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charmander in platinum

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hello:) I stopped playing pokemon at sapphire version and now i'm trying to get back into it.I have been doing quite the studying the last few days !:D I do have some questions i was hoping someone could answer before i buy new pokemon games.

1)can i get charmander or any other kanto starter from soul silver(after getting it after winning the 16 badges) to platinum through trade or migration at the beginning of the game?(Before getting the national pokedex)

2)do i need 2 game boys/nintendo's to do the migration thing?

thanks a lot in advance ;)


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Like, you want a Charmander in your Platinum?

1. yes, after I forgot, but VERY early in the game, like Sandgem Town early.
2. yes.

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can you get early in platinum yes in sandgem town
do you need two ds systems to do so yes.


You'll need 2 DSs to trade (i.e. to trade Charmander from HGSS to Plat), but you'll only need 1 DS to migrate Pokemon from older games (RSEFrLg) to Platinum.


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Thanks.But i heard you can only migrate after you have completed the game so i guess that's no good if i want a pokemon early.trading is fine though!!!
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