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cheated pokemon which dont work??

Discussion in 'Battle Revolution (Hidden)' started by ShadowAskyz, Jan 5, 2012.

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  1. ShadowAskyz

    ShadowAskyz MasterChief

    Hey everyone I cheated a Mew, Relaxo, Mewtu, Arctos, etc.
    on my gameboy advance then transfer to DS then to PBR

    My question is - arctos is a legendary and cheated shiny but i can use him in online battles but Mewtu mew or even RELAXO not - can anyone tell me why?

    they got normal attacks normal ev,dv, attacks etc. so i dont really understand it! They all are like catched at same place yet its unlogical for me so please anyone can tell me how this all works
    WHAT EXACTLY do I have to make while cheating in my gba with action replay on saphir/emerald that those pokemon work?

    I could catch them lvl 2 with masterball and then give them rare candy etc. but I'd like to do it somehow with a code cheating them instant lvl 100 with perfect ev. etc :D
  2. *Picachu&Pichu*

    *Picachu&Pichu* <- I want my milky!

    You could try not cheating.
  3. overlordmewtwo

    overlordmewtwo Supreme Overlord

    First of all, could tell me what the other two Pokemon are? Other than Mew and Mewtwo, I have no idea what Pokemon you're talking about. As for the hacking online sort of thing, I'm with ^ in that you could try not cheating. I think that hacked Pokemon work in DS to DS battles, but not PBR online battles.

    I've heard that PBR has a hack check that prevents unfair advantages in online battles, and I think it really does. I've actually had what you describe happen to me, too, when I caught an illegal Deoxys (not found on Birth Island) in FireRed and imported it to Pearl, then copied it to PBR. I could use it fine in-game, but not in online battles.

    So yeah, it's better that you didn't hack the Pokemon in the first place.
  4. ShadowAskyz

    ShadowAskyz MasterChief

    actually my question is just how to fix it because I already trained every pokemon myself and I just wanted to spare some time making some others so...
    im not kind of those who cheat pokemon with 255 ev on every stat etc. dont worry ...

    I mean if you like we can battle so you'll see what I mean hehe (without cheated pokemons ofc) ;p

    but well I got a action replay and wanted to "try" some new things out like I did in pokemon colosseum and I tried to use a cheated relaxo with a attack which he normally cant learn and a arctos for example - Relaxo didnt work but arctos did, huh? strange ;/

    both found in same place~

    the thing is I just wanted to get a deoxys and mew lvl 100 with normal attacks and normal stats. with 252 ev on speed and 252 ev on attack and with its nature like solo if you know what I mean (nature makes one stat -10% and another +10%)
    -> Otherwise i'd have to catch 10 deoxys with masterball lvl 2 training them to lvl 100 with preparing all the ev etc. =takes much more time

    I hope y understand ;p it'll still be legally - im just trying to spare some time hehe
  5. blaze boy

    blaze boy Aka SamuraiDon

    First off work on your spelling no-one can understand what you are saying. Secondly PBR blocks any cheated pokémon from being used on line.
  6. overlordmewtwo

    overlordmewtwo Supreme Overlord

    I've used a device like that before, and it does save time, but there are better ways to avoid the hack. For instance, catch a legendary Pokemon in a legal location so that way you can use it online. Or, train a Pokemon 252/252/4 by using a super vitamin code to save yourself time. Second, never, EVER give a Pokemon an attack that it can't normally learn and expect to use it online. It activates the hack check on PBR, which doesn't allow anything "illegal" such as Pokemon caught in the wrong location, stats a Pokemon can't normally have, and attacks it can't normally know. In DS battles, maybe you can do this (because I've seen YouTube videos of people battling hacked Pokemon).

    So, to put it simply, you wasted your time. Good luck on finding and training new Pokemon.
  7. Indigoodra

    Indigoodra Well-Known Member

    Mmmyah, cheating is bad. I haven't done it myself, but from everything I've heard, it doesn't work.

    BTW, what the HECK are Arctos/ Relaxo? USE THE SPECIES NAME, NOT YOUR NICKNAMES.

    Although, I kinda like Relaxo :3
  8. ShadowAskyz

    ShadowAskyz MasterChief

    overlordmewtwo your answer helped me abit thx :D but still I have to say I got a mewtwo right now which is cheated with 420 sp.attack and he works online o.o probably hes not seen illegal in the game

    anyways @Narwhal haha sorry dude I dont know the english names for all the pokemons and I thought relaxo and arctos are same in english - in english it is: snorlax and articuno HAHA

    anyways everyone feel free to post anything you like i think im done with my thread ;p
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