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Chessshipping- The Beginning (PG)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by LuringMaster, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. LuringMaster

    LuringMaster Mah dawg.


    Overall Rating: PG
    Pairings: ChessShipping
    Author's Note: Hello everyone, Touya here with a fan-fic. Now please excuse myself if it sounds a bit cheesy since this is my first fan-fic. Other than that, enjoy.

    ~ChessShipping: The Beginning~
    ~Prologue: Something Missing~

    Hilbert was
    victorious. He managed to defeat the Unova Champion: Alder, and was placed in the hall of fame. He felt confident after saving Unova from Team Plasma. That night, Hilbert came back to Nuvema Town, it was late at night, it was 11:00. Hilbert can see his house still there, safe and sound. He opened the door and found that his mom was sleeping upstairs. He went to his room and sat in his bed. For some reason, he felt something missing in his life after his victories. He wanted a friend, a friend that would support him throughout his entire life. The next morning, Hilbert went downstairs and saw that his mother was done making breakfast. His mother have noticed that he look a little pale. "Honey," she said. "Something wrong? Sit down and tell me what up."

    He sat down and told her what's up: "Mom, there's something missing in my life." "Why is that?" She asked, "You already beaten the champion and Team Plasma." "You've noticed that Dad, was a social bug back then, right?" Hilbert ask. "Oh yes, he was, that's how he met me," she answered. "What is that you're trying to say?" "What I'm trying to say" Hilbert replied, "is that I want a friend, a friend that would support me when I go to college." "Honey, you have plenty of friends, like Cheren and Bianca," Hilbert's Mom chimed-in. Hilbert decided to pluck up courage. "Bianca was just an air-head, while Cheren was just obsessed with power, and he was a know-it-all," he said. His mom was shocked. She couldn't think of anything to say after what Hilbert has said about Cheren and Bianca. She only said this: "I'm sorry if your journey with Cheren and Bianca was not a pleasant one." After that, Hilbert grab his bag. "Mom, I want to meet new people," he said. "Can you tell me where can I find new people?"

    His mother replied: "Near Nimbasa City, you can find the Battle Subway there." "Thanks, Mom," he replied. "Oh, and honey, can I meet the person?" She asked. "Sure," Hilbert answered. With that, He hugged his mother and went out to Nimbasa City. "See ya, Honey!" His mom called out as Hilbert went to the Gear Station.

    ~Chapter 1: Meetings~

    After a long journey through Unova again, and having memories being filled of encounters with Team Plasma, his rival friends, and Gym Leaders, Hilbert had finally met his destination, The Gear Station in Nimbasa City. He went inside with all his confidence, but felt deeply nervous. He was amazed on how it looked. It was a massive circular station! There were 7 Train lines, and every one of them had a separate color. One was Green, Second was Dark Green, Third was Red, Fourth was pink, Fifth was Brown, Sixth was Orange, and the last one was Yellow. Out of Curiosity, Hilbert went down to the line that was Orange. He apparently went down to the Orange Station and was greeted by a Depot Agent. "Welcome to the Battle Subway," he said to Hilbert. "I will guide you to the Multi Train here." "Multi Train?" He asked. "Is this your first time here?" the Depot Agent questioned. "Yes," Hilbert replied. "What do you mean by Multi Train?"
    "A Multi Train here is where you would battle Trainers here on board with a friend, and the green ones, you battle trainers solo," explained the Depot Agent. "Oh shoot," Hilbert noticed. "I don't know if I can find a partner." "Well for now, since you are new to this place, I'll let you on this time alone," said the Depot Agent. "Now please choose the pokemon you want to enter." Hilbert choose Chandulure, and Druddigon, "Now, please aboard the Multi Train," commanded the Depot Agent. Hilbert went on the Multi Train, feeling embarrassed of himself after asking that question.

    Soon Hilbert found nothing, no trainers, just a regular passenger subway car that you would see everyday. He was upset of the site. "Maybe I came here too early," he thought to himself. Disappointed and Dismay, he sat in the seat were the door would lead to the next car, and got out a magazine of Unova's Tour Guide. Soon, a girl came in, with a hat that was pink, a Pink Shoulder-bag, and red and black shoes. She then, sat next to Hilbert would was reading his magazine. "Hey," she said. "Hello," Hilbert replied to her. "I see that you're alone with no partner," she exclaimed. "Why, yes, I am, but the Depot Agent was nice enough for me to go alone." The girl then looked out of the window, and noticed Hilbert's magazine that he was reading. "You're interested in traveling, I see?" she asked. "Why Yes, I am, I wanted to travel when I was a little kid," Hilbert answered. "That's nice, have the same interest as well," she replied back.

    Then, all of a sudden, the car door opens and Two Ace Trainers came in. One that was female and one the was male. "Hey, you," the male Ace Trainer replied. "Yeah?" Hilbert questioned. "So, you're alone, huh? Well, this should be easy," said the Female Ace Trainer. "Even though I'm alone, I still can take you on with two of my Pokemon," exclaimed Hilbert. "Ha, prepare to get beaten," said the Male Ace Trainer, as he sends out his Darmanitan, while the Female Ace Trainer sends out her Braviary. "Hey, why don't we team up," suggested the girl as she got out of her seat. "...Fine, go ahead," said Hilbert. "You know, defeating a trainer alone would be tiresome, but seeing two trainers, now that's a battle," stated the male Ace Trainer. The battle started, with Hilbert sending out his Chandulure, and the girl sending out his Conkeldurr. The female Ace Trainer commanded Braviary to use Shadow Claw on Chandulure, while the Male commanded to use Flare Blitz on Conkeldurr. "I can use some help here," said Hilbert to the girl, while Chandulure was about to faint. "Don't worry, I'll help," she replied. "It's time to end this," the Male Ace Trainer suggested, as he commanded Darmanitan to use rollout on Chandulure, making it faint. The Female Ace Trainer used Brave Bird on Conkeldurr, making it faint, alongside with Chandulure. Suddenly the train stops when Hilbert and his partner was about to switch their Pokemon. "Well, I think you bored us enough with this battle, next time we meet, train your pokemon harder," the male ace trainer said, as the two left the train. Soon the train started to move again. Hilbert was both disappointed and embarrassed after the battle.

    ~Chapter 2: Getting off the wrong foot~

    "What was that?!" Hilbert asked angrily at the girl. "That was horrible! Next time, I should've done the work by myself, you know, why did I came aboard on this train, anyway." The girl then sat down, sad and disappointed in herself. Hilbert felt bad, and sat next to her, trying to comfort her. "Sorry if I like lashed out on you. I was the one who made the mistake. I didn't know if they had type disadvantage pokemon." The girl then looked at Hilbert. "That happened to me, too," she replied. "Wait, are you new to this?" "No, I've been battling ever since Team Plasma wanted to liberate pokemon," Hilbert said. "Wow, I'm surprised. I didn't know that till now. I've been battling since I was a little girl, I pick Snivy since it's so adorable," said the girl. "I picked Tepig, because Fire is one of my main favorite pokemon types," said Hilbert. Soon, him and the girl stopped talking. "Well, I guess we better start finished our Multi-Challenge," Hilbert stated, and gets up out of his seat. "By the way, what's your name?" He asked to the girl. "My name, my name is Hilda," she answers. "What's yours?" "The name is Hilbert," he replies. "Hey, our names start with 'H' and we have the same color hair, isn't that convincing?" She questions. "Yes, it is," he answers, in an awkward way. Hilda gets up and stretches, being Hilbert as the dog, he did stared at her, a relief that he didn't get caught. "Okay, I'm ready," she said cheerfully and goes to the next subway door.

    "By the way," she stats. "Don't tell no-one this, but, I think you're cute." Hilbert then blush after what he had heard. "Hey, Hilby," she called out to Hilbert. "Aren't ya coming, we have a lot of trainers to battle." "Yeah, I'm coming," he replied and rushes to Hilda. "Wow, that was fast," she commented, and opens the subway door. Their next opponents was a policeman and a Nurse in which was a lady. Hilbert felt intimidated after seeing the policeman. Hilda noticed that Hilbert was not feeling that confident. She tried to make feel him better. "Don't worry, they're not that harmful. It's just for fun," Hilda chimed in. That made Hilbert felt that he had a little bit confidence inside of himself. "I'll protect my peace by myself," exclaimed the policeman. "In this job, I've seen a lot of weird things," stated the lady nurse. The policeman starts off the battle as he sends out his Escavalier, while the lady nurse sends out her Carracosta. Hilbert starts off by sending out his Chandelure from the last battle, as Hilda sends out his Conkeldurr. "Well, lookie lookie. Type advantages for us," Hilbert states. "That's bad, Hilbert. You're a type disadvantage to that lady nurse's Carracosta," Hilda explained. Hilbert hesitated of what Hilda said. "I don't know why but Ghost type Pokemon are attracted to me," said the lady nurse as Hilbert's Chandelure was sent out. He didn't even said anything of what the nurse lady just said about his Chandelure. "Me and her will show you the Harsh side of Pokemon battles," the policeman exclaims as he commanded his Escavalier to use Swords Dance. The nurse lady commanded her Carracosta to use Rock Slide on both Chandelure and Conkeldurr. Obviously, it wasn't very effective on Conkeldurr, however it was super effective on Chandelure. "See," Hilda said. "Told you." "Okay, I bluffed on the advantages, but watch this," Hilbert said as he commanded his Chandelure to use Fire Blast on the Policeman's Escavalier. "Wow, impressive there," Hilda commented. "Thank you," Hilbert replied. The battle wasn't over as the Policeman sends out his second and last pokemon which was his Scrafty. The nurse lady finishes off Chandelure by commanding her Carracosta to use Aqua Jet. Before Hilda was quick to criticize about Hilbert's Chandelure being defeated, he said: "Yes, I know. Type disadvantages and such." Hilbert sends out his second and last pokemon, which was Druddigon that was picked when he first got on the train. Hilda commanded her Conkeldurr to use Superpower on the opposing Carracosta, in which it lived due to it's ability: Sturdy. The policeman commanded to use Dragon Dance on his Scrafty, while Hilbert commanded to use Dragon Dance on his Druddigon as well. Hilda finishes off the Carracosta by her commanding Conkeldurr to use Mach Punch. The nurse lady hesitated by sending out her second and last Pokemon which was her Druddigon.

    "Heh, Druddigon Vs. Druddigon, huh? Bring it," Hilbert said in an arrogant way. Seeing how Scrafty had a buff, it went first by using Hi-Jump Kick on Conkeldurr. The nurse lady's Druddigon followed off by using Dragon Tail on Conkeldurr, in which revealed Hilda's second and last pokemon: Beartic. "Aww, shoot. Now, I'm in a jam!" Hilda said. "Hmph, this is coming from her that told me about type disadvantages," Hilbert thought to himself. He hesitated by telling his Druddigon to use Dragon Claw on the opposing Druddigon in which made it faint, which was a surprise for him. "Oh my. Druddigon actaully did something," Hilbert said in joy. Hilda commanded Beartic to use Avalanche on Scrafty in which it survived. "I need some help here," Hilda suggested. "Don't worry, I got this." Scrafty used Hi Jump Kick again, but misses and crashed onto the floor. "No! Scrafty!" the policeman shouted in disappoint. The nurse lady's Druddigon used Dragon Tail again, in which made Beartic fainted. "Thanks for the help," Hilda responded in a sarcastic way. "My bad, it wasn't my fault," Hilbert said. Hilbert's Druddigon, luckily defeated the Scrafty by using Dragon Claw again, in which used on the opposing Druddigon. Both Hilbert and Hilda won their first battle...but not in a successful way. The train stopped again. "Please don't disturb my peace and quiet," the policeman said as he left the train. "Ahh, I lost...By the way, who is that standing with you?" The lady nurse questioned as she leaves right after the policeman did. The door shuts and the train starts off again. "That nurse gives me the creeps," Hilbert stated. He then looks at Hilda. "Maybe we got off the wrong foot when battling..." Hilda said, in an embarrassing tone. "Well, it wasn't our fault. I mean, it was a little miss-communication," Hilbert said. "Maybe we can continue this challenge." "How bout a break? I'm exhausted after that battle," Hilda suggested as she sits down. "...Oh, okay. Maybe we can," Hilbert agree'd and sat down with her. Hilda then closed her eyes, and leaned on Hilbert's shoulder. He was soon surprised as that happened. "Hilbert," she said. "Do you think I did good on that battle?" Hilbert then closes his eyes as well too. "Yeah, you did good...Hilda," he answered. All there was now in the train car...silenced with the two having a nice nap.

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  2. Doodlebug

    Doodlebug war flashbacks

    This is good! :) keep going! ^^
  3. LuringMaster

    LuringMaster Mah dawg.

    Thanks, and this is my first, next will be Chapter 1, but I'm not gonna spoil it.

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