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Charmander, the Stray Pokémon (011)


Team Awesome
Gah, Damian definitely ranks among the worst trainers ever. Any guy who would abandon his pokemon like that so cruelly is horrible. I don't want to criticize too much because I once released a ralts because it was pretty useless in battle at early levels, but I've learned since that ralts can grow into pretty uber-powerful gardevoirs. Needless to say, I've never released a pokemon again. Not even my disobedient onix, which is sitting in Crystal and will probably never be called on again. I blame myself for that one, though.

Anyway, this episode makes me wonder if Damian's treatment of charmander had any influence on how he treated Ash before "Charizard Chills". It's not that I think he didn't trust Ash, but I can't help wondering. It could have been his personality, too, since Squirtle was also possibly abandoned but he never gave Ash trouble.


So hot he's on fire.

DAMIAN. *cuddles Damian* Fine, if you people won't like him then I'll keep him in the OOS SHELTER FOR BROKEN ONESHOTS with Dario and Andreas and Zane :x HE WILL BE LOVED THERE I SAY. And probably gangbanged. But that's beside the point.

Damian was the first minor character I ever lurved. Huzzah <33333




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That episode rocked, dont you all think. It rocked couse charmander was in it, and charmander is the best pokemon of all, well, hes the cutest pokemon, or atleast in that episode. :)


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i loved this episode. who could forget when ash catches his charmander, bulbasaur, and squrtle? pretty good plot 9/10


Yeah, ok!
LOL @ this thread. It's funny reading posts from over a year ago in these ep. threads and see how different people have become since then.

Anyway this was a great episode of course, the abandoned Charmander that eventually becomes one of Ash's most powerful and trusted Pokemon.

And that also spawned a hell of a lot of Charizard merchandize.

::remembers when edition 1 Charizard cards were like $150::


Although it was really mean someone abandoned Charmander I think it was destiny that it was suppose to be Ash's. Might sound cliche but I think it was. and Charmander was a great Pokemon. It's ashame after it evolved it didn't listen for long time. This episode was definitely great. I had forgotten that Charmander was abandoned. Been so long since I've seen the 1st season episodes. I give this episode 8/10.

Ultimate Mewtwo

Thunder Trainer
I like this episode because Ash gets the Pokémon that will become the strongest and I like it because Charmander/ Charmeleon/ Charizard are my favorites Pokémon.


I love this episode; I like Charmander's personality and it was good that Damien tried to abandon Charmander since Ash could capture it.

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I loved this episode. Damain was a jerk and i wanted to give him a belt in the eye for leaving that poor charmander out in the rain to be picked off by spearows.I also agree with the idea of them meeting Daiman again in the BF. Of course, Ash would have charizard with him. That would be awsome.


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Good Epi. I loved it cause i loved Charmander at the time. Damien was a prick. Anyway good epi 7/10


Gmaster Charizardpal
Didn't anyone find it weird how Ash was like cuddling the charmander in this episode and everything? Seemed a little more personal than the interaction between a human and a stray dog...


Turnabout Pokemon
This was an excellent episode. Like some other people here, I liked Damian. He had a real personality, even if he was a jerk. :) Even the recently introduced Shinji can't beat Damian in his sheer deviousness and how he treats Pokemon like tools. By the look of it, he also seemed to catch anything and everything, judging from the dozens of Pokeballs that he had. I found that so neat, too! It's such a stark comparison to how many other characters have less than six. By the way, Maddie was Damian's VA? Wow! Maddie is so talented! -*__*-

One of the things I loved about this episode is the theme of friendship and loyalty that was placed in it. Seeing Charmander try to stay on the rock, waiting for its trainer to return was so heartwrenching, especially considering how Damian had no intention to return.

I also agree with those who put that Brock should have caught Charmander. He really did seem to be the one to show that he was willing to do anything to defend the Pokemon's honor (by almost having a fight in the Pokemon Center)! Yeah, it also would have made sense since Brock does get a Fire type Pokemon in just a few more episodes. Yeah, I was not a fan of Ash getting all three starters. Though, it was still nice to see Charmander go to the trainer it wanted to.

Yeah, I always had a theory on why Charmander went rogue when it evolved. I think it had a lot to do with how Damian would belittle it and call it weak, so when it finally became stronger through evolution, it might have gone to its head. I think Charizard's evolution might have also been something that scared Ash's two other Kanto starters to fear evolving. Thanks a lot, Char. ^^;;

All in all, a great episode. I would have liked to have seen Damian again during Battle Frontier or something. Of course...that would never happen...


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This was the first episode of Pokemon I ever saw and it got me hooked on Pokemon. I still hate Damian for what he did to the Charmander and I think his bad treatment of Charmander is the reason it became so out of control when it evolved into Charizard. This is a classic episode and is one of my favourites 8/10.


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A good episode, grats to Ash for getting a Charmander. Damian the trainer of the day that everyone loves to hate, nice to see him get put in his place by the Pokemon he abandoned. Nice to see TR actually learning from their encounters with the gang but really getting a huge machine to just to dig a hole no wonder their constantly poor.


Back! =D
must... resist... ONE DAY THE WORLD WILL SEE HITOKAGE NO CHIKARA!!! What, you already knew how great Charmander was? Nvm... Great ep, amazing music, and Charmander!!! 10/10!
As I make my way back through the old episodes, I realise now that yes, Brock should most definitely have caught Charmander, as he was the one most angered about Damian's abandonment of the youngling.
Speaking of Damian, where on Earth was that accent meant to originate from?


Don't die, ketchup!
I felt terrible for Charmander in this episode. I hate it when Pokemon are abused.