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Characters Speculation/Discussion Thread [USE SPOILER TAGS]

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation VI Discussion' started by bobandbill, Jan 8, 2013.

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  1. diakyu

    diakyu Well-Known Member

    I was under the impression it was an item.

    And about the hat-less opposite gender character, I think something's up. Does no one find it strange that the page for the protagonist page goes out of its way to mention the different sunglasses. Maybe they're special.
  2. Tickle Me Cooper

    Tickle Me Cooper A Black Protagonist

    That's what we're talking about. -_-

  3. GoldCyndaquil

    GoldCyndaquil Shiny Hunter

    I doubt it...considering that it's not mandatory to have glasses...or hats for that matter.
  4. ZXChris93

    ZXChris93 Well-Known Member

    Ignore that comment then. Anyway, Tierno being a dancer really made my day. I hope he gets a ludicolo.
  5. diakyu

    diakyu Well-Known Member

    Hmm. I guess. It just striked me as very odd. I mean why point out the difference in the glasses? There are bigger differences between Calem and Serena.
  6. Rikku Takanashi

    Rikku Takanashi Adventuring Vulpix

    Our chars arn't special they are just starting they're journey to be a pokemon master like many others the reason for them getting they're starter depends on the situation either because they've wanted to start they're journey for a long time or something happened and they bonded with a starter already or something and are encouraged to start their journey or they are simply encouraged to and decide to

    I think starters are reserved for people who are starting they're pokemon master journey they get the badge case and their starter and the professor gives you the pokedex and asks you to fill it up now to explain why trainers on victory road don't seem to have a starter is simple they might have just boxed it or even released it

    Now on the Pokedex matter in the anime anybody who starts they're Pokemon Master Journey gets one but in the game I think they are a bit more exclusive but not just for special people who want to start they're pokemon master journey

    I mean clearly at least 3 of you in Kalos are getting a dex and theres a good chance everybody will get one

    lol now trevor could be the professor's assistant like bianca is in B2/W2 or could be his son or Dex'es may be handed out more frequently due to the sheer number of pokemon out there and he grabbed 5 for him and his friends who knows at this point

    (and this has taken a while for me to word right so the convo has probably moved on XD)
  7. mew 2000

    mew 2000 Shiny Celebi

    and hugh (b2w2 rival) raised his starter from an egg thus he got it not from a professor he states it himself
    "i'll beat you with the (insert stronger then your pokemon here) that i raised from an egg"
  8. Takaru

    Takaru Werk, Werk, Werk

    Starter Pokemon is only a term for the first Pokemon you obtain, and it can be anything; caught or given.

    The three starters that one usually obtains in the start of the game also referred to the "Big Three" in Japan are usually noted to be very rare Pokemon, and the only time they are given out is by a Pokemon Prof. or in HG/SS, Steven, who is a Champion. Professor Oak even stated that he gives these Pokemon out to trainers who want to get to the next town and battle wild Pokemon.
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2013
  9. Tickle Me Cooper

    Tickle Me Cooper A Black Protagonist

    Every single game that you get your starter in so far, except DPPt, you get because you're special in some way. I've already listed those ways, so I won't do it again. In DPPt, you literally get the starters by ACCIDENT. By CIRCUMSTANCE. By LUCK.

    ...You think wrong. You're telling me that EVERY person with the hopes of defeating the Pokemon league in the victory road just so happened to box or release one of the rarest and strongest Pokemon that they personally chose to start out with? You could believe that. Or you can believe the much more likely idea that they DON'T HAVE ONE.

    Everyone is getting a Pokedex. That much is confirmed. I just personally think that the professor will give the other three different Pokemon than you. Or they will obtain their Pokemon in a different way than you. You already get your Pokedex differently. Maybe you get your Pokemon while the other three aren't there. Trevor gives you the Pokedex's. Maybe he already has a Pokemon from school. Maybe Tierno already has a Pokemon. Lyra already had Marill. Wally didn't get a starter. Why can't these guys? I just don't see them ALL getting a pokemon, and two pairs having the same Pokemon. That make's no sense. I also don't see just one of them getting a starter while the other two don't. Who get's it? Why are they so special. What is the professor going to say? "Sorry guys. You're outta luck. Only had three Pokemon. Find your own Pokemon?" I don't think so. I just makes more sense to me for the player and Serena/Calem to get one, and that's it.

    ...I never said that someone can only get starter Pokemon exclusively from a professor. I said that every way the player has gotten his/her starter in the past was from a Professor, because of luck or circumstance.

    I actually doubt that most, if any, random NPC got their starter from a starter. Maybe they found in in the wild. Maybe they got it from an egg like Hugh. They were lucky. Hugh even states it himself.
    "Still... You're really lucky to get a Pokémon!" Referring to the starter Pokemon that you're getting from a FAMOUS POKÉMON PROFESSOR.
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2013
  10. Takaru

    Takaru Werk, Werk, Werk

    @Tickle Me Cooper

    Actually, In RBY/FRLG Professor Oak only gives you a starter because you are about to go into the tall grass and he stops you and suggest if you want to travel, you must go to his lab. His Grandson was there waiting for his Pokemon, as Prof. Oak states, he gives out these Pokemon to trainers starting in Pallet town that wish to travel.

    In Gen II , Professor Elm is just asking for a favor and his gives you a Pokemon to battle in the wild, he never intended for you to keep it but he noted how it grew attached to you and then he gives it to you.

    In Gen III, same thing it happens by accident when you stumbled upon Prof. Birch being attacked and he ask you to get a Pokemon and fight, and notices again how attached it is to you. So he gives it to you.

    Gen V is the only time where the Prof. actually wanted to give you a starter.

    Cynthia also got her starter Pokemon from Prof. Rowan.
  11. Ace of Shades

    Ace of Shades Well-Known Member

    The group are the power rangers of Kalos! Shauna is the Pink Ranger, Tierno is the Yellow Ranger, Trevor is the Green Ranger, Calem is the Blue Ranger, and Serena is the Red Ranger.

    I see Trevor and Calem/Serena being the two you have battles with Trevor having the weak starter and Calem/Serena the strong starter. Then I see Shauna being a person who battles with you and has the starter weak to you and gives it to you after the league and an Eevee who evolves into Sylveon as her main or just the Eevee. Then for Tierno I see him introducing you to and competing against you in the contest/musical thing of the region and having the starter strong to you and giving it to you after the league and a Lotad or Vanillite/Flabebe(provided it evolves) or a different dance-centric Kalos pokemon or just the Lotad or Vanillite/Flabebe or dance-centered Kalos pokemon.

    Or maybe if there is another rival who is a jerk face she/he can be the black ranger the one who takes the weak starter(IDK how) and then each person can represent a region Sana+Eevee+the VS seeker, Trevor+Sabeleye(Or whoever gets an evolution)+the Pokenav, Tierno+Maractus(Or whoever gets an evolution)+Xtransciever, and then maybe the jerk represents Sinnoh with a poketch and maybe a sinnoh pokemon that might gets an evolution alongside the starter, and Calem/Serena can have a Pokegear and a Jhoto pokemon alongside the strong starter. Then Trevor can do things relating to the pokedex with you or battle with you like Shauna.
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2013
  12. SauceOnRice

    SauceOnRice Member

    I laughed pretty hard when I found out the Tierno was the dancer lol. Good for him for following his dreams I guess. I was really hoping/expecting him to act more like a tough guy like Dex from the Megaman battle network games though.
  13. Tickle Me Cooper

    Tickle Me Cooper A Black Protagonist

    Lol, good thing we're not in Japan so we call "the three Pokemon that one usually obtains in the start of the game," starter Pokemon. :p

    ...I don't remember him ever saying that in game. I do remember him saying, "If a wild Pokémon appears, your Pokémon can battle it. With it at your side, you should be able to reach the next town." right before you battle Blue, but I don't think he meant that he usually gives out Pokemon. He does make it pretty obvious in those games though that he just created the Pokedex and needs your help to do it because he's "too old," so it seems like he's the first person to give out starters and a Pokedex.

    And if he said it in the anime, again anime =/= games.

    ...Unless you were agreeing with me lol.

    Actually, in RBGY/FRLG, the only reason why he knows who you are enough to care enough to stop you from entering the tall grass is because you are his next door neighbor who grew up with and was best friends with his grandson. Special.

    In Gen II, he isn't "just asking you a favor." Elm is famous. He's asking someone he knows and trusts and watched grow up to do an important task that involves meeting another world famous professor and participating in a (then) extremely important and what soon turns out to be ground breaking discovery of Pokemon eggs that changes the Pokemon world forever.

    In Gen III, you're specifically looking for Birch when you find him. Why is that? Because you're the son of a gym leader who knows a famous Professor. Why did you even move to Littleroot, and not the city your dad works in? Because your dad knows Birch. Special. Even if you don't consider that special, it's still luck that only happened because you were special.

    Gen IV is the only generation where you get your starter by complete luck, and even then, I was referring to being lucky OR special, so my point still stands.
  14. Mystic Flygon

    Mystic Flygon Well-Known Member

    Firstly it's most likely not all that rare if the professor is so willing to give it away to two random kids he/ she just met. The starters are literally designed to be starter pokemon, they have no significance in game other than your first pokemon. They are rare but not as rare as you describe them to be.

    Of course anime doesn't equal games, but it is used to promote the games and is the closest thing we have to how the pokemon world is really like on a realistic level. The anime isn't 100% right but to ignore it entirely isn't wise, the anime had a large enough influence to convince the game creators to make a game based entirely on the events of the anime.

    Also, not everyone keeps their first pokemon, many fans prefer not to use their starter for various different reasons, I didn't even use my johto starter in HG/SS first time around because I didn't have any interest, the npcs are the same way. Some of them do keep their starter, in D/P/Pt there are 2, npcs one has an Empoleon and another has a Torterra. Gardenia has a turtwig and Flint has an infernape. Lance has a Charizard and there are many npcs in johto who have kanto starters. The purpose is too complete your dex arguably enough, but they still have them regardless.

    Lyra/ Ethan had a marill because that's the pokemon she lived with, she didn't need another starter from Elm since she already had a pokemon. Wally didn't get a starter from Birch because he was getting his from Norman instead, they aren't forced to get it from a professor.

    And lastly, who's to say the professor doesn't pull an Oak and give the other kid a different pokemon like Oak did with Ash, and before you say Games =/= Anime, I'm referencing Pokemon Yellow this time (which is based on the anime), Oak actually gave away an eevee and a pikachu, neither of which are the official 3 starters of Kanto. The professor doesn't have to always give away the same pokemon each time.
  15. Excitable Boy

    Excitable Boy is a metaphor

    The player is described as lucky much of the time for receiving a starter Pokemon and knowing that region's Professor. The Professor is willing to give the protagonist a starter Pokemon because the protagonist is on a Pokedex quest for the Professor; giving the player a fairly powerful Pokemon is a good way to ensure that they are successful.

    No, the anime should be ignored entirely when talking about Pokemon games. They're a loose interpretation of the games at their best, and the fact that Yellow was made as essentially fan-service has no impact on the rest of the games. Canonically, the events of Yellow are superseded by FRLG, and shouldn't be considered relevant in the slightest.

    You're citing exceptions and claiming them to be the rule. The idea of a starter Pokemon being your first Pokemon - and therefore the one you're most likely to bond with - in-game, in addition to their strength, would suggest that the majority of Trainers who received a starter Pokemon would keep them. Since so few Trainers do possess them, even if some did choose to not use their starter Pokemon, that's still a vast majority of Trainers who lack them.

    Essentially. Getting a starter Pokemon from a Professor is rare and those that can are considered lucky and/or privileged, but it's obviously not the only way. Many NPCs mention having parents capture Pokemon for their children to use.

    Because Yellow is made as fan-wank for people who watch the anime isn't considered canonical. In every other game, the Professor gives the player an actual starter Pokemon.
  16. MrDuck

    MrDuck Well-Known Member

    A bit too complicated for game that's rated E lol. And a bit too dramatic imo.

    Seeing people saying Pokémon is kid's game pisses me off to be honest. It's rated E, E for everyone people. Saying Pokémon is only for kids is like saying the Zelda series, Mario series, etc... are all kids games. And yes of course they won't put mature content in it then. Just say that kids play this too and they won't do it then instead of ignorantly saying it's a kid game. Open up those close minds please.

    Meh, they look way better imo without their hats. Especially Serena, but Calem too actually.
  17. Excitable Boy

    Excitable Boy is a metaphor

    It's rated E because that's the audience the ESRB says the game is appropriate. That has nothing do with the fact that the game is primarily marketed toward children, and that the mechanics and story are thus designed to be enjoyed by children.
  18. MrDuck

    MrDuck Well-Known Member

    You could say the same of Mario, yet lots of adults play it. But I'm just a little pissed because I saw some on the internet in general say that adults can't play Pokémon because it's for kids.
  19. Regality

    Regality Digital King


    Well, Alexa looks good.
  20. TheFairyQueen

    TheFairyQueen Top Coordinator

    Alexa's gogoat actually looks kind of threatening and the helioptile looks cute i'm excited now ahahhahahahh
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