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Character Interviews

Catch up time with Brendan! Again, italics are me / the questions (which I’ll label) while everything else is him.

You’re back! Guess that means you have more questions for me?

Yeah, turns out you aren’t the only one around here who loves interviewing people.

That’s great to hear! But before anything else, did that Pokémon ever answer my question? Its name was Deoxys, right?

Well, uhh, yeah, but… *shows answer*

...Huh, well, you can’t expect all of them to be nice!

But hey, another Pokémon by the name of Hysan answered the question, too! And it’s a lot more, uhh, forgiving.

Whoa, that’s two Pokémon I’ve interviewed. Neat! And Hysan had a really interesting answer, too. Makes me want to interview way more Pokémon…

Well, you’ll have your chance later. But I wanna go back to how you reacted to Deoxys’s question. (Q11) You mentioned that you sometimes encounter people who try to ruin your interviews. How do you handle difficult interview situations? Who have you found to be the most challenging to interview thus far?

Ah, great question. I can usually gauge if an interview would be great or would fall apart early on, and if it would go the latter way, I find it best to just let them do the talking instead of having a two-way conversation. Sometimes, the reason why they don’t like the interviewing is because they aren’t set out to be listening to all my questions or thoughts in relation to theirs, and all they want is for someone to listen to what they have to say and nothing else. If I’m lucky, those lead to really great conversations for my project, and it would make the difficulty in getting those thoughts out of them so worth it.

That’s why one of my favorite interviews, and at the same time the one that I’ve found most challenging, was when I got the chance to interview Maxie, the leader of Team Magma. At first, he was very much against the idea of this ‘mere child’ daring to ask him questions. But when I stopped asking and let him do all the talking—which started with all this self-praise—it eventually led to this amazing breaking down of what being Team Magma’s boss meant to him. It was a very insightful conversation, and I didn’t say a word. Here’s hoping I get a chance to talk to Archie someday, but he’s much more elusive.

Well, I hope you find Archie soon, then! But next question: (Q12) You interview a lot of trainers, and even mention that some ask to battle you, but you never talk about your own experience training or your relationship with Pokémon. What Pokémon do you have? Do they ever help out with your interviews?

Hah, didn’t expect a question like that at all! But yes, I do travel with the three most amazing Pokémon a trainer could ask for: Axle, my Swampert; Trap, my Flygon; and Melody, my Exploud. elody acts as a sort-of recorder if ever I want to listen to my conversations again, and she’s always a great ice breaker since she’s Shiny. Trap makes it much easier to travel around Hoenn, especially when a Match Call tells me that they were with someone who wanted to be interviewed for the project. Axle is my go-to Pokémon for battling, partly because I can Mega Evolve him and partly because he could never sleep at night if he didn’t battle. A benefit of the project is that we get to battle a really diverse pool of trainers, and while I don’t see myself ever going for the League, I’d like to think that we’ve become a really solid team from all the battling.

That’s really great. Say hi to your team for me later! (Q13) I imagine that your interviews consume a lot of the time you spend out traveling, but you can’t possibly be working on them 24/7! What are some of your other favorite things to do while on the road? Are there particular things you have to check out in each new place you visit?

Well, like I said before, I do make it a point to visit as many local restaurants as possible to try out their house specials! But other than that, I usually check out places that interviewees recommend me. When I met up with Wally in Verdanturf, he told me that he always wanted to try out the Trick House near Slateport. So we went there, and not only did I get a lot of interviews, I even got to interview the Trick Master!

It seems like the project still comes up even when you aren’t interviewing.

Haha, I guess you can say that. It’s always at the back of my mind, of course, so even if I’m just in a Pokémon Center to heal my team, I’m on alert of anyone around who looks like they want to talk.

All right, let’s shift the subject a bit. (Q14) How did you handle the move from Johto? Could you see yourself carrying out a similar project in your old home region?

I would love to make a “Humans of Johto” if I get the chance! Learning more about Hoenn made me realize that there was so much of Johto that I didn’t even get the chance to know about before I moved, so I would definitely jump on the chance to extend the project there. As for how I handled it, well, I was nervous, seeing as Dad becoming a gym leader and our eventual move was so sudden, but at the same time I was excited because my journey was going to happen in a brand new region I knew next to nothing about, and that would make all the exploration twice as interesting!

But on that note—and you’re gonna love this next question, since it came from a Pokémon, and—

Wh-wha...a Pokémon interviewing me? Holy crap, that’s amazing!

Yeah, I thought so. Anyway, this one’s coming from a Matron Blissey: (Q15) What do you miss most about living in Johto?

First, thank you so much for the question, Matron Blissey. It’s amazing to know that I’m being interviewed by a Pokémon! But anyway, I really miss going to National Park with Mom on Saturday mornings. We’d walk around with Dad’s Slakoth and watch the Bug Catching Contest. One time, Mom and I entered, too, and even if we didn’t win, it was really fun seeing all those bugs! We caught a Kakuna that time, but Mom gave it to the daughter of her friend who loved bug Pokémon but was still too young to catch her own. It’s moments like that that made our trips to National Park so special!

That sounds awesome. And here’s a last question, from yet another Pokémon who seems to be as excited asking you a question as you are from getting it from him.

What, really? Why?

Well, this Derek Avery, who’s a human who turned into a Monferno, thinks you’re the—

Wait a second. You’re telling me that there’s a human out there who got turned into a Pokémon, and he’s the one doing the asking?

That’s the rule of the game. And it doesn’t look like he’s taking any more questions because he’s gotten quite a lot! But as for his question, he thinks you’re the league champion, and he wants to know (Q16) how you deal with your fame both as a champion and as a gym leader’s son.

...Huh. Well, sorry, Mr. Avery, but I think you have the wrong Brendan. Steven’s still the champion here. I did get the chance to interview him, and he did say that being a champion only magnified that he has so much left to learn about the world. I hope that’s a good enough answer for you!

But I can answer the second question. I talked about it a bit before, but being a gym leader’s son does come up more often than usual when I present myself to interviewees. Most of the time I use it to my advantage to segueway into the interview, but sometimes I have to let them express their admiration for my dad before I get anywhere. It’s all good, though, as it does make me proud of being Norman’s son seeing how so many trainers look up to him.

Great answer. And, well, I’m sorry you won’t have the chance to ask Derek Avery a question, but I think you’ll find this person really interesting, too.

Hm? How so?

Well, Dave Ambrose is a scientist who’s researching creatures who are half-human and half-Pokémon.

Wait, what? How is that possible?

Is that your question for him?

No, no, I’m sure he’s been asked that loads of times. Let’s see...

For Dave: There seems to be a lot that you don’t want to talk about with regards to your research, so I won’t get into that. I guess I do wanna know what a typical day is like for a scientist like you? It’s not often I hear about scientists that deal with that kind of research, so I was hoping to see how a day in the shoes of one goes!

Venia Silente

[](int x){return x;}
So, since there is an extra set of questions for Eltenios, let's let him close the interview and continue with his work.

I look to the mountains to the west and see that the day is soon to come to an end, for even now the Sun begins to hide behind the land.

So, I take it you've actually met the guardian forces in person? asks the interviewer, following you. At least Terrakion? What are they like?

But of course I've met them! (*stops short for a moment, shakes head, resumes walking*) But don't tell anyone I'm boasting about that. Terrakion, he was the first one I met, a quite sturdy creature... and also very knowledgeable. Humans would think him the strongest and slower, but that's because he only moves when he needs to. He remains hidden somewhere up until he requests our presence and even then he only shows up only for some moments. Now Cobalion is strong where Terrakion would appear not to be, his kicks and rams have sent many a Pokémon looking for training or glory spiraling across the ground up until they meet a rock, for with such force a tree won't stop them.

(*Looks away for a moment*) As for Virizion, I've only seen him a couple of times, but never has he addressed a word to me nor have I seen him engage majuu or humans. (*snickers*) It seems he is like me, bound to spring away and disappear when there is something to do.

Do you have any particular favorite stories from your time as a messenger? Any deliveries that were particularly memorable?

Oh there have been times... There was one time somewhat recently when I was summoned to carry a family of Litwick from one side of the mountains to the other where a fire-magician majuu was waiting for a ceremony. Now, I'm not one to complain about live cargo but (*waves a paw nervously*) mon, those critters chatted a lot. Tried as I could, even if I was going fast, the wind was not able to blow their words away. And they would bicker about each and every possible minor thing.

When I finally was able to let the little things go and they went surround their new handler, I was tired and a bit irked, and the other majuu was looking so spruce and calm... hah! I was this close to screaming "They're YOUR problem now!" to his face.

Fair warning: Not a good idea to do that to a magician majuu. No sir.

...Have you ever failed to deliver something you were sent with?

To that one I stop and circle to meet the interviewer's eyes, hind legs tensed and eyes trained on him. Really, the ideas these silly creatures come up with. Me? Fail?

...I mean... Of course, it has happened before. (*blows*) I'm not that good. There was a time when I was sent with offerings from the guardian forces for the Pokémon ruling the colder lands even further to the south. It was for a gathering about something eclipse-and-else, whatever that meant. A 'one in a lifetime' kind of thing. Aaaaaaaand I decided to take an unchecked trail as a shortcut and, uhm... I think I howled too loud and, uhm... I was left stuck there for maybe an entire day, when a landslide forced me to explore some caverns. The problem was not that I got there late, no... (*lowers head*) it was more like the offerings were dirty and broken when I got to the southern snowland.

...I was not invited to that eclipse-whatever gathering. Cobalion sent me out to the mountains other side of the continent to help some Pokémon run a tally on how many Swablu were inhabiting the summits.

What does it feel like to evolve? Were you happy to become an arcanine, or would you have liked to stay a growlithe for a bit longer?


(*sighs, looks up*)

That moment many among majuu dream of, to reach the most powerful stage of life and from there seek out the powers the legends said our ancestors had. When it happens, when you feel the happiness and the glory as you realize this moment is what you had been saving your energy for so long, so you can become a better version of yourself... and only then you remember, and your heart tries to skip a beat- but it can't, the power being released is far too strong.

See, there's this thing, our parents or mentors warn to be careful when we seek to evolve, because everything changes: body and mind; to a stronger you, the world is, if for a short while, weaker, simpler, lower.

Some who have evolved right in front of our eyes, it's like they were blinded and twisted by the power and the light until they were taken away and someone else put in their place. Yet some others it's like they don't change at all, it's like they continue being the same childish person, the same joviality in a body that is now capable of more of it. Oh well... you never know.

Maybe I was lucky... somewhat. (*Shakes head*) What does it feel to evolve? Everything changed... it was very scary and.. it was like I was trying to reach everywhere at once but I couldn't even though I realized I had the power. I tried to say no, to cry and howl but I couldn't, because then I was happy and excited to become stronger, to say yes, that's how it felt, how it changed me. It took me some days of scaredly walking around to realize I still wanted to run like I used to and that I still remembered everything. I don't know if my experience was unique or common, we majuu don't really talk much about that. Some of us, like the Scyther, even think evolution is an aberration.

(*Circles around the interviewer looming closer tactfully but still leaving a hint of threat*)

So if a human tells you evolving is awesome... they don't have power like we do and can't evolve like we do, so ignore them, the ones who say that only want an obedient, "competitive" Pokémon, they can't imagine you being helpless and alone, with no more sensations of the world, to then wake up to a world that is the same but feels instantly different, and while it is totally worth it once it's over if you are ready for it... if you are not then who knows, it can be the last thing you, the you you, feels. It's... just... not like in the human movies.

Is there anyone in particular you look up to? Anyone you aspire to be more like?

Uhm... (*paws the ground*) Berecien, the Rapidash I sometimes run with... he's a good friend and he can run faster, most of the time, and he's famous because of it and he gets the girls because of it, despite obviously lacking my charms. So in a certain way yeah maybe it could be said... that I envy... a bit... I guess. But (*playfully pushes a paw over the interviewer's chest*) this stays between us, or I will find an excuse to have Cobalion order you some very numerous and talkative Litwick company. I'm sure you will understand, I mean, so far, (*snickers*) you have been a very nice and understanding creature to be around.

To close, a question from the others... What do you think fear is?

Fear is...

Not knowing if you are about to die because you were strong enough. When I was made to evolve... Wanted me to describe more of what does it feel like for a Growlithe? That much interest? Well... The touch of the stone burns into your muscles -sounds impossible, right?- and then you feel something pulsing inside you and making your own force push your body out, like if your paws were trying to reach everywhere at once. Then the light blinds you and you start convulsing and screaming for help and you can't know if anyone can hear you, anyone can see you, and you realize that yeah, maybe you wanted to do more things as a Growlithe but now maybe you won't care. Maybe you didn't voice your opinion on when to evolve strongly enough or maybe you weren't careful about running around freely so now you got drafted and now maybe you are going to die and someone else will use your body to serve the guardian forces.

...And that would be it, that would be how things work.

But now I must go. I don't know what you do when you are not taking a rest around the forest but I, for one, have things to take from place to place. Except for the weird question here and there, you have been very amusing to talk to.
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Lost but Seeking

Thanks for the edit! Here we go with the first round of questions.

How long have you been on the run from Earl? Do you have any hope that you'll be able to be reunited with your father? What would need to happen for that to occur?

You mention that pursuing the career you want depends on who your sponsor ends up being. Is that how it works in all regions, or are Unova's sponsorship laws unique? What would happen if you didn't end up with a human sponsor?

What was life like for you before you had to go on the run from Earl?

If you could be human for just one day, what would you do during that time?


Last set of questions for Andrew!

Do you often find yourself taking the blame for things your squad has done? What's the worst that you've had to take responsibility for but didn't actually do?

How do you like the pokemon in your squad? Is there anyone you're particularly close to, or even any that you don't like much? How do you think they'd fare without you?

Your situation sounds pretty grim. Do you think there's a chance that any of you will make it out alive? Have you made any preparations in case you don't?

Do you enjoy being a Dungeoneer, as far as the actual exploration and interaction with Mystery Dungeons goes? Is it a very dangerous job? What does a dungeon expedition usually entail?


Oh dear. Has Jean just not realized that Dave must have had parents at some point and has never asked about them, or did he actually tell her they died or something? Dave, your issues are showing.

Anyway, have some more questions. I think they could plausibly work as things Jean might ask.

How did you get interested in science? What made you decide you wanted to be a scientist, and what do you like about genetics in particular?

Do you like pokemon? Did you ever have a pokemon of your own or want to become a trainer?

Now that the technology to create pokemorphs exist, do you think more people are going to use it? Did you ever feel like you wanted to create another pokemorph, and if you were going to, what kind would you make?

What was the worst that you ever screwed something up in your life? Were you able to fix it?

[size=+1]Dramatic Melody[/size]

Okay, last set of questions for Brendan from me. Really enjoyed reading your responses, and hope you had a good time putting them together!

What was the initial impetus for you to start your project? Has it turned out like you expected it would?

If you wanted to introduce a newcomer to Hoenn, where would you take them or what would you show them? Would you want them to meet any of the people you've interviewed?

How long have you been working on your project? Do you have a sense of how long it might take you to finish?

What do you think you've learned from your interview project? Is there anything you might do differently if you were going to start it over again?


Hopes and Dreams
Bold are questions. Plain are Coba's answers. Italics are author's notes.

How long have you been on the run from Earl? Do you have any hope that you'll be able to be reunited with your father? What would need to happen for that to occur?

I know we started running towards the end of my primary schooling. (Around 7-8th grade/level/tier or equivalent. I think that's about right if my knowledge of Japanese vs American schooling is up to par, but anyone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. My family was whole for quite a while when I was a child, but it's not like Earl just suddenly snapped one day. He's always been like this...it just got progressively worse, I suppose because he felt like he could get away with more and more because Lindsey didn't want to split up her Pokemon’s family.

It took my mother telling her sponsor that she didn't need Lindsey sacrificing her happiness and well-being for her...even if it meant that she and my father had to separate as well. She and my father both knew the situation was getting dangerous.

Short of my father being assigned a new sponsor, I don't have much hope of seeing him again. Once you're paired with a human, you're stuck with them barring extraordinary circumstances, and that basically boils down to either Earl is convicted and imprisoned for his violence, or he dies. The latter isn't happening anytime soon, and the former might have happened if domestic violence cases weren't notoriously hard to provide sufficient evidence on and Earl didn't have access to good lawyers who have won him the last couple of cases we brought to court.

You mention that pursuing the career you want depends on who your sponsor ends up being. Is that how it works in all regions, or are Unova's sponsorship laws unique? What would happen if you didn't end up with a human sponsor?

Yes and no to the first part. Every region in the world has sponsorship laws, but they vary by region in nuance. Universally, humans can only sponsor one Pokemon, and they remain paired to that one Pokemon for life barring extraordinary circumstances mentioned above. They are initially paired with each other at the completion of secondary schooling, before entering university or trade school—the biggest difference between regions is how they're paired up.

In Kanto, Johto, and Sinnoh, humans and Pokemon have the option to choose each other, while in Hoenn, Unova, and Kalos, your sponsors are assigned based on best profile match. Granted, “best profile match” is still wishful thinking considering it's mostly done by a computer that matches key words.

That being said, there is no such thing as a nonhuman sponsor. Only humans can sponsor Pokemon; it's the only way we are considered citizens with full rights.

What was life like for you before you had to go on the run from Earl?

Well...it’s always been a bit strained between Lindsey and Earl. At one point, they did love each other, but that was before I was born, when Earl only had the occasional bout of violence, which by then Lindsey had learned to cope with for my parent’s sake because they were happy together.

In that vein, while Lindsey and Earl grew apart, my mother and father only grew closer. My parents have always been quite madly in love, even though they hadn't really known each other before their sponsors started living together. They appreciated their sponsors at least trying to make it work so that two of them could raise a family, and as a result, up until things took a turn I had a fairly normal early childhood. I went to school, I had stable friendships, and my parents did their best to shield me from the worst of their sponsor’s fighting.

If you could be human for just one day, what would you do during that time?

...One day to be human? Goodness, there's so much I would want to do, but the biggest enjoyment, I think, would be being able to go anywhere I wanted to without having to have someone accompany me. When you're a Pokemon, you can't go anywhere by yourself. It can get you arrested or sent to a reprogramming house if you can't prove you're sponsored by someone.[/SPOIL]

For Dave:

1.) Shoving religion in your face? That sounds like a Beedrill's nest that I probably shouldn't poke, but I am curious. How many times exactly has that happened to you?


My will be done

The reporter spoke once more.

"Andrew, your appointment is almost over. Answer these last questions, and you'll be returned to wherever you were."

"Fine. Ask away."

"You've mentioned Lriba a couple of times. Can you describe in your own words who he is and why you and your people hate him?"

"You're either a Rebel, an idiot, or not from anywhere I know. Lriba's responsible for the war that made my life worse. Not a noble, or king, or anyone of any status. Just some common 'mon, with no right to whine. He took all that we provided for granted, and wanted more. Others shared his vision, and it's been five years since hostilities started. I hate him because his actions killed my only friends. I hate him because his actions have forced me here. I hate him because his actions will kill me."

An uncomfortable silence hung in the air for a moment before the reporter spoke again.

"Do you often find yourself taking the blame for things your squad has done? What's the worst that you've had to take responsibility for but didn't actually do?"

"I always take the blame. No matter what. I took the blame when we pursued to the Northern Rift. I take the blame every time an ally dies. For what I haven't done? Commander's suicide."

"How do you like the pokemon in your squad? Is there anyone you're particularly close to, or even any that you don't like much? How do you think they'd fare without you?"

"They're all friends. All of them have saved my life at one point, and I have saved theirs. I view them all as my family, and love them all the same. Without me, they'd die. Without them, I'd die."

"Your situation sounds pretty grim. Do you think there's a chance that any of you will make it out alive? Have you made any preparations in case you don't?"

"I have accepted my fate. I am certain I will perish. We are surrounded, outside friendly territory, and cannot be reinforced. It's a matter of time before they break through. For preparations? Fortified the peak of the mountain. For every drop of blood they spill, a river of theirs shall flow."

"Do you enjoy being a Dungeoneer, as far as the actual exploration and interaction with Mystery Dungeons goes? Is it a very dangerous job? What does a dungeon expedition usually entail?"

"I hate it. Imagine being locked in a series of hallways. Twisted mockeries of sanity haunt you, as you rapidly starve to death. It's either too cold or too hot, cramped, and lethal. Entering a Dungeon without a license is legal suicide, and having a license isn't much better. Honestly, it's a run to the 'stairs' as they call it, before the Dungeon shifts and crushes you to death."

"Well, that's all of the questions. Goodbye."

"Goodbye. If you can, inform the Capital of my fate. To anyone listening, I have one more question. When all hope is lost, what do you do?"

Andrew vanished in a flash of light, and in his place, a gaunt human appeared. Sweat covered his pale skin, and he itched his unkempt, grey beard.


Chibi Pika

Stay positive
Alright, this thread is just way too much fun, and I’ve loved getting to read the answers given by everyone. So after giving it a lot of thought, I decided that the best character from LC to do this with would be Experiment 009, a Pikachu-Zapdos hybrid created by Team Rocket and stolen by the protagonist. Yes, his character concept is completely absurd, I know. :p It’s intentional.

[SPOIL]The room is silent and filled with an awkward tension. I’m sitting on the bed. The experiment is sitting on the floor, eyeing me. Even though we just resolved things between us, it still doesn’t feel like either of us is comfortable with each other. I definitely know I’m not as comfortable with him as I am the rest of my Pokémon team.

“So, uh…is it all right if we talk some more? You know…to pass the time. The silence is kind of driving me mad.”

The Pikachu stares at me. “*I’m not the best at holding a conversation.*”

“Then how about just answering questions? I still don’t know anything about you. I feel like I probably should, now that you’re officially part of my team and all.”

He considers the thought. “*Alright.*”

I smile before taking a moment to think of the first question.

“How would you introduce yourself to a stranger?”

The experiment tilts his head. “*Why would I do that?*”

“I don’t know…I’m just curious how you’d explain yourself to someone who didn’t already know.”

“*Are you saying I need to justify what I am?*”

I groan. “What? No, I just…just answer the question.”

He remains silent for several seconds, then finally says, “*All right. Then I’d say…you’re probably wondering what the hell I am. I’m a genetic experiment created by Team Rocket. A hybrid Pikachu modified with Zapdos DNA. I’m every bit of a freak as you think I am, so don’t think I feel any shame for that.*”

“You wouldn’t give them your name?”

“*I gave you my name for a very particular reason. I hardly think that applies to a random stranger.*”

“I guess that’s fair. So, uh…next question I guess… Where did you live?”

He stares at me, so I quickly add, “When you were still with the Rockets, I mean. Where did they keep you? Where did you spend your time?”

He sighs. “*Well, I spent a lot of time in my Pokéball, for starters. But they had a designated holding quarters where the experiments stayed in between training and testing. That’s also where they fed us, and observed our habits when we weren’t battling. I guess you could say I lived there.*”

“Which base was that?”

“*Celadon HQ is where we were all created, and it’s where I spent most of my…childhood, for lack of a better word. When they realized that my powers weren’t quite working as intended, I was shipped off to Viridian HQ for intensive training.*”

“So…you really just spent your whole life in those two Rocket bases?”

The Pikachu simply nods. “*It was my world. I was vaguely aware that there was another world above ground. I also knew I would never see it.*”

“Did you want to?”

The experiment fixes me with an expressionless stare. “*I believe we’re getting off-topic.*”

I rub the back of my head sheepishly. “Right…” So he mentioned the other experiments. I don’t know anything about them, not even how he feels about them.

“What was your family like?”

“*Are you joking?*”

“You know what I mean. Your…equivalent of family…if you had one.”

The experiment pauses heavily. “*Well I did.*”


He stares off into space, ears folded tightly against his head. “*What’s there to say, they’ve all had their minds wiped by Team Rocket.*”

“Well…before that, back when you still interacted with them.”

“*They were…a source of contentment. The only source, in that life.*” Probably best to not push that question further.

“What do you want to do with your life?”

The Pikachu tilts his head, raising an eyebrow.

“I mean…you know what I’m doing now. You still haven’t given me a reason why you’re sticking around with me, so I just…want to know what you want to do, now that you’re free.”

The explanation seems to appease him, and he relaxes. “*I’ve thought a lot about it. There’s still a lot of things I’m unsure of. But I know that I need to fix some of my old mistakes. Sticking with you will give me an opportunity to do that.*” I feel like rolling my eyes. Of all the vague non-answers…

“Does what we’re doing right now relate to that?”

“*You could say that.*” So he does have his own reasons for helping me fight Team Rocket. I thought so, but it’s nice to have confirmation.

“So, what’s your most unusual trait?”

“*You mean besides being an experimental Zapdos-Pikachu hybrid?*” he says flatly.

“Yes, besides that.”

He folds his arms, looking contemplative. “*Well, my ability is a screwed-up version of Lightningrod. I suppose that’s unusual. My power capacity is the same as a Pichu’s. The Rockets always considered those things strange.

“What’s a sure way to make you angry?”

His eyes narrow. “*You’re asking that because you’re still afraid of me.*”

“No, I’m just honestly curious.”

The hybrid sighs and turns away. “*I don’t actually know anymore. Everything used to make me angry. You saw it. I’m still figuring myself out. It’s only been a month.*”

I nod. Maybe something more positive now. ”What’s your biggest accomplishment?”

“*Do you honestly believe I’ve lived a life with accomplishments?*”

“I’m…not sure.”

He closes his eyes. “*I’m sorry. Everything I ever accomplished was for Team Rocket’s ends. I really can’t take pride in any of it. Even becoming as strong as I am, overcoming so many drawbacks…it was because of their training because of how they wanted to use me.*”

“You can use it to fight them now,” I offer. “You can still take pride in that.”

The experiment nods. “*I suppose.*”

“What decision do you most regret?”

The Pikachu narrows his eyes. “*Why would you ask that?*”

Truthfully, I don’t know. I stare at him stupidly, unable to answer.

He looks away. “*I regret thinking that I had a chance at freedom.*”

I blink. “That’s a weird thing to say. Considering that you’re free now?”

“*Yes. But that was outside of my control. I’m talking about a time that I thought I had the power to free both myself, and the other experiments. It…didn’t go as planned. It was a stupid idea.*” His voice is full of bitterness. He pauses, then adds, “*I also regret my actions on the plane.*”

I nod. He doesn’t need to say anything more on that subject. I know what he’s talking about. How in a fit of madness, he attempted to crash the Rocket jet, killing himself and everyone else on board. But the fact that he once tried to free the other experiments? That’s news to me.

“I…really misunderstood you when we first met. What do you think is the most important thing for someone to understand about you?”

The experiment blinks. “*Huh. That’s a weird thought…someone trying to understand me.*”

“It’s what I’m trying to do.”

“*I know. All I can say is…I want others to understand that I’m not just a weapon.*”

“If you could change just one thing about yourself, what would it be?”

“*I wouldn’t change the fact that I’m a hybrid.*” he says immediately.

“I…wasn’t implying you would.”

He pauses. “*But I might prefer not being part Legendary. There are all kinds of things the Rockets wish they knew how to do to Legendaries. The fact that I even exist means they have a means to figuring those things out.*”

“Hey, come on now. You don’t belong to the Rockets anymore. They can’t use you for anything.”

A weak smile crosses his features. “*Right.*”
(Yeah, that’s a pretty cruel note to leave it off on, since LC readers know what happens to him next is…not so good.) :p

I'm not sure who to ask a thing since the last few posts above me are all answering follow-up questions. I could do one for Dragonfree, since hers is the most recent post answering the first round of questions, although there's already two posters above me with questions for Dave. I guess just let me know!



My will be done

The man twitched, looked around and vomited when he saw the reporter.

"What was that?"

A stream of profanities emerged from the subject, as he hastily scrawled an equation with his vomit.

"I don't understand this at all," the reporter said, waving an arm at the chair.

"Okay, you're either not one of.. Them, or you're an Arch. If the former is true, sorry for that display. If it's the latter..."

The man stopped speaking as he hastily grabbed a pill from his pants pocket.

"Vitamin Cyanide. I won't be taken alive."

The reporter took a step back, confused.

"Whatever They are, they're not here," it said, trying to comfort the delusional man, who pocketed the pill again.

"If you're not one of Them, what do you want?"

"To ask questions, it's my job."

"Fine. Ask away."

"How would you introduce yourself to a stranger?"

"Generally, people don't talk face-to-face anymore. I'd do what I always do, speak into the radio, with my signature message: Taffy here, updates? I'd then say what recently happened.

"Where do you live?"

"Can't tell you. You still could be one of Them. The only detail I can say is that I live underground.

"What's your family like?"

"Probably dead now. Haven't seen them since They arrived. If they're not dead, they'd wish they were. If they can still think."

"What do you want to do with your life? How does what you're doing now relate to that?"

"I want to get rid of Them. I currently run the Pig network, which is so far, our best hope of survival."

"What's your most unusual trait?"

"I've managed to survive off of cat food for two years now."

What's a sure way to make you angry?

"If you don't show caution around Them, I feel a mixture of pity, sorrow, and rage."

What's your biggest accomplishment?

"Managed to get the Pig network going. The name's a pun, as we all use ham radios. Analog, so They can't break in."

What decision do you most regret?

"I let Jerry leave. He's dead now."

What do you think is the most important thing for other people to understand about you?

"I honestly don't know."

"If you could change just one thing about yourself, what would it be?"

"I'd like to be able to fight Them. The only problem is the more of Them you kill, the more likely you'll become one of Them."

"Any questions for the others?"

"If you could have anything in the world, what would it be?"


Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
Note that this character is who she is just prior to chapter six.

(This should be interesting. Alright, Marjorie, you can come in now.)

*floats on in* So this is what I get for wandering too close to the city, eh? *smirks*

(Not really. More like... good timing.)

Is this going to take long?

(Hopefully not. You'll go back home in no time—hopefully.)

*raises a brow*

(Okay, let's get this started. “How would you introduce yourself to a stranger?”)

More like how have I not introduced myself to strangers? *laughs* I love meeting new folks, especially when they move into the community. I try to be friendly to them, make them feel comfortable and that they're totally okay to come to me if they just need someone to chat with. It's also a great way to find new playmates for my daughter, although most of the newcomers have been childless so far, but that doesn't stop me from dragging them into the friends circle—is that how it's called? You know, the group of girlfriends and all that?

(Uh... don't ask me, I've never done that.)

Well, anyway, I'm basically the one who keeps everyone up to date on that sort of thing. I've just been a little busy lately, so I haven't had time to be with my girlfriends as much as I used to. I felt really bad when Mew came by to drop off some of Lil's strawberries, I really didn't want to miss that.

(Oh, hey, speaking of segues, “Where do you live?”)

It's a forested community someplace I will never tell a human. *giggles* My home is closest to Mew and Rachelle's houses, however.

(And for those who don't know who Rachelle is...?)

Oh, I'm sorry, it's slipped out of habit! Raichu's house.

(Alright, “What's your family like?”)

*sighs* It's just Missy and I, has been for a few years ever since my scumbag mate left me. She's a sweet little Misdreavus, a bit of a troublemaker, but that's how she copes. She means no harm to anyone. I think it's real progress she's been opening up to others, slowly but surely. I still haven't been able to get her to go to anyone else's house but Jig's, but what can you do.

(“What do you want to do with your life? How does what you're doing now relate to that?”)

Right now, Missy needs a father, and I'm running out of time, to be frank. Pokémon grow up quicker than human children do, from what I've witnessed, and in about... a few more years, she's going to be old enough to go out on her own. It's been a little stressful, but I'm trying to not let it get the best of me. I may have found that mate, though, thanks to my sister hooking us up. He's been very kind to me. *smiles dreamily*

(*smiles sadly* “What's your most unusual trait?”)

“Unusual trait”? Um... *brows furrow in thought* I suppose it's that I can make friends with anyone. I know just about everyone in the community, and they're all great Pokémon. Wigs joked that everyone must have been gifted with patience for putting up with me, but we're good enough friends that I know she's just teasing me.

(*nods* “What's a sure way to make you angry?”)

Seeing Mace's face again. I just want to Sucker Punch him in the mouth if I could use that move. But the thought of my baby girl getting hurt at all or any of my friends is a sure-fire way to bring about a grudge.

(“What's your biggest accomplishment?”)

I think just raising Missy by myself has been my biggest accomplishment in life. She's a handful, but I love her to death. I don't regret ever having her even though it was with that jerk. I'm happy she doesn't have to put up with him ever again.

(Speaking of regrets: “What decision do you most regret?”)

*looks away* Not being more willing to get more help, I suppose. I keep telling everyone, “I'm fine, I'm doing good! Don't worry about me!” And yet, as much as I'm thankful for their support and company, there's only so much they can do. I just want to feel like I can turn my life around by myself. I don't have trust issues, per se, I'm just a little stubborn. *smiles nervously*

(Well, it could be no one's been able to truly understand you for you.)

Which I think is odd, if that's true. I don't exactly hide much from anyone.

(If that's the case, then how about this last question: “What do you think is the most important thing for other people to understand about you?”)

That no one should be afraid to get to know me. I know I'm a Ghost-type, I know we're very mischievous in nature, the Mismagius line is no exception, but I'm not like that. Missy is who Missy is, she may or may not grow out of it. Just know that we are good Pokémon, we're trying to live to the best of our abilities. The community is proof of that. I'm just one out of many living there, and I think it'd be a different place if Missy and I weren't a part of it. I'm not bragging, this is just the observation I've made over the years as I got to know everyone. Honestly, if you were to go ask them about me, they'd probably give you the same answers.

(You're very confident about it—which is a good thing.)

We all bring something into the community whether we know what our roles are or not. I haven't been there as long as, say, Dr. Mime, but I've watched it grow ever since I had moved out there with Mace, and it's been amazing. Oh, speaking of growth, that reminds me of the new couple, that Golduck and Azumarill. I still need to get to know her better, I haven't had enough time to go over there. I mean, I figured the two needed to get more comfortable anyway, and Rachelle told me she's been trying to get her to join our little group, but I think she's just a little shy. If I can find the time, I'm paying her a visit.

(I think you're taking this interview off-course—which is fine, since we're finished anyway.)

Oh, are we? Wow, I lost track of time.

(*aside* Same. *back to Marjorie* Thanks for coming over, Mismagius.)

Please, call me Marjorie.

(Well, Marjorie, if I need you to come back to answer anymore questions, I'll let you know.)

I can try, but I make no guarantees I'll always be available.

(Oh, before you go, I'd like to ask you to leave a question.)

*blinks* You want me to ask a question?

(It's for anyone to answer if they want. Normally I'd pick out someone for you to ask a question to, but I'm having a hard time figuring out who.)

Alright. Sounds simple enough.

(So I'd like for you to look out there... *points to the “camera”* ...and ask them.)

*looks to the “camera”* Hello there! Um... If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

(Sure, I'll print that.)

*waves a tassel* Have a nice day!

Blackjack Gabbiani

Clearly we're great!
Ok I know he's not an original character but my primary fic is about Jirarudan from the second movie so consarn it I'll do this for him. I'll take him from after the ending of the fic though, but I won't spoil future chapters (I'll spoil the frickin movie though)

1.How would you introduce yourself to a stranger?

-I'm a collector, first and foremost, thus I introduce myself by that above anything else.

2.Where do you live?

-Wherever I like. Or I did, anyway. I suppose that's irrelevant now. Ah, I'll have to build it again.

3.What's your family like?

-I've no need of that. My collection is all I need.

4.What do you want to do with your life? How does what you're doing now relate to that?

-I can't dream of anything else. Haha, being a collector is all I've ever wanted to be. Being surrounded by the beauty of the world, that's my heaven.

5.What's your most unusual trait?

-Honestly, I suppose I'm very unusual. Even among collectors, I'm seen as a bit of an outsider. But that gives me a perspective on the works that they couldn't dream of.

6.What's a sure way to make you angry?

-Prior to this, I'd have said outbidding me. But now...Well, destroying my collection rises all manner of things in me, anger among them. Though it's like a...swirling that I can't truly describe.

7.What's your biggest accomplishment?

-Well, it lays all around us. I had my own ideal world, my personal heaven, and ruled the skies from there.

8.What decision do you most regret?

-Letting those children loose in my ship. I'd still have everything if they didn't interfere. I can't fathom what they were thinking...why would they try and prevent such beauty from being properly appreciated? I think I've been disgraceful in that...

9.What do you think is the most important thing for other people to understand about you?

-I value wonder above all else. Whatever moves me is what is important to me. Some call it greed, but I consider it a deep appreciation for the gems of this world.

10.If you could change just one thing about yourself, what would it be?

-I suppose...foresight. No, if I could change one thing, I would still be in my sanctuary. Does that count?


The Ghost Lord
Is it wrong that I saw this thread and was pretty much HOLY CHEESEBALLS THIS LOOKS LIKE MORE FUN THAN A BARREL OF HYDREIGON :D ?

As for previous…

You sure seem to like that collection of yours a lot, Lawr- er, Jirudan… Ever consider any other hobbies?

But yeah, took a while to decide which character to use on my end first but I eventually decided, funnily enough, on a canon character from a non-Pokemon franchise (Fire Emblem) that haaaapens to be a major player in a certain upcoming crossover fic since it's looking increasingly doubtful it'll make it in time for the Quarterly Challenge honor roll due to real life kicking me in the 'nads for past two weeks + being one of those stories I'm really wanting to get done and care a lot about but can't put the words out so easy, and I need motivation to finish the thing eventually regardless. Do note the interview with her here essentially takes place before the start of the story:

Er, hello? Naga, isn't it?

"Oh, why yes. You're a visitor? I never get visitors."

Ah, OK. How do you normally introduce yourself to a stranger anyway?

"Thinking about it, they normally come to me… For prayers, rites, offerings, aid. I'm always willing to help. Though, would be nice if more could just come to talk…"

Where do you live?

"Top secret. But there are still glades in this world where I can come to other beings like I mentioned earlier."

What's your family like?

"I… Have a daughter. Tiki. I… Was forced to put her under a spell of sleep for centuries at a time to prevent her from going mad from the plauge that struck dragonkind. Right now she's asleep in a massive tree..."

"...Few others from my time survived."

What do you want to do with your life? How does what you're doing now relate to that?

"As always, I want to protect humanity, and serve to keep peace between them and what remains unafflicted of dragonkind, the Manaketes. In order to do so, though, I need to say detached, merely a mediator…"

"...It'd be nice to have someone to talk to about it all…"

What's your most unusual trait?

"I am not truly the first Naga. It is a mantle that can be passed down and reborn across millennia."

"Yet memories of the past linger to me every time, good and bad…"

What's a sure way to make you angry?

"There are those that oppose humanity and Manaketes and try to control or expunge them… They are foes that dive me with fury to stop at all costs."

What's your biggest accomplishment?

"...It's… Odd. Countless eras and I don't know how to answer."

What decision do you most regret?

"...What happened with him so long ago… I…"

"...Let's change the subject."

What do you think is the most important thing for other people to understand about you?

"I am not a goddess. The true gods exist beyond the sky, and I am but an arbiter."

"If those gods came to me from there or elsewhere, however… What would they truly be like, I wonder?"

If you could change just one thing about yourself, what would it be?

"This may be an odd answer, but… So many come to me for guidance and aid, look up to me, revere me… Yet part of me wants to be on an equal level with someone…"
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Chibi Pika

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Alright, so last time I was supposed to leave a question for Omegagoldfish, but since their post before mine closed out the narrative for that character, I'll just leave a question for their next character to take the stage:

"Why can't you fight Them? How do you manage to survive with Them around, anyway?"

And now, because I love this thread, I'm gonna answer some of the questions that were thrown out for anyone to answer:

"What does love mean to you?"

The Pikachu raises an eyebrow. "*Love is an attachment felt toward another being you find highly important, generally considering them to be irreplaceable.*"

I smack my forehead. "That's...you didn't answer the question, you just gave a definition."

"*Yes. And...?*"

"Never mind."

"What makes you happy?"

The experiment folds his arms, looking contemplative. "*I do enjoy being able to let loose as much electricity as I want, without hurting anyone.*"

I tilt my head. "That's weirdly nice."

"*I also enjoy causing pain to those who deserve it.*"

"Aaaand there we go."

"If you could have anything in the world, what would it be?"

"*I want revenge.*" The hybrid's words are ice.

I stare at him awkwardly, waiting for him to continue. "That's it? Not going into any more detail than that?"

"*That's all the detail that's needed.*"

"If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?"

The Pikachu closes his eyes. "*I'd prefer not living anywhere. I spent my whole life in Rocket bases. Sticking around the same spot for too long just seems like a waste of my freedom.*"

"Unfortunately...when we get to the rebel base, we'll probably be spending a lot of time there."

"*Being able to come and go as I please will be enough.*" He pauses, and then adds, "*But eventually I'd like to stay on the move.*"

For Naga: "Can you go into more detail about some of the ways you help people who come to you?"



My will be done
This interview gets dark, so please be aware of that.

Taffy, as the man was known, took a deep breath before relaxing slightly, before stiffening again as the reporter walked back into the room.

"Alright this is from, uh. I actually don't know."

"I now doubt you're one of Them. They never admit any failures they have."

"Speaking of Them, our, anonymous question asks: 'why can't you fight Them? How do you manage to survive with Them around, anyway?'"

"I already explained that killing Them makes you likely to become one. Unless you do it right, which I can't. Another reason is that they're absurdly hard to kill to start with. When the war started, they walked through minefields without a scratch, and used their hands to cut through tanks. Or somehow used magic or some crap. Doesn't make sense. Doesn't follow rules. That's what they do, they don't follow rules, be they guidelines or physics."

Taffy took a breath in, and paused.

"So, and your next-"

"Sorry, needed time to recover. Ugh. We tried everything. Nuclear weapons, firing them into orbit, antitank rounds. They. They... Didn't even notice. They showed up no matter what. You can kill them, but only if they didn't notice you. The only way to survive is to run, and keep your head down. Reminders of rules, like books on law, physics, and chemistry seem to weaken some, but not all of them. They're pretty stupid too. But they can glass cities with their minds, so it doesn't matter. Just kill yourself, or they brainwash you. Really. You become their slaves.

They've started to make countries, and fight for no reason. It's bizarre. They never hurt each other, just standing there and attacking each other with enough force to shatter planets. Then they walk away. The cycle repeats."

"Our next question is-"

"Screw that. Screw you. After saying it all aloud, I see there's no hope. Taffy, out."

Taffy swallowed the pill he had, and after a few minutes, cut his throat open with a knife. He flailed for a minute, and then went limp.

The reporter sighed, before muttering to itself "for anyone listening, what drives you to wake up in the morning? For me, it's stopping things like this."

The body vanished, and in it's place, a different human emerged; thankfully alive.

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Hopes and Dreams
Gonna kill some time by having Coba responding to general questions.


From Omegagoldfish: What drives you to wake up in the morning?

I suppose it's a mutual thing between my mother and I. She keeps me going, I keep her going. We're all we have left of each other...the splinter of the family that managed to stay together. We take great pride in that, and even though life has been hectic, at the end of the day, my mother has her sponsor and me, and I have her. So while it would be easy to give up, it would be quite selfish. I would deprive my mother of the only family she has left that she sees on a daily basis.

From Marjorie: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I suppose I would want to live in Hoenn. I know that once I get older I'll regret that decision; large serpentine Pokemon actually give off a substantial amount of heat even though we're cold-blooded, so living in a too-hot environment is just as bad as living in a too-cold environment.


General Question: If you could go back in time and alter any event in the history of your world, what would you change and why?


Interview with Matron Blissey (Part II)
Protagonist from Carry On, Blissey and Team Rocket's Underground Clinic

What's your favorite story from the hospital you've worked at?
;242;: I befriended a Mew with down syndrone in Team Rocket's clinic. They forced her to have lots of offspring, but only two of them survived. The eldest resides in mountain retreats between Kanto and Johto with his clan of clones, and the youngest now lives with his mother in a secret location. Mew is lucky to be alive. Why Mew's story is my favourite is because I think she made an incredible path to recovery. I wish I there for her a little bit more, but I'm pleased Team Rocket no longer have her.

What kind of music do you enjoy?
;242;: I enjoy most kinds of music, I have a soft spot for traditional music and also the classical music. I also take pride in the pokemon centre theme as it's so upbeat and has a very jolly sound. I think it helps trainers trust us with their pokemon.

What does love mean to you?
;242;: Love to me is being comftable with the things and ones around me. It means taking pride in my work and treating everyone in the hospital like family. And family means nobody is left behind.

What makes you happy?
;242;: Making other pokemon happy and healthy is what makes me happy the most.

How did you end up working in a Team Rocket clinic? I'm guessing it wasn't by choice? It strikes me as the kind of place you would want to avoid getting mixed up in...
;242;: It certainly wasn't by choice, but it's a long story. Before I became a nurse, I had a trainer. Together we studied at Smogon University. She had been an active user of cheating drugs for a long time and when she was caught, she was expelled from the university. Doctor Fuji who had been working at the university offered me a job at his clinic on the condition that he became my mentor. I agreed, they did not tell me they were apart of Team Rocket and before I knew it, I was thrown straight into the deep end using my animal instinct to get me through the job. Since Red took town Team Rocket, the clinic no longer exists. I never had time to feel decieved, all I could see was poor pokemon waiting to be helped and humans needing a slap on the face.

How did you handle battling and being part of a trained team? Do you approve of pokémon training in general?
;242;: I never enjoyed battling very much as it never interested me. Even though I was good at it years ago, but if I was to be in a pokemon battle now, I don't think I would cope. I have barely any physical bulk and my speed is appauling. I have no issues with pokemon training and I think it can be a good form of excersize for the pokemon, but some trainers really go over the top with shoving drugs and junk food left, right and centre in them. Some trainers also push their pokemon too hard or just dump them if the trainer can't get his or her own way. It's things like that, that makes me cross with pokemon trainers. The good pokemon trainers that raise their pokemon with love and effection are ones that I have no problem with.

How's your relationship with your patients? Are you bossy with them as well, or is that only with the humans that bring them in? Do you think you have a good bedside manner?
;242;: I would never be bossy with my patients. I don't think I am bossy with the humans too, unless they were really incompetant or had done something very wrong. I have no idea what you mean by a good bedside manner? Would you care to elaborate? Bedside manner makes me think of sexual intercourse, and I don't think that is what you meant.

What do you like best about the Hearthome Pokémon Center? What would your ideal place to work be like?
;242;: It's right in the centre of Sinnoh and I think it has some of the best resources I have ever seen in a pokemon center. It's also very nice that it isn't just pokemon from my line, the jigglypuff line, and audinos working in the hospital. I also think the gym leader of this city does a great job promoting the best interests of the hospital.

If you could go back in time and alter any event in the history of your world, what would you change and why?
;242;: Save Spiritomb and convince him to retire so he could spend lots of time with the daughters, including ours that he adores so much. I also never understood why he hates rock pokemon so much, so it would have been good to find out why.

And my question for Kobo
;242;: You seem to have a lovely relationship with your mother. How do you and your mother stay together? Pokemon find it very hard to stay in contact with their blood relitives.


Hopes and Dreams
From Matron Blissey: You seem to have a lovely relationship with your mother. How do you and your mother stay together? Pokemon find it very hard to stay in contact with their families.

I stay with my mother because of the "Minor Pokemon Clause" in the Pokemon sponsorship laws. It states that if two sponsored Pokemon have children, then the child of a sponsored Pokemon must be living with either their mother (or father) and their sponsor in order to be considered "sponsored" themselves. It's to distinguish us from the wild, uneducated Pokemon called "ferals", which in turn keeps us from being holed up by law in the "reprogramming" facilities designed for the housing and retrainment of those wild folk.

Technically, I am exempt from having an actual sponsor and must live with one of my parents until I finish my schooling. So, I live with my mother by law...we just already happened to be close and our relationship was simply forged and made stronger through our trials with Lindsey's ex.

As for the Matron: May I ask who Spiritomb was? You too seem to hold him in high regard as you would travel back in time to save him. What exactly happened?

Blackjack Gabbiani

Clearly we're great!
Crud I was supposed to leave a question for Kutie Pie. In that case
"Marjorie, you say we're to call you that, not that it's your name. Is there significance to that?"

You sure seem to like that collection of yours a lot, Lawr- er, Jirudan… Ever consider any other hobbies?

Ah, but my collection is far from a mere hobby. I couldn't properly call myself a collector on such a grand scale if it was as simple as that. My collection is my life, my world, my heaven. As far as hobbies go, I do enjoy reading, studying, and working on my airship.

...Though I suppose this is beyond what I can properly manage. I'll have to have it rebuilt.


May I ask who Spiritomb was? You too seem to hold him in high regard as you would travel back in time to save him. What exactly happened?
;242;: He was a colleague of mine. He was one of the best pokemon doctors I ever knew. He has three daughters: a mismagius called Minerva, a litwick called Little-Wit and a happiny called Lavender. Lavender is also my daughter. Many might think that me and Spiritomb were a couple, but that was never the case. I am fond of him for his eccentric personality and his dedication to cure people with a terrible disease that he was suffering in silence with.

For Jirarudan: What started your collection off?
If you had advice for any other collectors, what would it be?
Is there anything that would stop you from getting what you want?
Do you care about the pokemon you collect?
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Lost but Seeking
Awright, not going to be able to handle everybody at once, but I'll try putting questions up in batches of two-three people at a time and see if that eventually gets me caught up.


Okay, this is my last batch of questions for Coba! You're welcome to bring another character to the table if you'd like to play again.

Do you know if your new sibling's going to be a boy or a girl, and do you have any hopes one way or the other if not? How do you think you're going to handle having a younger sibling? Is there anything in particular you hope to be able to do/share with them in the future?

Have you ever considered living in the wild, away from humans entirely? Or is that not really an option for you or for pokémon in general?

It sounds like life's pretty stressful at the moment. How do you cope with having your family split up and being forced to stay on the move all the time? Is there anything in particular you do to calm yourself down, or things you particularly enjoy doing when you have a bit of peace and downtime?

Are you looking forward to becoming a serperior someday? How do you think you'll deal with the loss of limbs?

[size=+1]Chibi Pika[/size]

Thanks for adding a question! And here, in turn, are yours.

What's the biggest surprise you've encountered since leaving the base? Is the world outside anything like what you imagined?

What's it like to interact with non-experimental pokémon and non-Rocket humans for the first time in your life?

Do you have any happy memories from your time with Team Rocket? What would be your favorite?

If Team Rocket were ever eliminated, what would be left for you? Do you have any thoughts about a life beyond fighting them?


My will be done
Sorry for my absence, I needed time to choose which character I would pick.
The human rapidly sat down in the seat, as the reporter took a closer look. The human was around twenty, and had spiky red hair. He wore a leather sash over a tattered white T-shirt, and had baggy, brown jeans. Three Poké Balls hung from his sash.

"So, I guess you ask me questions?"

"Yes. It is my job."

"Reporter? Interviewer? I don't care. What's your name?"

"I do not have one. Please, answer my questions."

"You seem interesting yourself, maybe you can be asked next. Anyway, begin."

"How would you introduce yourself to a stranger?"

"Generally stick out a hand and say 'hey, I'm Blake Tilber. Need any help with Pokémon, ask me,' or something like that."

"Where do you live?"

"Currently, I am camping out just south of Goldenrod as a business venture. I normally live in Oreburgh, in Sinnoh."

"What's your family like?"

"Like most people in Oreburgh, they're coal miners. Dad's a bit quiet, and Mom will never stop talking about even the most mundane things. I have no siblings."

"What do you want to do with your life? How does what you're doing now relate to that?"

"I wanted to be a Pokémon Trainer, but I wasn't too good at battling. Well, I was, but I broke rules. Battling's a sport, and apparently I cheated by insulting other trainers, and waving Poké dolls everywhere to distract them. I'm now a Breeder, and there are less rules. It's easier, and brings in enough to keep my parents happy."

"What's your most unusual trait?"

"I lie when I say I use hair gel. It naturally spikes like this."

"What's a sure way to make you angry?"

"I'm not really sure. Hurting my Pokémon, I guess. You can see why I am not a Trainer."

"What's your biggest accomplishment?"

"I guess gaining financial success. My parents are happy, I'm happy, it all works."

"What decision do you most regret?"

"Goldenrod's a nightmare. Too many breeders camp out here, and I can't get clients. To top it all off, I've heard there's this new stuff, like Protein, but it works for everything. Some Pokémon that took it started acting weird..."

"What do you think is the most important thing for other people to understand about you?"

"Not me, but my profession. A good Breeder will never, erm... force an egg to be made. You'll be surprised how widespread that opinion is."

"If you could change just one thing about yourself, what would it be?"

"I'd like some new clothes, but apparently this outfit is stuck to me. Help."

"Any questions for the others?"

"Sure, uh, Matron? Is that your name? What's being a doctor like in general? Have you done surgery? Have you ever failed a surgery? Of all illnesses and injuries, which one is the worst?"

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Blackjack Gabbiani

Clearly we're great!
For Jirarudan: What started your collection off?

My Mew card, an heirloom from a bygone age.

If you had advice for any other collectors, what would it be?

One must study far more of the world than directly art, because art is found in everything. Mechanics, technology, geology, everything that could lend itself to an item in your gallery.

Is there anything that would stop you from getting what you want?

I wouldn't have thought so, but apparently there was something.

Do you care about the pokemon you collect?

Those I've captured or those specifically in my collection? Although really I suppose the three birds were only meant to stay there for a short time, and anything prior had been captured to calibrate the capture devices. So I can't say in truth that I really did, as any more than a means to an end. Certainly the three birds are valuable, but my aim was always Lugia. And I would have revered it as a sacred relic...