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Charmander, Squirtle or Bulbasaur


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Bulbasaur is best for beginners.
Squirtle is moderate difficulty.
Charmander is the hardest.
Thats what Oak says ingame :p

Nutter t.KK

can Mega Evolve!
Bulbasaur takes down the first 2 gyms with ease, and be used in all but two of the Gyms, partly due to the Poison type, will not last. These gyms are Psychic (5th) and Fire (7th).

Squirtle is weak against the Electric and Grass types, 3rd and 4th gyms.

Charmander is relatively useless until the 3rd Gym.


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thanx lol i know all this stuff, i just wanted peoples opinions on who they prefer.. kinda worded the question badly! lol

Empoleon Bonaparte

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Choose Bulba if you want something that annoys people and Gym Leaders (Poisonpowder, Leech Seed)
Charmander is for indeed more advanced users, because the only thing it learns for against the 1st leader is Metal Claw. But you can always use a Butterfree to Paralyse or bringing him to sleep.
Squirtle is the one for average difficulty. But the 3rd Gym could be a problem, so be sure to catch a Diglett or Dugtrio.


Hasty Ho Oh
Charmander is a lot easier than he was all those years ago. Metal claw dopes really help against Brock. Misty is still a problem. And from then on, it should be plain sailing for the fire lizard. Learns Cut, Strength, Fly and Rock Smash

Squirtle only hass real trouble with Lt Surge and Erika. Everytyhing else hes moderate agasint. He excels against Sabrina (good Spcl def), Blaine and Giovanni. Learns Surf, Waterfall, Strength, Rock Smash and Dive. Blastoise also fairs the best against the E4, especially with Ice Beam.

Bulbasaur is rthe easiest of the 3. Typically good agaisnt all but 2 gyms (Super Effective Vs 3 gyms, the rest him him either not very effective or nortmal damage) The 2 gyms are Sabrina and Blaine as said. But both are hit hard by a decent water type. Can learn Cut, Strength, Flash :)o) and Rock Smash.

It really depends on what u want in your team. Pick Charmander is u want a good Fire type (as there are other grass/water typesd later) Pick Bulbasaur and make sure to pick up Magikarp or Poliwag for a good Water type. Squirtle needs a good back up from Geodude and Pikachu to spread as many different types as u would need to cover.

Scyther Owns

Scyther Fan
i suggest charmander because charizard is the best kanto fire(moltres is also good but no legendaries) pokemon, make sure you get metal claw for killing brock and a pika for misty


use bulbasaur!! im saying this cause its my favourite and also because,bulbasaur learns some pretty neat moves and can faint any pokemon,if used correctly.Also it has a nice type combo!ONce AGAIN!! BULBASAUR!!


Torterra Firma
Charmander if you don't plan on picking up Flareon or Arcanine.

Squirtle if you don't plan on picking up Gyarados or Tentacruel.

Bulbasaur if you don't plan on picking up Oddish or Bellsprout.

Yami Marius

Pokémon Wizard
Bulbasaur had a decent Defence and Special Defence, combined with Sleep Powder and Leech Seed to keep him in play. His problem is he has several weaknesses like Fire, Psychic, Ice, Flying. A reason to pick him would be because there aren’t many decent grass-types in the wild. Especially if you play FireRed.

Squirtle has even better good Defence and Special Defence. Although a bit slow, he can learn
Water and Ice Attacks. The last one is specially useful since most people have either a Dragon or Tyranitar in their team. Good against the first two badges (Wartortle learns Bite which deals double damage on Starmie). The reason why you shouldn’t pick him is because there are lots of good Water-types (Gyarados, Poliwrath, Vaporeon, Lapras a.o.).

Charizard is by far the best Fire-type you’ll find in-game. He has great Attack, Special Attack and Speed unfortunately, like most Fire-Types, he has a limited move pool. Especially if you want him as a Special Sweeper. However with EQ, Aerial Ace and Flamethrower he makes a formidable Pokémon. Iron Claw was a good addition too but becomes useless later on. I always used Charizard back in the RBY days but for some reason I don’t like him in FireRed. Perhaps I overused him?

Anyway, all three starters are good Pokémon, unlike in Ruby and Sapphire in which only Sceptile is worth having, but you’ll always need other Pokémon to cover as many weaknesses as possible. My advice would be: just pick the one you like the most and it won’t disappoint you.


<- My newest hit!!!!
Don't know they are all good n there way.. but as you see i am now busy with breeding a new squirtle with the wobbafet power i think he will be very good:)


what the previos person says..... all 9 (now 12) starters are good in there way also the hoenn pokemon
1).swampert has his bonus because he is ground and electric doesn't affect him:) but his grass weakness is doubled.
2).blaziken (who i prefer in hoenn) is also good with his fighting type as fighting his weakness to rock is gone(what you^ forget to tell about charizad is that is weakness rock is 4 times) a good reason for not taking him (you see in my siggy i have him but he's only a HM slave.) but he get a weakness of flying and psychic, Blaziken knows good moves especially when have a breeded one.
3). Sceptile i must stay is very good (but still i don't like him) he has fighting powers but is no fighting poke wicht have his good and bad sides (i think he should be a fighting poke but they didn't do that beacause then they had2 starters as fighters) when breeded a treecko (sceptile) can be very powerfull
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christian 4ever
really does depend on your team etc..squirtle is the best for me though good against alot of gyms and the E4..

so this what i did when i picked squirtle

1st gym leader-bubble
2nd gym leader-bite
3rd gym leader-cuaght a dugtrio,before on my first try i teach squirtle dig lol
4tj gym leader-catch a vulpix,or i beat it easely with ice move
5th gym leader-average pokemon
6th gyn leader-if you still have bite.but this gym leader is relativily easy
7th gym leader-surf
8th gym leade-surf

elite 4
-1st:elctric type
-3rd:bite..if you still have it if not average
4th:ice beam
5th:have a good balence team

remnber this in-game


I Love Pokemon
For me i dont know but people say Blastoise is the WORST starter and Bulbasaur is for begginers and easy to train and Charmander is the advanced one. I get all three starters to be good.;001;;004;;007;


Well-Known Member
I use Lapras for a water type and Victreebel for a grass type, so I don't often use the others.
That, and Charizard is one of my favourite pokemon (dragon claw, dragon dance, EQ).

Ms. Zira Fell

I'm. A. GIRL!
They all have their strengths so, the truth is - whichever you, personally, like best will work. :)

People tend to say Charmander is the toughest to play with, but I disagree. If you level him up he can take on Brock. You can also train a Caterpie and evolve him into Butterfree, he can beat Brock with a little luck and good timing.

As for Misty, there's a Pikachu in the forest and an Oddish/Bellsprout [depending on your version] around Cerulian. I mean, that's what the other pokemon in the game are there for, to compliment your starter's abilities. Later on, a well-trained Charizard's flamethrower can OHKO most things that arent blatantly resistant to it.

But I'm just saying that because I like Charmander best. :p Like I said at the start, anyone you like will do. There are even people who like to play through the game with an unevolved starter or no starter at all. Don't worry about it, you should do fine in any case. ;)

Scyther Owns

Scyther Fan
i prefer to use lapras+arcanine/ninetales+exeggutor, changing one of these to a starter, arcanine/ninetales depends on your version, add an electric type, a flying type if you chose bulba/squir or a ground type if you chose char

with charmander, train to level 14, then use metal claw on brock, super effective on geodude and onix also i think