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Characters Speculation/Discussion Thread [USE SPOILER TAGS]

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation VI Discussion' started by bobandbill, Jan 8, 2013.

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  1. dss_live

    dss_live Water and Fairy-type master

    But this game is meant to immerso you into the pokemon world, and believe it or not, making every single character beautiful , like the standard ideals of beauty, is boring as hell. Characters should be made to be interesting , differnt looking and stand out. Not be a boring reflection of outdated ideals for what is beauty. You don't make interesting characters that way.
  2. Everlasting

    Everlasting Everything stays.

    We're all different and I can understand you're not agreeing with me. I think every character's interesting and even more when they are good looking. As for me, when I see a good-looking character, I find it more interesting and I can easily get borred when I look to not appealing characters. I just want to skip them.
    I was looking for the good word. Thanks. :p It's fixed.
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2013
  3. dss_live

    dss_live Water and Fairy-type master

    I'm not blaming you, i'm just not agree'ing with you :)
  4. Mr.Munchlax

    Mr.Munchlax Thunder Trainer

    I thought these guys were your rivals

    Anyway, the only one I'm really confused about is Toroba (the ginger). Does anyone know based on this character's name if it's a boy or a girl?
  5. Dragalge

    Dragalge Lucy Eiscue

    It's a girl.
  6. Mystic Flygon

    Mystic Flygon Well-Known Member

    About the kids, so long as they don't get in my way as I play through the games I'll be fine . I don't want to waste 30 minutes spamming the A button for friendly dialogue just so I can progress through the game.
  7. Monocross

    Monocross Active Member

    Boy or Girl (I think Boy), I'm gonna stomp that Beiber-lookin' Ginger into the ground!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Also, the Fat bro looks dopey, but well be sweet I'm sure. The Flighty Pink Gothitelle cosplayer is sure to be spunky and adventurous!!

    Hope Pansy fights Ash and shows off Parabolic Charge, which'll OWN poor ole Pikachu!! Viola is looking fierce!!
  8. Crystal Power

    Crystal Power Well-Known Member

    Agreeing with you again, also I think they can be beautiful in their own way. Like what's wrong with being fat, or looking like a nerd. I like them and I bet Sana and her friend will make the story very interesting with their personality's. I hope they're our rival. :- )
  9. Ace of Shades

    Ace of Shades Well-Known Member

    I see your character and the ginger, who is an analytic jerk, clashing and always trying to out do each other, then I see the fat guy being forced into this by Sana and choosing the starter weak to you then eventually chooses to do something besides battling, I see the other protag being your friendly rival who tries to help people with advice and having a nonstarter pokemon, and then I see Sana being the person who tries to hold all of you together and is super dramatic who has the starter stronger than you.
  10. e9310103838

    e9310103838 Well-Known Member

    Did you sure the magazine said that the other gender character appear, not be to the characters has not been announced as players choose a gender selection appear? I'm just confused. :627:
  11. GerudoPrince

    GerudoPrince Desert Glider

    Is it just me or does the big guy have a haircut that resembles Chespin's leaf-thing on its head? 3 friends --> each pick a starter. Big guy picks Chespin and not sure about the other two. Red-head picks Fennekin??

    Maybe. Don't mind the look of them. Still don't like the male playable character. Hopefully customisation is enabled early on haha.
  12. diakyu

    diakyu Well-Known Member

    There are 4 friends (gotta count the opposite gender character). I think only on will get a starter and that will be the main rival.
  13. red2000

    red2000 Liger Zero!!!

    I could care less about how these kids look, I just want to know will you be able to battle them? and are any of these kids the Main Rival? or is that the player of the Opposite Gender?, with this huge regional Dex we're getting they have enough Pokemon to give them all teams of 6
  14. cascadethewarrior

    cascadethewarrior ~Ðiva and Lucariϕ~

    Or they might pull a Wally and have a rival that has none of the starters(If you even count Wally as a rival). I think that will be interesting.
  15. memond

    memond The Dragon Slayer

    I'm super hyped for Viola! It's about time we have a tomboy Gym Leader who specializes in Bug Types!

    I also think it'd be interesting if all these new kids were all rivals! It would bring a lot of diversity to Rival personalities, and various challenges among each one. I'm all for multiple rivals, and I was slightly disappointed when they dropped multiple rivals from Black and White to Black 2 and White 2.
  16. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    I thought it was a dude. Nevermind then. I have no real opinion on her. I think the guy and the other girl look a bit better, but they're not my ideal characters. They probably won't be too important to the story though; I have a feeling that they'll just show up every now and then to give advice and maybe some items like Lucas and Dawn did in D/P/Pt.
  17. Takaru

    Takaru Werk, Werk, Werk

    I imagine one trainer you're going to need to help in certain areas or they'll show you special places. One trainer will be your tough rival, one will be your easier, confused rival who gives you stuff, and the other being a rival that helps you deal with the evil team.
  18. metalbryce

    metalbryce Observer

    Posted this in Region Speculation earlier today but I think it's more relevant here.
    What if: Fairy-type is the second gym. Throughout the story, it's revealed that one of the Elite Four member is the leader of the villainous team. You encounter him and Zerneas/Yveltal in the big final showdown but you don't battle the team leader. Instead, he gets arrested. The next day, you find out that the leader has escaped prison. So you go into the E4 and he's the last member. He's in his arena and you battle him, he's re-arrested, but because of his incarceration your battle with him is void and you must battle an interim E4 member. The Fairy leader is chosen to battle you. The leader has been helping you out throughout your journey and he's obviously a lot grown a lot. That way we get to battle Fairies from when they're really low-level until they're fully evolved.
  19. Enjolras

    Enjolras Master of the House

    Man, I hope we get another Wally rival. He didn't show up enough. I can see the big kid being left behind as the rest of you go on your journeys? Then he shows up half way with his own team without one of the three starters..
  20. water trainer

    water trainer Knuckle Trainer

    Does anyone else think that Pansy and Viola are related? they both look similar and both have a hair curl...probably not ha
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