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Characters from niche Anime in possession of Pokemon teams... with a catch


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Basically what it says on the tin. Or if it helps, an alt title is "if other anime verses possessed Pokemon" or "Niche anime characters if they had Serebii-style biographies". Can be a team of 2, team of 3, or anything up to a full team of 6, built as if the character were a progressing rival, Gym leader, elite 4 member, or any other significant form of trainer in a Pokemon game. Give your choices reasons for how and why they were found, if you want.

Oh, and it can be any canonical mon. Doesn't have to be current dex.

For the record, when I say 'a catch' I mean try make the team as fundamentally coherent as you can (weakness spreads, comp' viability etc.), whilst sticking to any kind of vision of what that character can find. I'm not necessarily saying 'make a Smogon top tier team and call it their own', nor am I saying stick Cubone on the same team as juggernauts like Magearna / Lando-T / Dragonite and saying 'hurr durr it's sans lol'. Avoid evolutionary outliers if you can help it.

Example of a team of 3 for a character:
Hikari (Nagi no Asukara: A lull in the sea)



Blastoise - After the first discovery of Pokemon under Shioshishio and on the surface, Hikari ended up with Squirtle as a partner, and a gift from Lord Uroko as part of the water-types that he'd managed to get a hold of. It appeared content enough to be around Hikari down in Shioshishio, all the way up until it eventually became a Blastoise after much bonding, to wit Blastoise has much respect for Hikari as a person and a trainer. It has the ability to Mega Evolve, and has the moves Water Pulse, Dark Pulse and Rapid Spin at it's disposal.

Crabominable - Hikari's Crabominable initially started out as an oddly coloured (shiny) Crabrawler, a far cry from the blue-fist Crabrawlers sighted in droves on the shores of the surface one day. After an operation that cleared the hordes of Crabrawler back into Shioshishio, Hikari would catch sight of this unusually-coloured Crabrawler, which seemed shy at first, but eventually joined him out of curiosity. An encounter with an Ice Stone* as a result of the sea slugs Manaka was keeping tabs on (and the fact that they could now drop certain items) lead to it's evolution, and with it, a far more oafish but dependable personality. It has the moves Close Combat and Ice Hammer at it's disposal.

*(retconning evo method because Alola locations don't exist in Nagi asu verse)

Jolteon - After an incident on the surface where Hikari's Ena ran thin, this Eevee came to his aid, keeping watch until the denizens of the surface also managed to support Hikari. Perhaps out of trust or out of concern, this Eevee decided to join Hikari, for it gave this little Eevee a sense of purpose. As an Eevee, it came off as excitable, and for a while came off as a major form of moral support for Hikari. Similar to Crabrwaler, an evolution stone was found for it as a result of the Sea Slug sightings Manaka had found (in this case, a Thunderstone), and so evolved into a Jolteon. It retained it's excitable side, but would often find itself procrastinating when it realised being near the harbour when Hikari went back down to Shioshishio was too dangerous. It has the moves Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball and Weather Ball at it's disposal, as well as Heal Bell for added support (and the thing that helped Hikari on their first discovery with each other).
So yeah, there's that.
Not expecting this thread to take off, but if anyone finds this, go nuts.

Monox D. I-Fly

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Tachikawa Mimi (Digimon Adventure):
1. Bulbasaur because her crest resembles a bulb, and when Lilymon evolved from Togemon, the former also emerged from a bulb.
2. Bellossom because it has some similarities with Palmon.
3. Cacnea to resemble Togemon.
4. Roselia to resemble Rosemon.
5. Trubbish to represent that filth Digimon like Numemon and Sukamon fall for her easily.
6. Politoad to represent her Gekomon followers.


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(Digimon Adventure)


OK, all jokes aside, are you expecting all those mons to evolve at any point, as part of a personal canonicity? Or are they staying at those stages because it's the best analogue for what you're referencing?

Monox D. I-Fly

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OK, all jokes aside, are you expecting all those mons to evolve at any point, as part of a personal canonicity? Or are they staying at those stages because it's the best analogue for what you're referencing?

Yes, of course, since all their evolutions still fit Mimi well. Though maybe later there will be some who don't evolve, too.

Magellan (One Piece):
1. Nidoran (male)
2. Nidoran (female)
3. Grimer
4. Koffing
5. Trubbish
6. Hydreigon
Magellan is a prison warden who ate the Doku-Doku no Mi which gave him ability to produce any poison from his body. His strongest attack is called Hydra.


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Uh, I wouldn't call Digimon or especially One Piece niche anime...granted, neither is the one I'm about to use:

Silver Spoon:
Hachiken Yuugo:
Lillipup (Run Away)

A city kid who went to agricultural school to escape his stressful home life and ended up joining the equestrian club where he befriends a fickle horse named Chestnut.

Aki Mikage:
Mudsdale x3
Rapidash x3

A kind girl who is obsessed with horses, very, very obsessed.


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Oh yeah I didn't put species clause.

Ah well, that's logistical BS anyway


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Ashita no Joe. This is definitely a niche series in terms of the anime being really old and not very well known, but the character I'm focusing on (Joe Yabuki) is quite popular in Japan. Anyway a team for Joe Yabuki would be:

1. Primeape: Yabuki is often hot blooded and his solution is randomly throwing punches at people.

2. Incineroar: He often acts like a heel in boxing, taunting opponents and has the image of playing dirty.

3. Scrafty: Given that he grew and lives in the slums, he's often called a hoodlum.


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Tell y'all what, I'm going to throw in a little twist on this thread.

I'm going to put spoiler tags for a few niche anime I've seen, and put some mons in them (listed in teams). It's up to replies to guess which character that cluster of mons is applied to. I'll give you guys about a day to guess as I write up bios to the best of my ability.

Let me give some examples: