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Cheap decks going into 2014-2015


Kanto Region Champ
With the new eevee from frious fist it has tons of options for deck choices such as vileplume x4 weakness, garbodor ability shutdown, (my personal favorite) flygon acceleration setup and lastly the plasma engine. Granted that the plasma engine seems to be the fastest, vilplume has the greatest damage output and garbodor's ability coverage destroys alot of decks, flygon is by far the fastest on and off paper to setup (plus it's flygon, which I hope is a worlds deck), so the list (which is possibly 50$ to make and rather good).

2-0-1/2 flygon (1 sand slammer flygon for league fun, this would be replaced with a 3rd trapinch but whatever).
4 eevee furious fist
-2 plasma epseon
-1 plasma jolteon
-1 plasma leafeon
-1 plasma vaporeon
-1 plasma glaceon
-1 plasma flareon

3 grass
3 fighting
3 psychic
2 electric
2 water

4 juniper
4 N
3 colress
2 shauna
3 ultra ball
4 rare candy
3 fan club
3 profs letter
1 e. retrieval
1 superior e. retrieval
1 sacred ash
1 megaphone