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Charity Chuggers

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Discussion' started by Dwight, Sep 14, 2016.

  1. Dwight

    Dwight Banned

    Just a heads up, this is gonna be rather long. Also, I don't mean to offend anyone who dedicates their time and money to helping out with any charitable organizations.

    Personally, I'm lazy and wouldn't invest any time in something that doesn't provide me with entertainment. I'm also cheap and don't like spending money unless it's on something that I really need and/or want; I never eat out, always wear the same clothes, etc.

    So I'll start with sharing my experiences with Charity Chuggers over the past couple of weeks, it dates back to the release of Pokemon Go in Canada which was around July 20th.

    Since the release of Pokemon Go, I've been more motivated to go out rather than spend my free time indoors; watching shows on the internet/playing video games/reading stuff. I'm lazy but I'm also athletic, so it's either I'm moving around too much or nothing at all; I'm either very social or completely anti-social, but Pokemon Go has so far helped me balance these things out.

    So as you most likely know, you can't find Pokemon in secluded areas such as near residences, you gotta go to where all of the people are and most of the time that's in like the Downtown districts of every city, so since the release of the game I've been going there often even though I'm not a fan of crowds, and I enjoy myself.

    However recently, I've been coming across more and more Charity Chuggers, and this is to be expected because I hang out more downtown on my free time. I try to avoid them if I see them, but like I said I respect people who work for charities, it's just that it's not for me.

    Just the other day, I decided to work a bit on my homework after school, so I stayed late. Once I was done, I decided to go Pokemon Hunting since some of the most popular pokestops are around my school, then I decided to walk a bit.

    Since I was focused on my phone I didn't notice the Charity Chugger that I was about to encounter. She greeted me, I greeted her back but I knew what was gonna happen and the first thing I thought to myself was "Crap".

    Now I have a problem, I'm too sensitive and emotional, I don't like hurting people because I fear that they may hurt me back and when that happens, it bothers me for weeks. So out of respect for the lady, I decided to hear her out.

    She kept going on and on about animals being mistreated in captivity and how their organization dedicates themselves to liberating them and then supporting them until they can find new homes.

    So I waited until she was done before I could ask any questions, usually asking questions shows that you have an interest in what they were saying, so it's easier to let them down after that. The only question that came to mind was:

    "Does this charity simply require a signature or is a donation also necessary?".

    She danced around the question, telling me that I didn't have to donate a large amount until I became a member, but could start out by donating a small sum. The next thing she said was shocking to me.

    She immediately went on to ask me "So how much will you be giving today?" Without my approval or anything; I hadn't mentioned any interest in giving money, but at this point I just had enough and decided to ease my way out.

    I told her it was a shame because I didn't have any money on me which anyone with a brain would figure out to be a lie since practically no one goes downtown without money, but no one's gonna point it out.

    Eventually I apologized, thanked her for the information and said I'd consider joining the organization (obviously no).

    I left feeling a little bad, but whatever I got over it an hour later.

    So my problem with charity chuggers isn't what they do, it's how they do it. It's just plain social pressure if you think about it. Being in a crowd plays perfectly to their advantage because whatever you say or do, you fear that other people might hear. So even if someone decided to be honest and said "Sorry, but I really don't care." (which I would totally respect and admire them for), some people might automatically jump to the conclusion that he/she is a total *******.

    Not only do charity chuggers have more people to work with, but they also have the field advantage, especially if they're trained in the profession of tackling weak minded people such as myself (I don't mind admitting it).

    Charity Chuggers also like to play into people's sympathies, which is just playing dirty IMO. I plan to strengthen my mind with time.

    But yeah, that's it. I'm gonna do my best to avoid Charity Chuggers when I'm walking around. They're also in subways now, so you literally have no choice but to pass them as you're walking in/out.

    Anyway, I'm interested in hearing if you liked/disliked what I had to say, if you agree/disagree, and also feel free to share your experiences with Charity Chuggers if you have any.
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2016

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