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Character's Personalities That you Enjoyed the Most (Humans and Pokemon)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by Dragalge, Sep 24, 2018.

  1. Dragalge

    Dragalge Quirky

    This anime has introduced a myriad of Pokemon and human characters throughout the show. Some may have had been developed nicely while others have received the short end of the stick in that department. But with that said, they may have had personalities that you may have enjoyed a lot that made them still likable to you in some way! So share here the characters (both human and Pokemon and yes Ash included!) that you personally enjoyed their personalities the most! Just follow the rules of course and no bashing on each other's opinions. This thread also is about the personalities of the characters then their development so try not to mention that stuff too much (it's fine to say something small such as "I just he/she was more utilized more" though but of course let's try not to start any heated debates of someone's opinions lol). Lastly, I don't expect you to write paragraphs obviously but try to put a little bit of thought into your choices!

    I'll post my favorites later (probably tomorrow) but I do have some to share!
  2. Ignition

    Ignition Well-Known Member

    I'm a fan of the stoic badass character many of Ash's Pokémon had such as Charizard, Sceptile, Buizel, Snivy, Krookodike, Greninja, Hawlucha, and Torracat. I find it cool being able to say a lot with few movements/lines. Ik it's always a joke to be edgy but idc. It's also nice when they finally show emotion towards Ash.

    As for humans, I like the stubbornly determined to the point of recklessness. Mainly applies to Ash
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2018
  3. FlygontheRavager

    FlygontheRavager #1 Pokémon Anime Fan!

    In terms of Pokémon, the one whose personality I most enjoyed was Ash’s Gliscor. Not only was he reliable in battle, but his humorous and emotional nature (along with his adorable English dub voice) made him a joy to watch.

    As for humans, I’d have to say Lana. She may not be the most developed human character of the show, but I love her quirky personality. Her demeanor seems to shift like the tides, and her playful trickster attitude is very enjoyable.
  4. ash&charizardfan

    ash&charizardfan Humanity's greatest soldier

    Charizard was never a stoic badass, it was a badass from the start but t always had a personality and always showed one, it is more of rebellious badass. Buizel, snivy, krokodile, hawlucha and torracat were cool also but did mingle up with time in the group, sceptile and greninja were more of lone wolf and cold pokemon and could be termed as stoic badass.
  5. 345ash-greninja

    345ash-greninja Trained Assassin Student

    Pretty much this for me, I prefer Pokemon with a typical badass and stoic personality because their presence always gives a solid intense vibe to the show, furthermore what I like even more about this kind of Pokemon is that they talk less and let their work do the talking most of the times.

    Just gonna point out that Charizard definitely isn't that kind of a Pokemon though. It very often tends to show off a lot.

    Recklessness mingled with intense and strong determination, plus showing levelheadedness at times when the situation really demands it, is what I really prefer in a typical adventure show protagonist. :)
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2018
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  6. Ignition

    Ignition Well-Known Member

    I was using "stoic badass" as an umbrella term for Pokémon who were either or (or both)
  7. 345ash-greninja

    345ash-greninja Trained Assassin Student

    Well in case of Charizard stoic doesn't apply, it's a badass but more like an overdramatic/show off like badass. The rest of the Pokemon you mentioned were definitely both stoic and badass, so yeah, both terms apply to them.
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  8. Pokegirl Fan~

    Pokegirl Fan~ The Mischievous One

    Snivy and Rowlet are among my favorites for personalities; I also like Misty's Psyduck and Kanto Pikachu.
    For human characters I like characters like Iris and Misty who seen to be more bold and seem to bicker alot, as well as Dawn for her confident personality, and Lillie for her booksmart/try hard personality. I also like OS and AG Ash's personality.
  9. Apslup

    Apslup Triple Star Hunter

    There is rarely a Pokemon/Character who's personality I've disliked, since I like most people and am indifferent towards most others.

    Some of my favorite Mons are Ash's Bulbasaur (one of the reasons I love the Bulbasaur line so much), Ash's Hawlucha (love it's pride and how it adapted to Ash's Battle Style. Also how it's Noivern's Big Bro :p), Ash's Infernape and Charizard (which I like for similar reasons), Misty's Psyduck (it's funny), Clemont's Bunnelby and Chespin (make a great double act and are entertaining on their own as well) Dawn's Piplup (such a little savage) and Serena's Sylveon (would have preferred an Umbreon for Serena since it's one of my favorite mons, but I do like it's development from a shy little Eevee to a Beautiful Sylveon).

    I'm indifferent towards most characters, but some of my favorites include Ash (at times) Alain and Marron (Alain is Badass and Marron is a Cutie) Serena (Best Girl. No Questions.), Dawn (she's one of my Childhood crushes and she had amazing development), Sawyer (love his determination to be surpass Ash and I loved his development from a inexperienced but determined trainer to League Semi-Finalist) and James of Team Rocket (Always found him hilarious and he had some pretty emotional moments over the show).
  10. PorcelainVulpix

    PorcelainVulpix Well-Known Member

    Pokémon - Ash’s Infernape for sure, Pikachu, Chikorita, Charizard, Pachirisu, Buizel, Crogunk, Ambipom, Blaziken, you know what I’m just going to stop here, there’s too many to name.

    Characters - Gary, OS Ash, Misty, Drew, Dawn, Cilan.
  11. DatsRight

    DatsRight Well-Known Member


    Meowth - being practically human and a bumbling villain (thus a bastion of pitiful traits and pathos) while still having a sympathetic philosophical side to balance his conniving traits. Especially loved his OS years when Maddie Blaustein supplied loads of dry wit.

    Pikachu - Natch. Impossible to hate the main guy himself. Especially in his current years where he is super expressive and goofy, while still a competent big brother for his brethren.

    Special mentions - Wobbuffet (does it need to be said?), Turtonator (unconventional powerhouse that gets loads of playful moments), Inkay (James' cutest capture yet), Charjabug (hard to explain but like his understated but funny and deceptively helpful personality), ALL of Ash's Alola team.


    Ash (SM) - As someone who got increasingly apathetic towards the main character as the show continued, I find myself really liking Ash in Alola. His personality is well balanced, a dippy, super enthusiastic oaf but still good battler with a very competent and insightful streak. He's not stuck in the same formula over and over this series either and provides some of the best fillers as well as being a fun supporting character in many of the companion's episodes.

    Lillie - The girl's adorable, I love her strategist/intellectual role and baby sister dynamic with Ash and the others. I also love she shares Ash's dorky side and is free game to some of the slapstick and silly antics in the series, which isn't always the case for the female characters.

    Sophocles - Despite his underplayed role, I end up liking most of his limelight episodes and the fact they've finally successfully managed to avoid forcing a non-battler into 'scout point' battles like against Team Rocket non-stop.

    Jessie and James - As stale as the Team Rocket trio are as antagonists, I can NEVER hate these guys as characters. Comical, pitiful, persistent and remorseless hams, while still having loads of hidden depths and sympathetic qualities.

    Special mentions - May (Ash's earlier 'baby sister'), Misty (yeah she had an ego, but it was enough an ongoing part of her character to make her sympathetic), Clemont (liked his tech guy dynamic in the early parts of XY).
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  12. Satoshi & Touko

    Satoshi & Touko Ayla going to the Kingdom! :D

    I can’t really think too much in the way of Pokemon right now, but for humans:

    Serena: I’m in love with the personality of this character. <3 She is tied with Dawn for my overall favorite pokegirl simply because of it. I tend to determine whether or not I like a character more based on how I would feel about them if I met them irl.

    Ash: Full of life and optimism, and cares so much about Pokemon. I couldn’t care less that he’s never won a league. He’s awesome regardless of his skill or competence because personality matters more to me. ^^

    Dawn and Korrina: I put these two together because they seem a lot like Ash, which is usually just fine with me. ^^

    Cilan: I know I’m in the minority, but I’m a sucker for all his quirks; they’re entertaining and refreshing.
  13. Anyone who is goofy and/or a bit insane. I'm all for the characters who make a situation either wacky or just plain out-there and weird.

    So Team Rocket, mostly. I treat them like one entity these days, since their combined personality is always stronger than their individual personalities. I also love how they're the most worldly members of the cast and have to deal with the unfairness of life more than others, but never lose their single-minded, almost warped, dedication to their jobs. The older I've gotten, the more I've appreciated them.

    As for the Pokemon: Oshawott was an adorable little goof, I loved Hawlucha's posing and commitment to being a wrestler, Squirtle and his sunglasses will forever be cool, and Rowlett steals any scene he's in (that episode where it and Poppilo were separated from Ash and Lana ranks as one of my favourite of all time).
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  14. U.N. Owen

    U.N. Owen In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night ...

    I am a sucker for any kid who is afraid of pokemon, especially Tory Lund.
  15. DatsRight

    DatsRight Well-Known Member

    I'm the same, though I go for a certain specific. I like a character that's goofy and eccentric, but frequently proves to have more depth and poignancy than being just a blundering kook.

    I think that's why Team Rocket fares so well, since even at their very worst, they nearly always have a few defining moments of pathos and camaraderie, and frequently prove to have this impressive talent and ability to improve towards any work that ISN'T being a bad guy. I was actually more invested in seeing Jessie get better in the Sinnoh contests and Kalos showcases than the Pokegirl was, since she started from the bottom, and then used her and her team's eccentricities into a weapon to make them charismatic, even utilising odd chekhov's skills.

    This might also be why love SM Ash and his team as well. Ash is a blunderer in SM, but he's not stupid, his kooky and sometimes simple minded outlook sometimes makes him the most competent member of the class. He's very easy to underestimate, but around his allies he's a very warm and uplifting character. I also love some of his 'onii chan' dynamics with characters like Lillie. I can't even begrudge some of his much criticised aspects like his losing streak in the league and his constant butt monkey status, since these all feel like aspects to make him more sympathetic and to work against to become an effective protagonist. Even in SM episodes many fans complain Ash looks like too much of a loser, he usually does something at least marginally competent or insightful to show he's more than that.
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  16. Akkipeddi

    Akkipeddi Jajanken

    Hmm, I do like many characters and Pokémon, but some of my favourites are probably the following:

    Ash (OS, AG, DP, XY): Yes, all these iterations of Ash exhibited different personalities and traits, but that's why I liked these iterations since it showed visible character progression and growth, but at the same time, you knew it was still Ash. He started off as a naive, arrogant and hotblooded savage in OS, before slowly calming down a little in AG and making his first real strides as a competent battler. In DP, he finally showed how far he came as a trainer and as a person, with his maturity and skills as a skilled trainer coming through. And that carried over a step further in XY, with not only Ash being super calm and composed, but it was finally his time to inspire others around him and teach them a few things.

    Brock: He will always remain my favourite companion. His older brother dynamic was always great to see with Ash, and he visibly cared for Ash. Beyond that, the amount of humour and overall hillarious antics he brought to the show will never be forgotten.

    Dawn: First Pokegirl to have shared almost equal amount of spotlight with Ash, and I loved her cheerful and upbeat personality. She and Ash really felt like best friends, constantly training with each other and supporting each other.

    Serena: My favourite Pokegirl. There's something I really loved about her quiet, shy demeanor initially, before she gained confidence and huge amounts of advice and help from Ash to grow into a strong, confident person. She just seems like a really supportive person, one who'll always stick by your side even during troubles.

    Alain and Mairin: Huge surprise, but I loved these two characters. I'm including them together since I feel they work best as a duo as they bring out each other's personalities even more. Mairin is the beginner trainer without a care in the world, while Alain is stoic and clearly troubled. Yet, I loved how Alain, despite that cold external demeanor, showed how much he cared about people who he really loved and valued, like Mairin and Sycamore.

    Charizard: Truthfully, as a kid, I hated what a massive dick he was, costing Ash the league. However, he's remained one of Ash's most loyal powerhouses. I like how he's a showoff, but clearly cares deeply for Ash and everyone.

    Greninja: My favorite out of all of Ash's Pokémon. Yes, he's stoic, but I love that since it showed how much he respected Ash and shared the same desire to grow stronger and master the Bond Phenomenon.

    Braixen: Another surprise addition, but I loved the closeness between Serena and her Braixen. She started off as an unlikable, snobby Pokémon, but she grew along with Serena once they found a dream they both wanted to pursue.
  17. KenzeyEevee

    KenzeyEevee The Realistic male Eevee

    Serena because she is so nice. Greninja is just cool. Toreterra was calm and quiet, liked it. I hate Ossawoth, but I like Chespin
  18. ash&charizardfan

    ash&charizardfan Humanity's greatest soldier

    My favourite characters are-
    Ash (excluding BW)- He pretty much reminded me of my childhood a brash, spoiled, rebellious kid.
    Brock- Father figure of the group, who cares if he was in background for most of his time in the show, helped build ash's character
    Dawn- I really miss her, pretty much girl version of ash, her bond with ash id just great, pretty much best written pokegirl
    Serena-Again my favourite, whether her finding her dream which was realistic and could be attributed to 9% of people of this world, her romance with ash, probably the pokegirl with best internal development or in level with dawn, kinda wish her sassy side of earlier episodes was shown more but very good relation with ash and always took his advice very seriously making ash also look good
    Lillie- Her storyline of not touching pokemon was well written and how she overcame that fear was well executed, her brother gladion is also on my very high list.
    Kukui-Parental figure to ash and he understood his personality so early, plus his alias royal mask is also funny.
    Charizard-Needless to say with my avatar name, by far the best pokemon and the most developed pokemon of the whole series, his disobedience arc was so well made that they rehashed with dawn and iris.
    Greninja-Cool guy, i also liked his transformation, i wish he come back again, sasuke uchicha of pokemon series
    Sceptile-Again cool guy, if greninja is sasuke then sceptile is itachi of pokemon because he is 3 gen older, kinda wished he mega evolved
    Bulbasaur- Pretty much de facto leader of all the ash's pokemon, was gifted from the start
    Squirtle-Bratty pokemon of ash's team who shared most personality with ash
    Snivy, braixen, bunneary- Divas and queens of this series, though snivy is intelligent and was leader of unnova group
    Gliscor-Attention hogger but grew stronger with time
    Oshowatt-Funny guy, for some reason i liked his bickering with pignite over food
  19. PokemonBattleFanatic-

    PokemonBattleFanatic- Well-Known Member

    Paul-Serious,cold and dark character that is/was obsessed with obtaining powerful pokemon,battling strong trainers,and winning all the time.He has a ton of experience as trainer and constantly rotates his pokemon unlike someone we all know.He's the most skilled trainer/battler ever shown in the entire anime barring elite four and champions.

    Ash (Hoenn)-The best version of Ash,was calm,funny,hot-headed and showed competence as a trainer.

    Drew-Kind of the Gary Oak of contest rivals but with more appearances and battles.

    Harley-Probably the funniest rival ever who also at one point in time teamed up with Team Rocket to sabotage May in a contest.He showed some gay tendencies throughout AG but overall I think his character was entertaining and worked in spite of that.

    Gary-Ash's OG rival from the Original Series and probably is/was the coolest rival/character in the entire anime .The guy used to have his own cheerleaders,owns many cool and powerful pokemon and constantly made fun of Ash back when he was a trainer.Now he spends his days as a researcher.

    Ash's Charizard-Went from a happy and kind spirited Charmander to a bratty Charmeleon and then finally to the powerful bada** that is Charizard who is Ash's true powerhouse that trained really hard to get the power it obtained throughout the series.Many times has bailed Ash out of many tough situations when it came to dealing with powerful opponents like Magmar,Dragonair,Blastoise,and Articuno.

    Paul's Electivire-Is pretty much a carbon copy of Paul in terms of personality.Was used in a lot of battles for Paul in Sinnoh and is probably his most reliable pokemon due to it being very strong,defending against attacks using it's move protect, and having a speed increase when it's ability motor drive activates.Also forming strategies like using Thunder as a counter shield and then on the battlefield to form an attack similar to stone edge would lead you to believe that it's Paul's most versatile pokemon,as evident in the Lake Acuity battle when Paul used it's Light Screen at the time to cover up for the rest of his team.

    Ash's Sceptile-Ash's most developed and most powerful grass type pokemon with a laid back personality,nothing more needs to be said.

    Paul's Torterra-Perhaps Paul's most kindest pokemon since it was willing to help out Ash's Torterra (Grotle at the time) when it was struggling in it's new form and showed a way to work around that.But at the same time it could cope with Paul's intense training system and battling methods,it is indeed Paul's strongest and most experienced pokemon.
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2018
  20. DatsRight

    DatsRight Well-Known Member

    I always kinda wonder why Team Rocket stick out in spite of them being the very pivot of the show's more monotonous formula, and I think it's the fact that they are the cast members who get the most thorough attempts at a character study. It feels like they do attempt this with many of the protagonists, but, outside Ash in the pilot, the old tricks and formula have always worked against them being the driving force of the whole plot until very recently, but since the TRio ARE the pivot of the formula in the first place, it can't get in the way of them, they always break it apart to show off their characters. Even beyond that the TRio have more thorough backstories and motives than most of the protagonists and far more commonly get them deconstructed by openly questioning their directions and whether anything they do is worth it routinely.

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