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*** child911's shiny trade stop <3 ***

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by child911, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. child911

    child911 New Member

    That's riiiiiight I got shiny's for you :') <3

    Ok lets cut the crap, this is my official list of shiny's diligently caught by either me or my buddies using various methods such as masuda, SR, MOSTLY CHAINING or just plain luck.



    Lv. 24 Impish Quagsire
    Lv. 3 UT Naive Sentret
    Lv. 36 UT Serious Octillery
    Lv. 39 UT Modest Wailmer
    Lv. 54 UT Timid Golbat
    Lv. 30 UT Adamant GAMESTP Entei
    Lv. 1 UT Brave Chimchar
    Lv. 36 UT Lonley Ursaring
    Lv. 56 Mild Weavile
    252 Atk 252 Spd 4 Def
    Lv. 15 UT Calm Spinda
    Lv. 12 UT Hardy Buneary
    Lv. 1 UT ADAMANT Ralts
    Lv. 50 Modest Flareon
    Lv. 10 UT Careful Murkrow
    Lv. 50 Hardy Flygon

    Lv. 53 Hardy Hitmontop
    Lv. 16 UT Naughty Mime Jr.
    Lv. 100 Quiet Deoxys (Attack Forme)
    Lv. 100 Naughty Deoxys (Attack Forme)
    Lv. 100 Mild Deoxys (Speed)
    Lv. UT 6 Brave Bidoof
    Lv. 20 UT Rash Spearow
    Lv. 11 UT Modest Buneary
    Lv. 100 Naive Dialga
    Lv. 51 UT Calm Raticate
    Lv. 3 UT Timid Zigzagoon
    Lv. 3 UT Hardy Kricketot
    Lv. 22 UT Serious Ratata
    Lv. 53 UT Quiet Golduck
    Lv. 35 UT Brave Medicham
    Lv. 16 UT MODEST EEVEE x 2
    Lv. 4 UT Hardy Shinx
    Lv. 100 Mild Raikou (PKRS)
    Lv. 21 Docile Clamperl (Nicknamed CLAMperal)
    Lv. 53 Naughty Gyrados
    Lv. 8 UT Naughty Shellos
    Lv. 100 Quirky Zapdos
    Lv. 44 Sassy Swampert
    Lv. 65 Brave Dragonite
    Lv. 100 ADAMANT Ho-Oh
    Lv. 66 Adamant Lucario
    Lv. 19 UT Quirky Geodude
    Lv. 100 Naive Suicune (Fateful Encounter Hoenn)
    Lv. 25 shiny Careful Spiritomb
    Lv. 40 UT Timid Regice
    Lv. 1 UT Hasty Manaphy
    Lv. 85 Calm Absol (252 Atk 252 Spd 4 HP)
    Lv. 50 UT Quiet Probopass
    Lv. 53 UT Mild Banette
    Lv. 30 UT Adamant GAMESTP Entei
    Lv. 50 UT Jolly Audino
    Lv. 71 Relaxed Kyogre
    Lv. 75 Bold Rayquaza
    Lv. 100 Quirky Latios
    Lv. 50 Lax Cresselia

    ****LOOKING FOR****
    Perfect IV Pokemon (RNG'd)
    Basically offer any Flawless Poke that is used for competitive battling.
    You Get: 1 Shiny
    EV'd Pokemon (Good Nature, IV's etc.)
    (Pretty Much ANY OU I'm looking to start a competitive team)
    You Get: 1 Shiny
    Good IV + Nature "Masuda-able" Pokemon
    1 Shiny


    Good Traders:
    Fissurous -Smooth and amazing selection! Check out his trade shop!
    TheMetalOverlord - Efficient and a celebrity around this site, check out his amazing shop!
    Rayce- Check out his shop! AMAZING STUFF! and clean presentation.
    V GENERATION FC: 4513-0716-8904
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2011
  2. TM0verlord

    TM0verlord PSN ID is on sig

    I'm interested in your UT Shiny Adamant Ralts. Could I get a little more info on it such as gender and Moves it currently has? If its a male, i'll trade you a flawless Bold Shiny Solosis for it.
  3. Fissurous

    Fissurous <>< Staff Member Moderator

    Anything interest you in my shop for your shiny Manaphy and shiny Kricketune?
  4. child911

    child911 New Member

    I PM'd both of you guys!
  5. Readrhino

    Readrhino Member

    My egg-hatched UT Zorua for your UT Adamant Ralts.
    I also have a PKRS Gigalith that isn't UT but it's only level 35.
  6. child911

    child911 New Member

    Sorry dude that ralts is being held for TheMetalOverlord
  7. K1LL3RxP0P7aRt

    K1LL3RxP0P7aRt Stargasm

    Hey I was wondering if you cloned? if not I could help you and your shop by cloning :)
  8. child911

    child911 New Member

    Nothing I possess is cloned, but if I ever DO need something cloned, I'll be sure to let you know, in fact, I may want a thing or two to be cloned, do you charge anything?
  9. K1LL3RxP0P7aRt

    K1LL3RxP0P7aRt Stargasm

    Nope thats the best Part :) ...... well I might make a clone for myself but thats it.
  10. child911

    child911 New Member

    Thanks bro you were a real help!!


    A simple shiny will suffice for the fee <3
  11. chubchub123

    chubchub123 New Member

    I'll take your shiny kyogre
  12. child911

    child911 New Member

    No problem bro I'll meet you on Wi-Fi.
  13. liam99

    liam99 Active Member

    do you have any flawless shinys
  14. child911

    child911 New Member

    Only rayquaza modest and gible jolly
  15. liam99

    liam99 Active Member

    are you 100 percent sure of the rays legitemacy
  16. child911

    child911 New Member

  17. child911

    child911 New Member

    iv breeding services is now available
  18. child911

    child911 New Member

    Bump guys I trade mad quick

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