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Charmander, the Stray Pokémon (011)


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Ah, this episode. The episode with that controversial character of the day and the origins of the "Powerhouse" of Ash's entire collection of caught Pokémon. Damian was pretty good in fulfilling the role as the antagonist of this episode and that made it just the more interesting to watch. Also, I love the different personality of Charmander that was totally the opposite to the later machismo of the evolutionary forms (Those were hilarious and cool too).


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I really loved this episode. Brock did the right thing buy standing up for Charmander in the Pokemon Center against that loser Damien. Damien made me so mad as a kid. I hated on how he promised to go back for Charmander, but never did. Talk about a liar. I was very happy that Charmander finally had enough and started to flame his butt. I am glad that Ash got the Charmander, but I always felt that Brock could of had it.


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This episode was great. Too bad it was rehashed twice. At least this time Damian didn't turn out to be right in the end for some dumb reason like Samurai and AJ did.
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This episode pretty much tells us what to do and what not to do as a Pokemon trainer. You should always have faith in your Pokemon.


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It would have been nice to see Damian in the Kanto league so Ash could sweep his team. But that's alright. Poor Damian. "That worthless Charminduh" probably gave him third degree burns.
Eah, same old "abandoned starter" sob story. I prefer Chimchar's sob story because it was written best. As for this episode, it was average.


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The best part of this episode was when Charmander and Pikachu taught Damien a lesson (how was he able to have so many Poke balls?)


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The best part of this episode was when Charmander and Pikachu taught Damien a lesson (how was he able to have so many Poke balls?)
They hadn't introduced the "only six pokemon rule" yet. This is a rather standard episode, but I like it. It's a bit corny, but that's to be expected. I was shocked when the group of spearow tried to attack charmander. I'm a bit surprised the writers did that.


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Yep, it wasn't introduced until Ep. 13 "Mystery at the Lighthouse," two episodes after this one.
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And this is where it began with the Fire Starters having abusive/bad Trainers. It was a good episode. Brock did seem quite interested in Charmander. I wonder if he should have gotten it.


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Thus Ash catches Charmander who will evolve twice and become a total jackass before becoming one of his most reliable Pokemon

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Re-watched this episode and the Charizard returns episode from Unova back to back. This is still probably one of my favorite episodes from the Original Series.

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There's something about this episode that makes it stand out amongst others in this season. It could be because it involves a Charmander, one of the most popular of the Kanto starters. It might be because of the then-surprising look at a trainer who doesn't take care of Pokémon very well (and are not part of Team Rocket). Or it's because death is mentioned explicitly throughout the episode. Refuge in audacity much, Pokémon? (Shame death would be touched upon less and less as the years went on, though.) Then again, it was taking cues from the games, so that might be why it got away with it for that one episode...


It's been ten days since they departed from Cerulean, huh? What have they been doing, walking in circles? You would think they had already been on either Route 24 or Route 5. (Unless... the bridge they crossed in the previous episode was Nugget Bridge...?) This also is probably one of the few times routes were mentioned, because I don't remember hearing them in future episodes. Also, Ash can't read maps. Well, thank goodness he happened to have some companions with him, otherwise he would've gotten lost back in Viridian Forest. I get that he's ten, but you would think most ten-year-olds would learn how to read a map. And why didn't either Brock or Misty point this out? They're older than him, they could've corrected him. I mean, Misty was facing that map, she would've noticed something (especially since she's lived in Cerulean City, so she probably would've known which way to go). Plot-induced stupidity, I guess.

So we meet a Charmander, it seemed inevitable at this point... but this one's weak. Interesting. It's not known how long he's been there, but he's been there long enough to either be starving, or still suffering from injuries, whatever is causing him to breathe so hard. I find it ironic Misty says it has an attitude problem, as in about 34-35 episodes... a possible subtle foreshadowing, perhaps? We don't get Charmander's personality much here like we did with Bulbasaur, but we can tell he's a loyal, probably stubborn Pokémon. By the end when he toasts Team Rocket (whom go back into digging holes because... they're just not being threatening right now), we see how much of a flame he has. He will over time become one of Ash's most powerful Pokémon, but for now, he's just the adorable, sweet Charmander we all know.

But of course, you can't talk about this episode without mentioning the person who predates Paul by about ten years: Damien. He's not the only abusive Pokémon trainer (A.J. may or may not count, but at least he cared for his Pokémon), but he's our first experience with one, and he won't be our last. He just happened to be the most memorable out of them all only because of how much of a douchebag he is from the start. We are introduced to him bragging about how he left his Charmander out to pretty much die because of it being too weak for him. (Though his cronies are probably worse, one stated that “it'll probably wag [its tail] so long it'll put the flame out”, and they laugh about it.) He shows no concern over Brock getting in his face over it, then he leaves until the end when he decides to get Charmander. However, he reveals that training Pokémon is “boring”. Well what did you think it meant to be a Pokémon Trainer, and why did you choose to be one if you thought you were going to get freebies every chance you got?

Dick. He deserved more than getting a Flamethrower to the face, to be honest with you.

Team Rocket shows up by the final act, digging holes again, as mentioned earlier. Really, the last time they actually did something worthwhile was back in episode six when they were close to stealing the Moon Stone. They have not been very threatening for a while, even with the gadgets they've now been getting pretty much out-of-the-blue. Is it any wonder Giovanni chews them out in a few episodes? They may be newbies at this job (probably), but it doesn't mean they're good at it. I'm not sure if that was exactly intentional, or if it was because Takeshi Shudo was being forced to do this to his characters, but if they're just going to do nothing but dig pitfalls and get chased off by someone other than Ash... Well, I mean there was that bazooka that shot out a rubber bubble-balloon (they now got smart enough to protect themselves from Pikachu's electricity), I guess since they probably could've gotten away with it had it not been for Charmander showing up. Speaking of, how did Charmander get there the way it showed up? He went the opposite director that Ash and the others would go. Unless they got turned around...

Also, Ash gave a good point. Brock was the most concerned of Charmander, so why did he just let Ash take it? Just because he kept the flame on his tail lit? That doesn't necessarily mean he can take care of that Pokémon, but whatever, Brock's just a nice guy like that. Missed out on a great opportunity for a good Pokémon (even though it's possible Charmander wouldn't evolve for a long time anyway under his care), and he won't get Vulpix for a while, so... *shrugs* His and the writers' decisions. Gotta catch 'em all!

So overall, while this is not a favorite episode of mine, it is a good episode, possibly one of the better ones. The pacing feels a bit condensed at times, but it was simple and linear. We got a bit of a backstory with a Pokémon, got to see that there are indeed douchebag trainers out there, and death is talked about without much restriction. Okay, Ash got a new team member thus proving this episode wasn't filler. Hmm, gee, I wonder if we will get to see Squirtle next. Not that the opening hadn't spoiled it for us, let alone that it's been 16 years since the episode aired and thus everyone knows what it is and what happened in it.

That, and it's my favorite of the three episodes. I don't think I will need to explain why. Maybe. But in the meantime, we're still going to be nowhere near Vermilion City and are probably still going the wrong way.

Silly Ash.


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This episode aired on CN this morning (in wide screen format which was spiffy) and I think I enjoyed it more because of that. I laughed out loud when Misty kicked Brock at the start of the episode; I loved when anime violence was common in Pokemon. Also, I hadn't noticed before, but Spearow were so bad in these older episodes; the way they were attacking Charmander in the rain was messed up. I was also surprised by how easily Team Rocket gave up on snatching Pikachu once Charmander arrived. I mean one fire attack shouldn't have made them flee like that, but whatever. This was still an enjoyable episode.


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Man, this episode was amazing. I LOVE Misty so much in the beginning! I simply could not stop laughing at how she kicked Brock in the face. I really miss her since she was a joy to watch.
Charmander was great and so was the episode overall.