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Charizard in Kanto

I didn't know that was why. I thought because it was treated so aweful due to Damien.

I think it had more to do with what Rovian was saying about the stronger a Pokemon gets the more experience you need to control it. Like the gym badges in the game. If Charizard was still troubled by what Damian did to him, it probably wouldn't have listened to him as a Charmander. And I agree with Charizard and Ash being very much alike. The reason Charizard obeyed Ash is when Ash tried to save Charizard's life and keep his tail lit. Ash became concerned for his Pokemon's needs over his needs during that night and because of Ash trying to keep Charizard warm that night, Charizard began to put Ash's needs above his own.


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Charmeleon/Charizard acted like jerks because the writers wanted to tie the anime into the games, in which one needs a sufficient level of badges (and hence experience) for a powerful Pokemon to obey you. It really was half-assed, just like all attempts to tie the anime to the games, since the anime attributes personalities to Pokemon, unlike the games (the anime traditionally made Pokemon like people, trainers could earn their respect in various ways. In the games Pokemon are less "human" and follow a rigid obediance-to-experidence ratio system).


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I think it actually stopped obeying Ash properly when it was a Charmeleon against that Paris when he didn't want to attack it but Charmeleon did anyway and lost all respect for Ash after that

It was quite funny in some places but annoying in others, like having Ash get a flamethrower to th e face, but then having the match against Ritchie practically forfeited

I think the reason for it though was to show that Ash was still a new and inexperienced trainer, and it showed the progress he made through his journey, which was signified when he saved Charizard and developed the bond between them


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Charizard needed to teach Ash a lesson. It's a pity the lesson had to be taught in such a vital battle

dawn phan

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I definitely take Ash's side, since Ash despite being naive still care for it greatly. He definitely didn't deserve getting marshmallowed all those numerous times and even losing the Kanto League because of it.

Though by finally overcoming that great conflict they've had together, drew them closer and more compatible pokemon/trainer combo at the end.


I think the writers were trying to show how having a disobedient pokemon was like for Ash and how he can overcome it.