was actually what got my dad to start noticing my affinity for science, and that was the start of working on his experiments.

On the flip side, Question 8: What decision do you most regret?

...yeah, I've got a pretty bad one. You know Amy, the girl I mentioned earlier, my best friend? About 6 months ago, I kinda developed a crush on her, and told her I liked her...on the same day Terrance asked her out. Yyyeah, it got kinda awkward, and things were bad for a month or so. Amy and I wouldn't talk for a while, mostly because I was so embarrassed that I couldn't even look her in the face. We talked it out later, and Terrance was there, so it wouldn't be like I was saying anything behind his back, and we worked it out. She told me that we'd been friends for so long that I was practically a brother to her - yeah, I know, corny as hell, but it's true - and after talking with her and Terrance for, like, hours, I realized that that's how I felt, too. Things are pretty much back to normal, now, and that's actually how I became friends with Terrance, so there's a plus.

Wow. That was...something.

Ha. Tell me about it. But hey, our friendship is stronger for it. Honestly, I both regret and DON'T regret telling her, because it forced us to talk it out like mature people, rather than kids.

Speaking kind of about that, Question 9: What do you think is the most important thing for other people to understand about you?

I am a creature of habit as dictated by my experiences. Every time I've tried to do something new recently, it's blown up in my face. Because of that, I've sort of become stuck in routines. I try to be more open, I really do, but it's so hard.

And this could tie into my final question. Question 10: If you could change just one thing about yourself, what would it be?

What I just said.

Fair enough. Now, I've got a request of my own. I've interviewed a few people before you, and I have a policy that after I've interviewed someone, I get the interviewee to ask a question to the previous interviewee. There are two people I'd like you to question: a Matron Blissey, and the Hoenn League Champion, Brendan.

Wait, you interviewed BRENDAN?! Oh my Arceus, that's so freaking cool! Okay okay okay, uh, for the Blissey, she's a matron, so, uh, what's your favorite story from the hospital you've worked at? And for Brendan, uh - holy crap, I'm interviewing a freaking CHAMPION!! - uh, how do you deal with your fame? As in, both the fact that you're the Champion, combined with your status as a Gym Leader's son?

Alright, thank you for your time.

Any time.
Here we go. Let's make this one a bit more interesting.
Huh... So this isn't just a one time thing, then? I suppose I should at least lesat you know a little bit more.

Why are you so reluctant to discuss your personal life? Is there anyone you'd be willing to open up to?

My... personal... life doesn't exist any more. Originally, I was a trainer out on a journey, intent on proving myself, getting eight badges, yada yada. Unfortunately... they didn't wait for me back home. It hurts, knowing that your hometown doesn't even remember you having ever existed... So I do my best to avoid talking about it. I could barely remember the faces of my family when I returned, and did my best to forget them once more when left once more. Perhaps some day I'll find a place to live, but for now, I'll just keep roaming. As of right now, the only being I can trust is my partner, but that's because I'm 3/4 sure she can read my thoughts.

You say you're sure there's something in the world you'd be able to do. Any idea what that might be? What do you consider to be your strengths?

I'm not entirely sure what I want to do. As of right now, it seems that everything I try to do is warped somehow, as if disasters seem to follow me around. It doesn't help that I keep seeing this... thing out of the corner of my vision, almost following me. The nightmares are beginning to really cause issues now, too. As for my strengths, I'm not entirely sure what caused it, but for some reason, I have some supernatural talents. I blame cursed ruins and stupidity.

Apparently you have trouble accepting help when it's offered. Why do you think that is?

When I was sent out on my pokemon journey, I was given nothing besides a backpack, Nil, and three days of food. Over time, I've had to eat the cheapest food I could find, and move from place to play quickly, not due to wanting to rush, but rather to ensure I have enough money to replace the supplies I use. It's caused me to develop a survivalist viewpoint, which is good on the trail, but not ideal in a city environment. Not to mention my run-ins with criminals, and the constant onslaught of battle-happy trainers... It's hard to find someone trustworthy and level-headed.

You mention that you've been "places people don't even believe in." What sorts of places are those?

Dozens. When I lost to the Oreburgh gym, I was forced to make money using ways besides battling, in order to earn enough to buy food. And, since stealing at the time, while tempting, required me to be able to overpower a trainer who could likely beat me with his hands tied behind their back, I turned towards an idea I've had since I've been a kid: exploring. Thus, I read old texts for rumors, and followed them to the best of my abilities. Some of them... Okay, about half of them were scams, or just fake rumors, but the occasional ones that were real were spectacular. One in particular was this really cool chamber on top of Mount Coronet, full of statues, and whatnot. I had to reach up there with a grappling hook. The area was empty, save for a dozen or so statues; however I left as soon as I could, though, because there was a niggling feeling that being there was not a good idea. Other places I've been are a village that was consumed by ash from a volcano, and this one river that flowed uphill. That doesn't even cover my last expedition... Of course, snagging relics to feed myself was shortsighted, but, why not.

Huh, so that's the last of the questions? Oh well.

Ooh, Time to ask the monferno a question.

Q: What does it feel like having a tail? Does controlling it seem natural, or does it require entirely different thoughts to control?
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Lost but Seeking

In the future, please make a new post instead of editing. I probably won't see it otherwise. Questions for Hysan:

It sounds like not everyone appreciates your help. Why do you think that is?

Do you have any particular enemies? Anybody who's stood up to you repeatedly?

What led you to figure everything out? What did you used to believe?

You seem rather fixated on murdering people. What else do you do to occupy your time?

[size=+1]Kutie Pie[/size]

This will be the final set of questions for Deoxys from me, although you can keep answering questions from other people afterward or start in with a new character if you'd like.

You claim none of the other legends are on your level and that none of them really understand you. Nevertheless, are there any of them that you actually like, or at least respect?

On the other hand, are there any legends that you have a particular dislike for? Why?

I understand that you don't care much for humans, but what about mortal pokémon? Were there any mortals (of any race) that you enjoyed hanging out with before the end of the world?

It sounds like you supply the other legends with plenty of excitement. What's your favorite prank that you pulled or the best joke you played at their expense? Or perhaps your favorite ridiculous thing that happened to the other legends that wasn't even your fault?


Please come up with a question for Deoxys, and make a new post once you have. You can still edit the original post as much as you like, but if you do that without making a new post I probably won't notice once you've done it.


Considering the other characters we've already had show up to interview, I don't think Derek's quite the novelty he thinks he is! Here are some more questions for him:

You mention that you used to be a lot more outgoing and had an easier time making friends. Do you regret losing that, or are you comfortable where you are now? Has being turned into a pokémon changed anything about how you relate to other people?

Did you have much interest in/interaction with pokémon before becoming one? What did you think of them?

What do you enjoy about studying physics? Obviously it was the connection to your father that got you started with it, but what do you find interesting about it, personally?

You spent a lot of time talking about your life as a human, but what about your time as a pokémon? How have you been coping with that? Are you missing your life back at home?


Well, not quite the end of the questions--you get this final set from me, and you can continue to answer questions from other people if you like. Nice job on the last set, by the way.

Your personal life doesn't exist anymore... but what was it before you began your journey? Why did you leave in the first place?

Could you tell me more about your partner (Nil?)? What makes you think she can read your thoughts? What's your relationship with her like?

What are your supernatural talents? How has your life changed since you discovered them?

It sounds like you've been some really cool places. What was your favorite to explore? Is there anywhere you're still hoping to check out?
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Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
And here. We. Go.

(*drags Deoxys back in again*)

*waves hands around fanatically and shakes her off* Okay, okay! God, stop doing that!

(Good news, Deoxys, this is your last hurrah.)


(*waives it off* Answer these questions, and I won't bother you about this again. I'll find someone else.)

Oh boy, is it Mewtwo's turn next?

(I'm still thinking about it. Now hurry up so I won't have to talk to you anymore.)

*takes in a breath before looking down at the page* “What makes you happy?” Being told this is my last time here.

(I refuse to accept that.)

*rolls eyes* It's punching Rayquaza in the face.

(*snappily* Deoxys!)

*holds hand up* It's not just that. Seeing the night sky makes me pretty content. It's nothing nostalgic, I guess, but when you're an extraterrestrial being and have the ability to survive in zero gravity, you have better ways to see the stars.

(*blinks and sits back* ...wow, that's... that's real sweet.)

And romantic, am I right?

(And ruined.)

*scowls and looks back down* “You claim none of the other legends are on your level and that none of them really understand you. Nevertheless, are there any of them that you actually like, or at least respect?” *scoffs* I put up with them enough to play card games and other stuff, but I don't look up to anyone.

(If you had to choose, though...?)

*folds arms in thought* Hm... Celebi's pretty chill, and so's the Lake Guardians. I have nothing against them, personally. Same goes for Jirachi, but I don't know the guy much, anyway. Can't blame me for that.

(I wasn't going to.)

And you know what, I respect Darkrai. He has to put up with Cresselia, after all, but he's pretty cool once you get to know him. *holds fist knuckles forward to the “camera”* This is for you, Dark.

(*snorts* Sorry, go on.)

*leers suspiciously* “On the other hand, are there any legends that you have a particular dislike for? Why?” *starts counting on his fingers* Rayquaza, Giratina, Palkia, Dialga, Groudon, Kyogre, Ho-oh, Entei, Raikou, Suicune, Cresselia, Mewtwo, Lugi—*beat* —yeah, Mewtwo, Lugia, Zapdos—

(*cuts in* We get it, Deoxys. But why is the real question.)

Do I have to explain myself?

(*looks at the clock* ...I'll let it slide, I guess...)

*returns to the page* “I understand that you don't care much for humans, but what about mortal pokémon? Were there any mortals (of any race) that you enjoyed hanging out with before the end of the world?” Pfft, no. I didn't talk to anyone outside of the Legendaries, and I didn't care. I lived alone on an island for quite a number of years, and I was perfectly fine with it.

(*double takes* When? I didn't know of this.)

Gee, it could be because I don't tell anyone, as you distinctly said some days ago.

(*beat* That explains everything.)

“It sounds like you supply the other legends with plenty of excitement. What's your favorite prank that you pulled or the best joke you played at their expense?” Who said I pranked people? Insulting is my specialty.

(You tricked Entei into eating rotten meat.)

*cheekily smirks* “Protein”. I also may have done the “pull my finger” trick in which it would pop off.

(*unamused* I both believe you, and don't believe you.)

Whatever. Uh... “Or perhaps your favorite ridiculous thing that happened to the other legends that wasn't even your fault?” I got a kick out of Raikou telling the story of Entei setting a lake on fire by sneezing. What'd I'd give to see that in person!

(*darkly* An arm and a leg?)

Why the hell not? I can grow them back.

(*raises knowing brow*)

*glances away nervously* Oh-kayyy, maybe not now. But, uh... I thought it was hilarious years ago about Mewtwo's urban legends being blown out of proportion and the frustrations it caused him. That's what you get for hanging around humans. I think the smog might've killed some of his brain cells for him to not realize it ahead of time.

(Whatever you say.)

I also remember this rumor about there being a second one roaming around. I can barely stand the one, imagine two of them. Then again... *snickers* Mew would've had some serious competition if it was a chick. The fights that would've ensued would've been awesome, and maybe a little hot.

(*face palms* Of course you'd say that...)

I was joking.


Am I done?

(Yes, yes. You're free to go. Shoo, be free.)

FINALLY. *stands briskly* God, I thought I'd never get all of that off my chest.

(*grumbles* I thought you'd never shut up.)

*suddenly freezes before walking off* Oh, shit!

(What now, Deoxys?)

I... *looks back* I have to go back?

(Uh... yeah.)

*face blanches* Y... You psychotic bitch!

(*blankly stares*)

I mean it, too! I don't know who is worse: you or Legion!


That's not up to you to decide!

(Nooo, but the general consensus agrees Legion is terrifying. You should know that firsthand.)

*drops to cling to her leg*

(Hey, let go!)

*shaking* Don't make me go back there! I'll answer another one of these stupid questions! For the love of God, please don't make me go back!

(Well, unfortunately, you'll have to. *leans in with a dark face* Guess who's starting off the next chapter, bucko?)

*whimpers* D... Dammit! *sniffles and slowly lets go to stand* Well... *deeply inhales and attempts to straighten up* ...here goes... *walks off*

(*collapses into chair* Finally. Alright... who's next... *goes through list as expression falls* Ehhh... y'know what... might as well drag him in. *reaches inside Encryption and yanks out Wizardmon by the collar*)

*looking around puzzlingly before meeting her gaze* This... *becomes crestfallen* ...can't be good.

(*slaps a “See you next spoiler!” title card to the “camera”*)

Going to go ahead and have this interview in the next spoiler tag, wasn't sure if I was to wait to post this or not. This is just too damn fun to not wait.

(*is trying hard not to grin wildly at Wizardmon*)

*raises brow anxiously* Is this necessary?

(*squeaks* Sort of. *clears throat* Sorry. You have no idea how happy this makes me. And after the last interviewee... yeah.)

*smiles crookedly* I kind of have a good idea. Do you need to eat something?


Your leg's shaking.

(*tenses it up and crosses legs* I'm fine. Let's go ahead and get started.)

Question 1: How would you introduce yourself to a stranger?

Well, let's see... I'd tip my hat and say, “How do you do, ma'am or sir? The name's Wizardmon.” Ideally, anyway.


I haven't done introductions to new people or Digimon in quite a long while, actually. I know the etiquette, but you can say I'm rusty. *chuckles*

(*is trying hard not to squee*)

Question 2: Where do you live?

I am a nomad; I have no permanent residence. The last place I resided in was Myotismon's castle—walking the earth was much more pleasant in hindsight. Plus, I prefer to travel.

(Do you have plans on settling down someplace, though?)

One day. Gatomon hasn't said anything yet, but she goes back-and-forth between the human world and Digital World. Regardless of what she says, she worries too much.

Question 3: What's your family like?

*runs thumb and forefinger along the hat rim as its shade falls across his eyes* I am a Digimon, miss. By nature, I have no family.

(Okay, well... any surrogate family?)

Gatomon's the closest, you could say, if that's how you want to define our friendship. Back when we worked for Myotismon, we supported each other as such. With various success, of course.

Question 4: What do you want to do with your life? How does what you're doing now relate to that?

If I were to make a selfish request, I'd like to spend it with Gatomon. However, I promised her that her relationship with Kari is first priority. Now if you're talking about careers or lifestyles, I'd like to become a scholar. However, my small book collection was destroyed when the castle fell, so I'm saving up money to hopefully build up a small library in the future for my studies. Luckily, Gatomon and I have a new job, which promises to be more permanent than the part-time odd jobs we've been doing.

(*had been struggling the whole time to listen while smiling dreamily* You're much better than Deoxys.)


(*sits up* Nothing.)

Question 5: What's your most unusual trait?

*taps his covered mouth* I'm working on not being shy about my stitched-up mouth. But that's not an unusual trait. No, I think it's... *gestures hands around in thought* I guess I'm stubborn?


*smiles* I learned from the best, after all. But even before meeting Gatomon, I was stubborn, just not correctly, you could say. When I put my mind to something, I keep at it until I reach the end goal. What is that goal? It changes. Sometimes, though, death has to be the end goal.

(*slowly takes in breath* ...Alright, then...)

Question 6: What's a sure way to make you angry?

Gatomon getting hurt. I know she's strong, and she can take care of herself, but when it hurts her on a psychological or even emotional level, she struggles with it. It always enraged me whenever Myotismon pulled such a trick on her to keep her under his control. It's one of the very few times I ever felt hatred toward anyone.

(*squealing under breath* Holy crap, angry Wizziiiiie...)

*studies intently* Are you sure you're all right?


*brows furrow uneasily*

Question 7: What's your biggest accomplishment?

Freeing Gatomon from Myotismon's clutches. She couldn't live her life freely under him, and finding Kari was the key.

Question 8: What decision do you most regret?

I have no regrets.

(None whatsoever?)

*shakes head* None. Not even the lost six years I've spent in limbo.

(Hm. Not surprised, actually.)

I'm sorry, but what's the purpose of this? You obviously know me... pretty well. *frowns*

(*grins nervously* Uhh... well... this is more or less a way for others to get to know you. I mean, there's just soooo much more to you!)

*slowly leaning back* Well, uh... I'm flattered?

(*hoarse whisper* Also your voice makes me squirm in the good way.)

*flusters with wide eyes* What?

(*still whispering* Can we continue so I can go back to what I was doing? I have a huge urge to continue.)

I'd appreciate it, miss. I promised Gatomon I'd have dinner ready by seven-thirty, but I can't do it if I don't get home.

(Over a stove or open fire?)


(You got work, now, so that means you're indoors, now?)

Y... Yes? What does this have to do with what we're doing here?

(*slightly high-pitched* Heeeee... Where were we?)

*glances around* At the end...?

(No, two more!)

*sweat drops*

Question 9: What do you think is the most important thing for other people to understand about you?

Erm... *straightens back up* ...that I have limits? I'm as much of a person as I am Digimon—that was awkwardly worded.

(*waves it off while smiling dreamily* No worries, I do that all the time.)

Question 10: If you could change just one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I have no desire to change anything about myself. Do I have flaws? Yes, but Gatomon is there to balance them out, and vice versa. I feel that is how she and I have gotten along so well even with the fight for survival back in the day.

(*abruptly* Can I hug you?)

*double takes* I-I'm sorry?

(Am I allowed to hug you?)

*glances aside briefly at the “camera”* Um... I'm afraid some other time. I'm not feeling comfortable to allow myself to have physical contact, even as brief as a hug.

(*giggles* Your ramblings when you get nervous are adorable.)

I'm not being held against my will, am I?

(No! No, of course not!)

Oh, thank gods! *nervous chuckle* Well, um... it was nice meeting you, miss. *fumbles to tip hat* I shall take my leave, then.

(I'll call you back when you get some questions—oh, yeah, I almost forgot! You need to ask a question before you go!)

You're not just making this up to keep me here longer, are you?

(Whaaat? Noooo, I'd never do that. *smiles cunningly* No, you need to ask that person over there a question. I think their name is... *looks* ...Vis.)

*looks over as well, confused* Alright... erm... How do you define “spirit”?

(What kind of question was that?)

*stutters* It was the first thing that came to mind.

(*suddenly feels bad* Oohhhh, I'm sorry, Wizzie. I didn't mean to put you on the spot like that.)

*grabs his staff getting up* Please don't call me that. If Gatomon were to catch wind of it, she wouldn't drop it for a week.

(*grins widely and waves* Okay, bye-bye, Wiz! Nice seeing you! Thanks for dropping on by!)

*manages a curt nod before hurrying off*

(*holds breath for a few seconds* EeeeeEEEEEEE— *gets cut off* )

These are such stupid fun for me lol.


My will be done

The interview continued.

"So, Hysan," the voice droned on "It sounds like not everyone appreciates your help. Why do you think that is?"

"I guess they don't understand that I am trying to help them. They think I want to hurt them."

The vague figure nodded before continuing in its robotic voice.

"Do you have any particular enemies? Anyone who stood up to you repeatedly?"

"Hmm. There's Vhernor, the Scizor always seems to get away, after delaying me. Then there's my boss, Lriba. I can't help him personally, which annoys me. But Lriba's not my enemy I guess. I have had so many opportunities around him."

A pause. The voice continued its endless litany of questions.

"What led you to figure everything out? What did you used to believe?"

"When I was in that orphanage, I didn't really have any thoughts. My mind was blank."

The thing nodded before asking another question.

"You seem rather fixated on murdering people. What else do you do to occupy your time?"

"Murder? Is that what you guys call help? Well, I cook in my spare time. Can't let the bodies go to waste, can I? Everyone freaks out over them and runs, so I've got to cook."

The figure said one more thing.

"before I go, any questions for Deoxys?"

"Sure. What's the hardest choice you've ever made?"



Edited my first post.
For Hysan
What gives you the urge to kill others?

For Deoyxs
Have you had any run ins with any humans before the end of the world?
What is your opinion on religion?

For Brendan
What do you miss most about living in Johto?

For anyone
What kind of music do you enjoy?
What does love mean to you?
What makes you happy?​
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Venia Silente

[](int x){return x;}
Eltenios the Arcanine

My my I absolutely have to join in this. Problem is, what character with.

But since that's already decided, here you go! It's written with a second-POV intro to give a bit of context, but everything else is first POV as the character being interviewed.


After days of hard work scouring the meadows, you have finally found the specimen you wanted to interview. The Arcanine in question is difficult to approach, always being busy and on the run, but today he seems to be resting and catching up with the other wild majuu and you manage to get close enough as he drinks from a spring.

You are sure you can figure out the why behind his reappearance if you choose your questions wisely and show good intention. And that'd be great because pretty much everything anyone else knows about him is his species, name and job - you might be among the first ones to discover more.

Eltenios the Arcanine. He who wanders across the land as the messenger of the guardian forces of this land.

This creature... maybe a human, maybe a fellow majuu, has been talking for a moment, requesting some minutes of my time as he asks questions of this and that. I have lended him an ear but I won't, right now, interrupt my lapping water for him.

Like many others, he wants to know about me. Except this one seems more prepared. Probably works as a "journalist", those humans bringing questions and taking away answers, not unlike the Hoothoot carrying the news across the meadows and forests.

"So, then, wow would you introduce yourself to a stranger?" comes the first question.

I raise my head slightly to meet this person's eyes, thinking for a moment. Surely, there are some who know not of my name and my achievements, who have not seen my paw imprinted on the volcanoes to the north nor heard the mandate of the guardian forces as they send me out to glorious tasks. I laugh a bit at this interviewer, mindful to keep a casual attitude.

Very well then, to them I would introduce myself as per the ancient custom. Suddenly jumping out from a thicket to pace around mockingly as they send out a trained Pokémon to fight me. Some have tried. But I then would Roar to them, that I am Eltenios, the one who will endure, who will not tire out, and that they better stand down on the ancient ritual of Battle, for I mean no harm but my Masters might, would their edicts and tasks be interrupted by a human.

Even if I can safely run from threat, but hey, having friends (or bosses) in high places helps.

After that, this creature asks, "Where do you live?"

I sit on my hindlegs, taking a look around. The place where I "live"... lies beyond sight. When you go through the mountains and the valleys and the rivers you will eventually reach my place, it is in a small windward cave on a mountain, from where I can see the lands to the south where the guardian forces live. Many Rock-types live in that mountain but for the most part they do not disturb me, even though I live alone; nah, we mostly trade berries and items every once in a while when I come back from a run with something interesting to them.

"What's your family like?"


I have to look away from this creature. After all these years, it still takes me a moment to recover my composure when I think back of the times when I was young and unevolved.

I did mention, creature, that I live alone. My parents and siblings were Growlithe and Arcanine like any other, living freely in the wild, looking for food and interesting stuff to do on the outskirts of the human settlements.

Haven't seen them in a long time though. Maybe they're old, maybe they're...

Nah, they should be okay. Maybe one of these days. I am a very busy 'mon, yes, a very busy one I assure you little interviewer as I continue to drink some water.

"What do you want to do with your life?" he asks then. "How does what you're doing now relate to that?"

What I want to do, it's a desire that has never changed. I feel it in my fur as the world outside tugs at it, (*stands up and circles around for a moment, showing off his flank*) and I feel it in my muscles as they tense to the touch of the ground. I was born to run wild, to go anywhere I want, to explore and enjoy this really long and wide land.

I had it when I was young, the family would sprint together going from place to place.

Then I was beckoned by an emperor, to be put to work for the guardian forces. I... tried to refuse, but there's no refusing such call. I went through great pain, thinking I'd lose my world.

That somehow did not happen. Maybe they understood what I was, what I still am, for when they send me to do tasks for them it's always to be done running. Be swift when going here or there, to grab this or deliver that.

So I guess I've done well. I can keep running, maybe now safer than before.

"What's your most unusual trait?"

I have to raise an eyebrow at this interviewer.

Are you trying to call me "weird", foreign one?

I don't think I have anything that really distinguishes me from others of my kin. I mean my fur is a bit unkempt yet I am so charming, I have lots of stamina I can even light up the night, I am allowed to go to some places that other majuu or humans don't. I have a satchel, something that wild majuu don't, because - see, I have a job! And not as a mischievous pirate / raider or something, even though it sounds alluring; noooo, this one's legit and proper I swear. (*raises a paw*) I mean I work for the guardian forces ya know!

But no, nothing unusual, nothing special. Yeah, that which you just saw was a smirk. Between us, being me has its perks, and its disadvantages as well, but I'm here for the perks.

"What's a sure way to make you angry?"

(*leans closer to the interviewer*)

Huh. These creatures come up with strange questions. Am not sure if this one is trying to be friendly or... maybe it's just hesitant to speak what it truly wants.

But yeah, like anyone else I can get angry. There are some things I don't like. Things in my live that have gone wrong. People who say I am a failure for I no longer belong to a pack, they deserve a fiery bite. Then some people call me fat - but I'm not fat! This is all muscle, baby, and a fair amount of fur, and I have the literal track record to prove it. Or what, do you want to race against me?

"What's your biggest accomplishment?"

Ahaaaa! Would I know I got you all scaredy. My apologies then, I really, really mean no harm. (*trots back to the edge of the spring*)

Thinking back to the time I have spent, there was that one night. (*Looks to the sky wistfully*)



(*looks back at the interviewer*)

...What? No, not a lady, that's a more mundane thing, a story for another time. What I speaking of, creature, was superlative. That night when we truly surpassed the world, a good friend and I. It started as a fun game to end the day but as the shortest night came upon us [thread=419186]we decided to race the Sun to the other end of the country[/thread]. And guess what? We won of course. (*puffs chest*) I mean, really, who do you think you're speaking to?

The one who won't tire out, that's who.

"What decision do you most regret?"

...Regret? (*shakes head*) I have had my share of failures but... regret is maybe a different beast. Things you have to do to live in the wild, things that working under a higher order allows you to grow out of. I must have stolen food from more than one trainer or traveller, never wondering if maybe they needed that food. Back then, I came first.

And yet, then one time when it was about me, when it was my body and my mind of a Growlithe in the line, I tried to say no. I... didn't put much force into it. I wish I could have been more sure about myself. Maybe have tried to reach a deal. I like where I am now, but sometimes, I think of the cost.

"What do you think is the most important thing for other people to understand about you?"

I guess I want people to understand I am what I am. As an Arcanine, one with the fire and one with the wind. I go where I please and do what I must. I don't like it when people try to chase after me, to battle me, to constrain me. The guardian forces understand, but humans most of the time do not, nor do the Pokémon choosing to live the live of the wild.

But most importantly, when I have to go somewhere, when I have to run, I *don't* mean anyone harm. It's just what I do. And maybe it is for your own good, as it is the guardian forces who will it.

"If you could change just one thing about yourself, what would it be?"


I didn't really get to enjoy being a Growlithe, it was mostly about survival back then. Maybe... if I could have had some more time...

...Maybe I could have had more friends.

...Maybe I could have learned to be more forward about things.

...But it's enough talk about me.

Let's talk about you, or rather about that other creature that is being interviewed. Ya know the one. 'Hysan' are you calling it? I am wondering, as I read about that time in the orphanage, what did it feel like, having no thoughts, kinda-sorta being no one? Have you ever experienced anything close to being dead? I just can't fathom the idea of being nothing, in body or mind.
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My will be done

"What was it like, being nobody? Have I ever been in a near-death state? For the first, it's odd. Days are difficult to separate from one another, and a massive part of you wants to lie down, to die. You have no ambition to even move, or think. Just lie there, listening to the screaming of the infants in my case. It was like walking on the edge of a knife, and if you slipped, the grave waited. The closest I have been to mental death was my ten years in that orphanage, before my enlightenment. The closest to physical death was when I ran into a Lucario. His name was Shulz or something similar, and he was tough. In case you didn't realize, I'm a Toxicroak, so this guy would already be hard to help.

So he confronts me in a town that I assisted, and tackles me into a burning building. I try and fight him off, but he was better than me, and I was soon hurled through a wall. However, my Boss, Lriba, managed to distract him. Guy realizes he's outnumbered and flees after a brief fight. Or I think so, I didn't see him after Boss showed up. There I was, broken legs, arms and ribs, in a burning house. Felt nice, a feeling that I was still alive. The building collapses, burying me in a pile of flaming rubble. I don't remember much, but I wake up, and the Boss is standing over me, with his arm twisted at an odd angle. I was legally dead for two minutes. Last I heard, Shulz is heading to the Rift."

"So, Eltinos, I have a question. Are you sure the ones you love care about you? What would you do if everything collapsed right before your eyes?"

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Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
I know it said "one character at a time", but going back to Deoxys here, will put Wizardmon in a different post because two in one might be cheating... despite doing it the last time, but that was me jumping to another character, not realizing more questions were coming.

(*catches up to Deoxys in the Tree* Hey! *pants* Deoxys, wait!)

*startled* Shit! Hurry up, you slowpokes! *grabs Latios and Latias before they could protest or ask questions and morphs to Speed forme*

(*uses author's powers to stop them*)

*voice cracks and echoes in the tunnel* What do you want from me, woman?!

(Who's the one who said they were the “fan favorite”?)

*perks up and then grins* Oh, so more fan questions?

(For Pete's sake... *hands over piece of paper*)

*looks over shoulder* Hold tight, you guys, this shouldn't take long. I should know, it's not that big of a paper this time.

(*watches Latios raise his arms in confusion, then looks around* How did I... get here?)

*raises eye ridge* Uh... whatever. First question: “What's the hardest choice you've ever made?” *pauses*

(*notices* Is something wrong, Deoxys?)

*makes a hesitant gesture* Okay, first off, your sense of timing sucks. We're already on edge over here. Second, you're terrible at keeping your promises.

(I didn't make a promise I'd leave you alone. I just thought you were done.)

*grumbles* Now I know why humans drank. *raises voice back to normal* Anyway, there's... kind of a few things that are bugging me right now. “Hardest choice”? I'm probably in the middle of one right now, the hell should I know? You think this is easy? *points to the red crystals* This is probably the worst day of my life—but you won't hear me complain.

(*blankly stares* Uh huh.)

What's next... “Have you had any run ins with any humans before the end of the world?” Yeaaaaah, I've had a few humans on my tail. But you know what the difference between them and I is? *whispers* Immortality. *straightens back up* Also, awesome powers that humans don't have.

(*still looking around*)

*peers suspiciously* Are you sure you're not psychic?

(Pretty sure.)

*looks back down* “What is your opinion on religion?” *takes in sharp breath, nods over to the uneasy dragons* Not going to answer that with Latios around. Don't get me wrong, I'm not like Giratina who would've loved to insult religion at the drop of a hat, but I also kind of don't have much to say. I just don't really care, and I kind of can't think of any jokes to say right now. Kind of hard to when you've got demons breathing down your neck.

(*scratches cheek* Fair enough. Well then, carry on.)

Please don't do that again. And for sure are we done here?

(*looks around nervously* Noooo guarantees. But why would you let your fans down? *smiles knowingly*)

*smirks as he looks over at the dragons* I'm totally rubbing it in everyone's face when this is over-and-done with.

(*rolls eyes* Any questions for anyone?)

Sure. *turns to the “camera” and “sparkles”* What's your favorite thing about yours truly—

(Not about you!)

*scowls* If you were to go head-to-head with the most powerful being of your world—whichever it may be—would you take up that challenge? There.

(Whatever, I'll print that. *leaves*)

*scoffs in the distance* Ruuuude. And this is why you don't talk to strangers, Latias.
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Alright, time for Round 2! This'll be interesting.

Oh, jeez, you do not look so hot. Rough day?

Tell me about it. Chase keeps kicking my ass in training, and I hurt all over. It's nice to get a break every now and then, even if it does involve talking with people, haha.

Actually, I wanted to ask about that. You mentioned that you used to be a lot more outgoing and had an easier time making friends. Do you regret losing that, or are you comfortable where you are now?

I regret losing that almost every damn day. I don't want to be a loner, I don't like being a loner, but it just sort of, you know, happened. I mentioned before that I was bullied a bunch, right? Well, my mom, who's a psychologist, by the way, deals with cases like this a bunch, and she thinks that kids who are bullied a lot tend to have slightly stunted social growth. It would explain why I've had trouble making friends, yeah, but I hate that she has to resort to excuses to explain why I'm with Dad or just alone most nights. It's not fun, and I hate it.

Man, that sucks. But I wonder, has being turned into a pokémon changed anything about how you relate to other people?

...huh. That's a good question. I mean, it's a fresh start, a blank slate, and I really can't argue with the opportunities is provides. But I feel like I'm falling into the same traps I've fallen into before at home, like being scared that people won't like what I have to say about anything. I hope that I can do better, I really do.

I wish you the best of luck.


Next question: Did you have much interest in/interaction with pokémon before becoming one? What did you think of them?

What, are you kidding me? I live in Pastoria City, where freaking CRASHER WAKE lives, my family has a pet crobat, I obsessively watch Pokkén Tournament every season, and Amy is a bona-fide Coordinator/Gym Challenger extraordinaire, so of course I get to hear all of her stories over the Pokégear. How could I not love pokémon? They're just as much a part of my life as physics that I don't know what I'd do without 'em.

I mean, I don't think it's an unreasonable question. You didn't bring up pokémon at all last time you spoke, and you didn't show any interest in being a trainer yourself, so I was just curious.

Good point. Actually, now that I think about it, maybe it wouldn't be such a bad thing to consider. I mean, I'm not sure the Gym Challenge is for me, but just going on a journey, seeing the world? Who knows? The world is a fascinating place.

Sounds cool. Anyway, got a few more for you. What do you enjoy about studying physics? Obviously it was the connection to your father that got you started with it, but what do you find interesting about it, personally?

It's literally everything. Physics, both physical and theoretical, govern how the universe works. I mean, that in itself was enough to hook me, but what's kept me interested all these years are the unlimited possibilities in what you can explore. My dad and I made a wormhole, for Arceus' sake. A WORMHOLE!!! That kinda stuff is only really talked about in, like, sci-fi movies, and books, but we made one! Sure, it got me into the situation I'm in now, but it worked! Like, it actually worked! How freaking cool is that?!

Actually, speaking of you current situation, it's definitely an interesting topic. You spent a lot of time talking about your life as a human, but what about your time as a pokémon? How have you been coping with that? Are you missing your life back at home?

Uh, no need to rush things, it's only been a few days. It's been weird, to be sure, and I do miss some of the creature comforts of home, but give me some time to adjust. I need to address my culture shock before I worry about missing home. Oh, and my dad's somewhere in this universe, so I need to focus on getting him back. Then it's just a matter of getting home, which I can't even begin to think about right now. There's also the fact that I'm not human at the moment, and I think I'm short.

Wait, what?

I'm short. Monferno, as a species, are rather short, like less that 3 feet tall. Back at home, I'm 5'6". It's a bit on an adjustment to make. And I'm not even gonna mention the fact that my fingers and toes are like match heads, now.

There's something else, too...

I kinda figured you were gonna ask about this.

Let's address the donphan in the room. The tail. What does it feel like having a tail? Does controlling it seem natural, or does it require entirely different thoughts to control?

It's weird, man! I mean, it's completely prehensile, so I can control it like I would an arm or a leg, but it's an extra limb! It feels so foreign and unnatural, I still haven't really gotten used to it. Funny story, when I first woke up in Nurse Toxa's infirmary, I seriously thought that I'd gotten one of those bumps you always see in cartoons, like when a character gets hit really hard over the head and a welt sprouts on their scalp? That's what I thought it was! Boy, was I wrong or what?


My will be done
[spoil] The figure returned, and Hysan shook himself.

"Okay, this question is from either Latios, Latias or Deoxys. I honestly don't know" the "reporter" said.

"So, what is it? My favorite food? How a puny mortal like me can ever hope to-"

The reporter stopped him.

"No, the question is this: If you were to go head-to-head with the most powerful being of your world—whichever it may be—would you take up that challenge?"

"Certainly. The only problem is, I don't KNOW what the most powerful being is. Nobody does. Still, I would have a lot of fun doing that. I need a challenge, and nobody who's survived is showing their face around here. Shulz was last seen in the far north, and it's suicide pursuing him there. Vhernor just vanished, although he was last seen heading east. Derek, that was your name, right? How far is too far? What lines are you willing to cross to reach your goal? Would you betray your new friends in favor of your old ones?"


Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
In response to Chlobo's "for anyone" questions:

(*ambushes Wizardmon as he's walking by*)

*had aimed his staff at her in defense* What're you doing here?!

(I'm here to give you more questions to ask. Are you alone right now?)


(Good. *hands him a piece of paper* Read these.)

*lowers staff to read, raising a brow doing so* Were these really meant for me?

(They were literally up for grabs.)

Hmmmmm... *shrugs and looks at the paper again* “What kind of music do you enjoy?” Classical and folk, although I've heard some of the human world's music. It's fascinating what the Digital World can welcome into its own culture.

(*snickers under breath* You said “fascinating”.)

*stares* Is... that a problem?

(No-no, it's not. But I think it's becoming your “prodigious”.)

*continues staring*

(You're like the size of my baby brother right now without the hat.)

*flatly* Thanks for the compliment. *returns to the paper* “What does love mean to you?” *quietly chuckles* To me, it's putting someone else's happiness before your own, which would mean being their support in their ups and downs. Even if you have nothing to give, just being there for comfort means a lot to them, regardless if they thank you back or not. Loyalty is... *pauses in remembrance* Loyalty is a lifelong commitment—even beyond the grave. They may not recognize it immediately, perhaps they may reject it at first, but they will gradually welcome your words and comfort, and depending on their spirit, may show gratitude. True companionship, though, means never having to expect they will be there for you, or that you will be there for them. True companionship means believing in them, putting your entire trust in them. It's understanding independence, the strengths and weaknesses.

(*has been dreamily smiling the whole time*)

Ah... *tugs on hat* Sorry, I was rambling again... wasn't I?

(No, it's fine. I think you have one more question.)

So I do. “What makes you happy?” *smiles* Knowing Gatomon is happy with her life. That's all I could ever ask for.

(*nods* Alright, that looks to be it for now.)


(Yeaaaah, looks like you're going to be answering questions for a while. Apparently it's some kind of unwritten rule or clause or whatever about these “interviews”.)

*rubs back of neck* Uh... is this going to be a problem? Like... erm... there's no set schedule?

(Nope, seems to be random. So don't get too comfy.)

*sweat drops* Oh, gods...

(Before I go, have any questions?)

For you? Maybe a few.

(Not for me. For just about anyone. Send one or two up for grabs.)

*expression falters* Erm... What does death mean to you? And... What makes you nervous or uncomfortable? *beat*

(Awwww you're so cute when you're nervous, Wizzie!)

I asked you to not call me that.

(I'll let you get back to Gatomon, then!)

She's not—*quiets when she leaves, and scratches head in confusion*