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cheap decklists to consider for 2015 states


Kanto Region Champ
March madness the time of ncaa shinanigans, and the introduction to the world championship series, LC's and cities are just a warm up for the 2 months of states, 1 month of regionals, 1 month of nationals 1 month off then worlds, so I'm going to basically just post links to lists that give lists and ideas behind playing them to fairly affordable, under 100$ decks that basically won or came close to winning in regionals last month, first up the won that won Florida, this deck won in a format with primal clash maybe gives you an idea to what you might want to play and see how it works by experience into states.

Florida, 2015 regional championship decklist/report

Introduction article to Bats, current vir/gen (over priced) and night march which made top 8 in VA, to later play yveltal/garbo day 2

Also here is a list or players/decklist that did well, as well as a graph based on what decks where played, what won and what had the better percentage to win overall, I haven't been able to play in a lot of tournaments or had the time for testing due mainly to life (work is easy, it's finding the spare time inbetween things), a shout out to a friend of mine Jordan for taking second place at Oregon, its nice to see players you can play well against do well in large tournaments. peace and enjoy states.