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Chessshipping (Hilbert x Hilda) General Discussion

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by Kindrindra, May 13, 2010.

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  1. Kindrindra

    Kindrindra 大事なのは自分らしいくある事

    Apparently we don't have this yet. May be jumping the gun a little, as we don't even have the character's names...

    But w/e. Shipping between the male and female character of pokemon Black and White, Touya and Touko. Discuss.

    PS: If I'm too eager, mods, feel free to tell me/delete/move/whatever necessary. Don't want to get on anyone's wrong side.

    Black King: Storm The Pikachu
    White King: Naminésky
    Black Queen: riolulu
    White Queen: Vycksta
    Black Rook: Kindrindra
    White Rook: Bryony
    Black Bishop: Eevee248
    White Bishop: xxGlassRose
    Black Knight: pokefan#493
    White Knight: Silver_Seoul
    Black Pawn: Mr. Joker
    White Pawn: alyssonrose
  2. Vycksta

    Vycksta Well-Known Member

    No, posting a thread for the two is not jumping the gun. I was shipping Lyra with Michelle, Sneasel and Whitney two days after she was first introduced last year. *cackles*

    What IS jumping the gun? The shipping name, hence the title change. No name for them is official yet; talks are still going. If anything the pairing really should be Monochromeshipping as it was submitted a good three weeks ago but as that name is being used as a contender for Ash x Four-chan... yeah, shipping names. It's more serious than you think.

    Either way, I kinda ship them. Four-chan, being a female protagonist, will get shipped off a ton by myself as I'm such a sucker for them and she's a stunner yet my point still stands.
  3. Toran Frostbite

    Toran Frostbite Highrise Above All

    It seems it will LIKELY be Chessshipping. Meaning it's not Chessshipping yet, buuuut....

    Ketsuban/Transfinite didn't realize Ketsu (no relation) had already submitted a name, so....yeah. That's how this started. x_x I think I'll make Monochrome reserved for the threesome, if the rival is the stand-in for a game.

    Would be really cool for a theme this time, if Black-kun/Four-chan is Chess and Ash/Four-chan is Othello. Games, whut.
  4. Vycksta

    Vycksta Well-Known Member

    Chessshipping? Okay, whoever came up with that name deserves an internet or 5,000. That's GLORIOUS... and makes me so pleased that it's not going to be a name like Isshushipping. We all know what happened with Futabashipping vs. Twinleafshipping.

    So to clarify it looks like this; Black-kun x Four-chan as Chessshipping, Black-kun x Four-chan x the rival as Monochromeshipping and Ash x Four-chan as one of the 37846238462367 others left to pick from? Mmm, it's going better than I thought.

    Go encourage people to like Othelloshipping.
  5. Toran Frostbite

    Toran Frostbite Highrise Above All

    Well, Futaba/Twinleaf are the same, so it just naturally carried over.

    *doesn't have to encourage for shite; Othello's leading the pack, which is surprising since I counted more for Achromic in the initial estimation for it (I actually believe the poll's being stacked, but oh well)...which I can happily apply to something else if it doesn't pan out, like, Four-chan/Zoroark, or something* *declares Isshushipping Black-kun/potential-nameable-rival!*

    ....*off-topic* *COUGH* Sry. Carry on.
  6. Vycksta

    Vycksta Well-Known Member

    THIS MAKES ME VERY HAPPY TO HEAR. No, seriously, it does. Be sure to let me know if/when Chessshipping is set in stone, yes?

    Also RE; Futaba/Twinleaf, it was more for the Japanese vs. English and how there was all the kick up over the former. I don't want that to apply for this ship if Isshushipping was chosen, although said arguments in this case really are pointless.

    *waves Chessshipping flag* At this rate I'll be spamming with picture thread with glorious pictures, which makes me happy cause yanno, current Four-chan OTP and all. :>
  7. Ren the Ryoko

    Ren the Ryoko Rendering

    Yeah, ChessShipping is leading the Bulbaforums poll by a lot. It's pretty positively that one. (Ash/White is almost certainly Othello and we're discussing Ash/Black right now.)
  8. Vycksta

    Vycksta Well-Known Member

    Then as soon as the poll is done and Black-kun and Four-chan get their Japanese names I'll change the title, much as I am tempted now. Don't want to tempt fate and all; karma and me seem to constantly fight against each other. 8)
  9. Kindrindra

    Kindrindra 大事なのは自分らしいくある事

    Oh, I like the name of ChessShipping. They are each other's King and Queen!

    Anyway, does anyone think that the older nature of the characters might let us have more shippy scenes? Someone posted an idea in the Black and White Confirmed Information that was... Interesting. In a good way. Still E rated and all. Yet very shippy.
  10. catzeye

    catzeye Writer's Block

    *pops in out of nowhere* Hello!!

    Well in the games I actually doubt it. I mean the games are about being the best Pokemon trainer ever so shippy scenes will be kept to a minimum. I mean we might have a few more but it probably won't be a big shift. We probably won't have a romantic sub plot or anything like that.

    Now in the other Canons we might see something different.

    The manga arc would most likely have the most instances of shipping. The anime would depend on if both of the 5th gen characters end up in the anime. And what the writers decide for their personalities and interactions.
  11. TsukiMirage

    TsukiMirage Rikudou Master

    Mmm. Chessshiping sounds real nice. Those two look great together and I can't wait for more artwork of them to come put.
  12. Bryony

    Bryony /laughing

    It's a little too early to say for me, however the idea of the two being older does give more leeway in terms of fanfiction and fanart. As they'll be older they should technically be a bit more clued up on romance and it'll stop some non-shippers hating on people shipping ten-year-olds.
  13. Sonic Boom

    Sonic Boom @JohanSSB4 Twitter

    As sure as I'm standing (typing?), I have done nothing to persuade people's votes. I'm surprised myself that Othello has a lead in this, but I'd be lying if I said I don't like it xD

    ChessShipping sounds appropriate for this - it's the first non-racial thing I would think most people would think of when they hear the words black and white, aside from cartoons in the 1920s, lol. It's short, sweet, and gets the reference across.
  14. arceus7

    arceus7 Arcane Of The Wild

    love this one, Im an instant fan.chess shipping fits it to a T
    Last edited: May 18, 2010
  15. Toran Frostbite

    Toran Frostbite Highrise Above All

    ^^; For the record, your name never came to mind when I bring up that accusation. Trufax. And now with a theme coming together on this generation's naming scheme, I don't mind so much.
  16. Vycksta

    Vycksta Well-Known Member

    That is a wonderful way of looking at it and you should be very proud.

    Oh Soi won't it just? There'll ALWAYS be haters but yes, Black-kun and Four-chan being older means they'll be more mature ya. Your typical high school romance!
  17. Lawnmowergirl

    Lawnmowergirl Fangirl =/= Weeaboo

    I think that, so far, I support this. My mind might change later on, but for now, I support this. If for no other reason than the fact that this is the first time I've found the male player character attractive enough to ship with my player character (I've always shipped the girl with an attractive older guy or her rival, until now).

    But one question, since much discussion of it has been going on at Bulbagarden,. Is it officially called ChessShipping now, or is that still up for debate/also a possible name for Ash x the fifth gen girl? And if not, then what is that called?
  18. Vycksta

    Vycksta Well-Known Member

    Just this second checked over at Bulbagarden and it looks like Black-kun/Black x Four-chan/White does actually have an official name. Said name had at least 60 votes on the second most popular name so I can see why Toraphi closed the poll early.

    So spread the word people! Chessshipping is cemented, the real deal. *waves flag*

    /goes to edit title of thread
  19. Mr. Joker

    Mr. Joker keep calm & carry on

    OMGOMGOMGOMG Count me in!

    First off, hey guys and girls, Mr. Joker here. I have an unhealthy obsession with White, I ship here with everything. I like Black too, he looks like me :x.

    The name fits this ship very well.... Can I be a
  20. Ren the Ryoko

    Ren the Ryoko Rendering

    Our name is official : ) ChessShipping FTW.

    Now if only I could think up a good name for Ash/Black...
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