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Chase's Breeding Shop

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by Chase23, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. Chase23

    Chase23 Member

    Shop closed
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2013
  2. Chase23

    Chase23 Member

    Shop now open and taking orders!
  3. tedg123

    tedg123 New Member

    Hey, i've been needing a Vullaby for my pokedex in White 2. Wondering if you could help me out. All I have to offer your want list is a simple ditto.
  4. General Nonsense

    General Nonsense Star Glider

    Could you breed me a Mudkip perhaps? I can trade you a Ditto. Does a Ditto with a modest nature count as an interesting Ditto?
  5. aeronman

    aeronman New Member

    Ill trade a dwf dratini, dwf eevee even throw in a dwf politoed for a chimchar preferably male with ivs in speed and attack and a jolly nature
  6. izzyfresh

    izzyfresh Darkness Awaits...

    Hey I quite like your shop I need a caterpie and weedle I'll give you a dwf paras, a dwf meditite and dwf kabuto?"
  7. Chase23

    Chase23 Member

    Ok, so I'm getting pretty bored of timewasters, people who can't or won't write in coherent English, people who can't read/ask stupid questions/have no intention of trading, people who disappear when their order is ready, and people who OFFER ME something first only to say the trade is unfair. If you cannot read the first post or don't actually want to trade, then go away.

    On the other hand, anyone who would like to trade, can write in plain English, and offers me something I'm actually asking for, for something I'm actually offering, may have added to their order for free one of the following: A modest Zorua with extrasensory, a Deino with dark pulse, a dream radar Riolu, or a starter of their choice.

    Thankyou. :)
  8. clarkey_2000

    clarkey_2000 Active Member

    will you accept azelf? or kyruem?
  9. Chase23

    Chase23 Member

    I don't really need them, but I may accept them depending on what you want.
  10. clarkey_2000

    clarkey_2000 Active Member

    look at my sig if there are any there you want...
    for azelf or kyruem thats 3 eggs right? smeargle and squirtle and totodile and piplup for both of my legends is that ok
  11. Keldminrachi91

    Keldminrachi91 Just call me Cooki

    Can you breed a Pikachu with Wish, a Chikorita with Heal Pulse and a Ralts with Shadow Sneak? I don't care about IVs, EVs, Nature, HP type, etc, but I would prefer it if the Chikoria and Ralts were Female I can give:

    The three Muskedeers Trio,
    DW PKMN (mostly males),
    and others that need to be transferred.
  12. clarkey_2000

    clarkey_2000 Active Member

    hello again my friend, do you have any shiny bulbas? will you accept the sacred swords (not keledo for tytrrade)? 2 are untouched
  13. Chase23

    Chase23 Member

    Don't have shinies for trade. Says in the second line. Breeding only. You want something breeding? :)

    And I've got plenty of the sword trio, so no I don't want them.
  14. clarkey_2000

    clarkey_2000 Active Member

    i'll want something breeding. do you mind if it's cloned??

    if you have a problem with this i can arrange otherwise
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2013
  15. Chase23

    Chase23 Member

    Mind if what's cloned? What I breed for you, or what you offer me?

    And don't double post in here please. Use the edit button...
  16. clarkey_2000

    clarkey_2000 Active Member

    ok sorry and what i offer you
  17. Chase23

    Chase23 Member

    That depends on what you're offering, and how you're cloning it. You know AR cloning is banned here?
  18. clarkey_2000

    clarkey_2000 Active Member

    yah i know i can offer the pokes at the very bottom of my sig if your interwested
  19. Chase23

    Chase23 Member

    Only interested in Darkrai and Arceus. Would you like to order something? It's well and good me saying what I want from you, but if you don't tell me what you want, we aren't going to get very far... :)
  20. clarkey_2000

    clarkey_2000 Active Member

    yah umm i won't get the darkrai and arceus yet but their both events so thats 10 pokemon right for both!?

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