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Chasing Pavements (oneshot) - Contestshipping

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by isawthephoto, May 30, 2009.

  1. isawthephoto

    isawthephoto Still waiting.

    Enjoy :]

    Title: Chasing Pavements
    Author: Cate (on FF.net at marysuesuglybff)
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairings: Imageshipping (friendship), Contestshipping, Waterflowershipping, Pokeshipping (implied)
    Rating: PG-13


    Feet smacked aimlessly against the rain soaked pavement. The distant clapping of thunder and its twin, the twisting lightning, did little to make the girl slow in her pursuit of freedom.

    It wasn’t fair, she thought, not bothering to wipe the rouge tears away from her blue eyes. Life wasn’t fair, wasn’t right.


    “Haruka!” the feminine voice called again, and this time the brunette caught a trace of a sob in between the “ha” and “ka.” Still, she did not stop, didn’t let her predator catch up with her.

    Kasumi couldn’t win in this game, too. Haruka wouldn’t let her; she’d protect herself until the last. Until death.

    “Come on,” a tiny voice cooed inside of her head. “Kasumi loves you, and you love her. She’s your best friend. She wouldn’t ever hurt you like this.”

    Then why did she steal his heart? Why did she show absolutely no consideration in her pursuit of… him? It simply didn’t add up. It didn’t. And Haruka, regardless of the tears streaming down her face, knew this.

    “Haruka, stop!”

    And she just wanted to keep running, but she knew that eventually her athletic pursuer would catch up. She always did.

    In every little aspect of their lives, Kasumi caught up and sped past her. In beauty, in pokemon training… and even though she’d only performed in a contest once, Kasumi had done remarkably well.

    “I studied you and Shuu, Haru-chan,” she had demurred after winning the ribbon. “I mean, if you guys had been in the ring, I would have been destroyed.” Kasumi was always so humble.

    It would have been nice, Haruka thought, to have been in that contest. She couldn’t begin to guess if Kasumi was at all right from watching the redhead in just one contest.
    “Haru-chan! Please wait!” Kasumi gasped, employing the nickname that they’d used since becoming so close. Of course, just as the gym leader had planned—Haruka knew she was ever such a scheming girl—the brunette really couldn’t handle this usage.
    Kasumi wouldn’t hurt her. Not intentionally, anyway.

    She came to a stop and fell to the pavement, her knees quivering from the extensive sprint. It wasn’t fair… she always won.

    Haruka heard the footsteps stop a moment later and felt the wet arms of the tall girl around her.

    “You have to listen, Haru-chan,” Kasumi whispered into Haruka’s wet hair, her voice rough from screaming. “I told Shuu no. I just never thought he’d bring it up at the dinner like this…

    “He came to me two weeks ago… said that he loved you but that you’d been so… distant lately. We talked for hours, I guess, because Satoshi was in Masara visiting Hanako-mama, and so we had no one to remind us of the time.” Haruka stared at the water glittering on the road. The reflections of the street lights twinkled as rain drops interrupted their peace.

    “But what happened tonight, I just didn’t foresee. But I promise you, he loves you so much… and I am nothing.”

    Arms lifted away from the broken young woman, leaving Haruka without a shield once more. Kasumi knelt in front of her, and Haruka caught a glimpse of the red blue eyes staring imploringly at her.

    They held so many lies. Kasumi never lost. She simply coated things over, shrouding the truth with her kindness.

    “I want to believe you, Kasu. But…”

    The redhead’s glance darted to her ring finger. “If you don’t, then take a look at this. It was a promise I made not only to my husband five years ago, but to every other woman in this world. And I never break my promises.”

    Kasumi never lost, the coordinator thought. She never broke. Never. And that meant in her vows, too. A hand stretched out and wiped Haruka’s cheek ever so maternally.
    “Shuu loves you, Haruka. I promise. So stop crying, for the love of Arceus.”

    Perhaps she was right. Haruka didn’t want to argue, especially not whilst sitting on the rain soaked pavement. She leapt into Kasumi’s lap and threw her arms around the older woman’s neck.

    “I love you, Kasu.”

    “I know,” she replied, giggling into the top of her head before pulling the younger one into her arms.

    And in the storm, in their lives, that was all they needed to be fine.
  2. L0v3 is Evol

    L0v3 is Evol Active Member


    I really liked it, and it wasn't because there was Contestshipping. It was because of the emotions that you were able to portray through Haruka and Kasumi's friendship. Good job ;136;

    I really liked this part, it shows how bad Haruka felt about Kasumi's 'betrayal.' You showed how it was like the situation was out of equilibrium for Haruka.

    Aww... Contestshipping moment, on Haruka's side. ;munchlax; Haruka being shattered by the fact that her best friend tried to take Shuu away shows how much she needs him, yet cannot do anything because of her friend.

    I felt that the friendship between Haruka and Kasumi was very strong, since you made it evident that Kasumi wanted to save their relationship.

    This is the best part IMO:
    All in all, it's a really good story. The friendship made this story very touching. ;049;

    L0v3 is Evol
  3. isawthephoto

    isawthephoto Still waiting.

    It's interesting, because in my mind, Kasumi and Shuu never were actually lovers, and Shuu never loved Kasumi. I kind of just saw him being drunk at a dinner party and doing something stupid like kissing her.

    But I know from experience that watching someone you love fall for a best friend (even if they really aren't together) is absolutely horrible. Still, I think it says a lot about Haruka's and Kasumi's friendship that they were able to get past the incident.


    Thank you so much for your kind review!
  4. L0v3 is Evol

    L0v3 is Evol Active Member

    Oh, because in my mind I was influenced about the part where it said:
    It was 3rd person, so I was thinking, 'Un-biased info.' But I guess it was just Haruka's thinking...right =/?

    Heheheh, yea :)
    And your welcome ;026;
  5. isawthephoto

    isawthephoto Still waiting.

    Haha, yes, I have a tendency to invoke the old unreliable narrator shtick from time to time.
  6. L0v3 is Evol

    L0v3 is Evol Active Member

    Umm...what's a shtick? Is that another word for trick o.o? Heheh...I'm not very good with terms -.-'
  7. isawthephoto

    isawthephoto Still waiting.

    Oh.. sorry! A shtick is like an act or someone's lingo... a spiel, though that's kind of an obscure phrase...
  8. MapleRoses

    MapleRoses Jaejoong is HERO

    Hi, isawthephoto. Is this a oneshot? *stupid me!* I like how you made Haruka envy of Kasumi. It was all just misunderstanding, right? I can picture your descriptions very well :)) oh, Kasumi has a husband? XD Neat story :) keep up!

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