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Cheer Pressure! (328)


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I remember this episode from 4 years ago. It was really cool. I liked the cheerleaders in this episode. And Thacher was really good, too.


Great episode, i loved that Thacher returned.
And the battle with Seviper was great, although it was little fake.


Title is a pun on Peer Pressure apparently, and it works. I don't know why a random COTD returned to be the star though.

Though I'm glad that Plusle and Minun got a good chance to redeem themselves after their last horrible episode. I loved that Jessie and Seviper got the action and screentime they deserved and that the battle was, for the most part, enjoyable.

It was too bad that the whole thing was a set up and that Seviper was receiving aid from a Makuhita and Roselia.....cheaters, the lot of them! 3/10


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Thacher- loved his style, but he shouldn't have joined to the cheering group. I'm happy Max discovered the deception.:)


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Ugh...I didn't like the first episode Thatcher, Plusle, and Minun were in, and I didn't very much care for this one either. The terrible animation only made it worse.

Bad episode...


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This episode was ok... It was cool having Plusle and Minun back. There was definitely alot of cheating going on in the TR vs the gang battles, reviving their Pokemon when that's illegal in that way. I'm glad they figured out the truth and ended the scam, even though it was easy to tell within the 1st couple minutes what was going on. It was cool to see how Aromatherapy and Helping Hand attacks work.



Another bad episode. Thatcher isn't interesting at all. In fact, his sister, who received less screen time in their debut episode is more interesting than him. Max has already become the annoying character that I remembered him being when I last watched AG years ago and now I can see why: he's an annoying little kid. Even more so than the other protagonists. I really wasn't interested in this episode due to the characters really. Everyone was just pretty dull.


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This episode was alright in a way. It was nice to see Plusle and Minun again and Thatcher too, but otherwise, this episode was one of those Team Rocket plans that took a entire episode and invetiably ended up with them being blasted away by Pikachu.
Not much to say here... Plusle and Minun were kinda cute, but that's pretty much it for me... And I didn't mind Brock's flirtiness. And I liked seeing attacks like Helping Hand too. It was nice how Max revealed the betrayal, the idea of that kind of unfair way to win felt funny. 6/10.


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"Cheer Pressure!"

This was an OK episode, but nothing spacial. It's good to see Thatcher again, his Plusle and Minun appearance were much better in this episode than they were in their debut episode.

I didn't like how Sheridan was cheating by cheering......no, not by cheering, but by commanding his Pokémon for help Jessie win her battle against Ash. Max did a good job by revealing Sherdian's Roselia and Vileplume, but I think it'd be better if Brock revealed the Pokémon instead of Max. Team Rocket, as usual, got blasted off in this episode too.

I didn't like this episode's dub title, I don't get why 4kids likes make the English dub titles full of puns instead of making simple dub titles like they did in the early Kanto episodes.
Didn't think we'd see someone the group met before so soon.
Sheridan's coat had quite the collar on it. I know it was to conceal the microphone he was using, but still.


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Ugh...I didn't like the first episode Thatcher, Plusle, and Minun were in, and I didn't very much care for this one either.

Bad episode...
Agreed.Pretty boring filler.I didn't really find anything interesting in this episode. 4/10.

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I dunno if I liked seeing the boy with the Plusle and Minun again cuz I didn't like them much the first time we saw them. I liked seeing the man cheat by using Aromatherapy however. That was fun.
I didn't expect to see Thatcher, Plusle, and Minun again so soon but I liked seeing the cheer squad and how Sheridan was cheating by abusing Aromatherapy.


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I find it annoying how Max drags Brock away when he is chatting up women, just let him do, maybe he will find a nice girl!! Other than that, I LIKE MAX, I don't get why everyone dislikes him so much.

I couldn't remember who Thatcher was either, until they did the flashback, the characters looked just as puzzled at first.
I was enraged to see Thatcher and his gimmicky Plusle and Minun again. Pretty original plot though. I also thought Brock was pretty funny: he seemed to be even more hilarious than usual in AG, which is good.