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check my eeveelution


6 different pokemon

evolution of eevee: lv-up in a sandstorm
ability: sandstream

sp. att:60
sp. def:65

8: sand-attack
15: mud slap
22: quick-attack
29: bite
36: EQ
43: mud bomb
53: last resort
57: eatrh power
64: amnesia
71: spikes

description dex:
Terreon can damage foes severely with its tail, but this hardly occurs because Terreon tend to be calm-natured. They are seen mostly in deserts,lying on rocks."

and...what do you think ...good..bad?

new version:

better?worse? i made the colours a bit brighter+ made his head smaller.
(i dind't change the leggs yet)

newer version::p

changed the eyes
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Contest Agent
Its kind of cute but it needs to learn Earthquake at level up so try to put the move at level 69.


That sounds pretty cool. The picture looks to much like the Taco-bell dog in my opionion. When they do make a ground type evee I picture it being more a sandish color like the male Hippowdons color. And yah it should learn earthquake.


WOBBA!! *salutes*
looks good i really wish they wouldnt have ruined flareon AGAIN they could have atleast given him/her flare blitz


Well-Known Member
WAY too similar to Glaceon to be something else. It's basically a recolor with some extra features gone. Also, work on your grammar. As for the name, it's good. Although, Terreon might roll off the tongue better.

"Terreon can damage foes severely with its tail, but this hardly occurs because Terreon tend to be calm-natured. They are seen mostly in deserts."
For the PokeDex info <3


Ya mums a mum
it does learn earthquake, that is wat EQ is


the picture is kinda wierd...and u didnt scratch,you fused...eeveelutions look better when scratched IMO.


You best believe it
It's okay. The colours look a bit wierd.

By the way, I like how you noticed how all the Eeveelutions base stats all add up to 525.


Insert Coin(s)
As a GROUND type fan, I say that this pokemon would be....great!!! though I think that it should look more sandy-colored, you know like sandslash, dugtrio, etc...
Good job noobiess. I hope game freak would consider this.


6 different pokemon
OK! thanks for the good comments :p
i'll try to make him i bit lighter and his legs a bit thinker.
but about the name: Terreon of terraxeon?
i don't know:
terreon: sounds better but you don't see much the connection betwean terreon and terra..... so what do you think?