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Cheers on Castaways Isle! (580)


This episode was nothing but a LOLWUT? filler...was something supposed to happen, or was that just me?

-Narrator flashback! Ken Gates is in ur anime...controlling ur storyline.
-Why exactly did did TR need a disguise? There was no one around, plus, I'm more than sure that Pikachu (maybe not Piplup) can mostly see through the disguises.
-Ok Ash, lets jump into the freezing water after a SUBMARINE. Buizel weighs 65 pounds. Ash weighs at least 100 something. I don't care if Buizel has a jet engine in his butt, he isn't going anywhere fast enough to catch a sub.
-Waaaiiiittt.....This Jenny is a dude. Brock didn't go gaga for her. wut.
-CORPHISH! This one is epic. I love it now.
-Easter Island, anyone? Moaipass still looks creepy.
-The Wingull were fail. Nothing happened.
-Mantyke is adorable and all....but....this ep for them failed as well.
-Deoxys? WTF? Why? What...what could you possibly need Deoxys in a filler like this for. Upcoming Promo? No. Future appearance in a movie? I don't think so. Pokemon, your writers stink.

Here's to hoping Phione will be sweet...I hope.

Couldnt agree more


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the dub in this episode is ok..


A hedonistic Piplup speeding in the corridors. It's the little things that can clue you into drug abuse.

Team Rocket responds in the language of dance.

No no no. It's: Jump on the ledge, lose the shirt, then dive into sea.

Buizel's become a pretty unselfish guy. It knows what Ash wants and doesn't haste to take him up to air.

When in Easter Island, perform ritual human sacrifices to your Jewish stone deities.

Stand by for Heaven's wrath.

Diablo's Ocean: Take your sins, come on down to the bayou, and SWING baby!

Scientists believe that's amore.

Wow...I'm reminded of the beat from Vitamin C's Vacation song.

You load sixteen tons, whaddya get? One helluva ****** Deoxys.

There's a Golden Rule of Rocket? Maybe there is something to vigilante justice.

Pretty handy that the gang's Pokegear is all free of metal.

And so, Deoxys flies off into space in search for next great meteorite to kick the crap out of.

5/10 They could've made something out of this episode, but they didn't. Pikachu and Piplup have a mellow relationship, they both stand out as leaders and look out for others. Just like Ash and Gary, one of them has go off character and decide to paint the town red just to liven things up. Why not throw in Mamoswine? Buizel? Gliscor?
Nosepass/Probopass were up to some interesting things, my guess is their roles ended up all over the cutting room floor. Diablo's Ocean? How could you raise our hopes like that? Last, Deoxys ended up slaughtering Team Rocket (who was out of hands anyway) and some rocks. Ugh.

Something has to be said for the music unique to this episode and the sweet Deoxys animation. The episode goes as average. I remain convinced only God level reality-morphing Dialga/Palkia/etc. can beat Deoxys. Even Mewtwo would have hard time.


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That was an okish episode. It was good to just have an episode that was dedicated to just Pikachu and Piplup for the time being and Team Rocket got a bit of screen time as well. Apart from that though I guess theres not a lot to say reallly. I hope the next two episodes are a bit more intresting


Nothing too special about this episode. The only thing that really got my attention for a moment was the Diablo insert there. It just seemed kind of strange in a Pokémon episode since they don't normally include devils and such in the dub.

Shadow XD001

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This episode starting getting interesting after hearing about the boats and seeing Deoxys..again. It was nice that Pikachu and Piplup got stranded on an island together.....


An alright episode, the Corphish and Deoxys are what stood out to me. The Pikachu/Piplup interaction was a bit bland for my liking. It was nice seeing a Corphish that wasn't Ash's, and one with a decent role in an episode, being the awesome little crayfish that it is. :)

A second appearance of Deoxys was welcome, even if it was only short. It's a pity they didn't do more with the Diablo name and the Nosepass/Probopass though. Still, it was worth watching, and I'm looking forward to the Phione episode.


Eh, I don't know if I can say much about this...

Pikachu & Piplup get stranded on an island, they find out that the resident Pokemon here are gathering pieces of meteorites & placing them next to a peculiar gem. Afterward, the gem regenerates itself & becomes a Deoxys, & by that time, everyone finds their missing Pokemon. However, TR have plans on getting Deoxys, but they haven't a hope in hell, as Deoxys blows them away with little trouble. Then, once everything is done, it leaves.

That's pretty much it...


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i was shocked when i heard officer jenny said "diablos island". I thought the corphish would remind ash of his like how the DONPHAN in hoenn reminded him of PHANPHY.
They really should have had subtitles in this one, at least when it is just the pokemon talking with no humans around. Like when Corphish is telling about how the stone first got there, all they have is the short clip with an untranslatable voice-over. I could only figure out what happened because of context, but I wish I didn't have to.


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They really should have had subtitles in this one, at least when it is just the pokemon talking with no humans around. Like when Corphish is telling about how the stone first got there, all they have is the short clip with an untranslatable voice-over. I could only figure out what happened because of context, but I wish I didn't have to.

Yeah I know it really should have had subs, woulda made things better (of course you can understand the flashback was about ) but still. This episode was boring and piplup was annoying throughout the whole episode. Pikachu had to go and fed the thing and it was being like a wannabe leader pushing pikachu out the way to avoid all being shocked, should have been cor. to stop Pikachu or stop it a different way than pushing. Overall .....u.g.h.. coulda been better...
Deoxys is one of my fav legend pokemon! cool music when pikachu and piplup are underwater. And how did pikachu learned how to swim!


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How did Pikachu learn to BREATHE AND TALK underwater is the question.


latios pwns 4 ever
too bad deyoxis got hit from that thunder.
too bad deyoxis got hit from that thunder.

Technically it was lightning. The bolt that comes down from the sky is lightning; thunder is the noise it makes. They really screwed that up when making the series with moves like Thundershock and Thunderbolt in place of Lightningbolt.
Also, while Deoxys was hurt, it could have been worse. After all, Deoxys is the only pokemon with the power of molecular regeneration.