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Eye in the Sky
Do you guys/gals miss your childhood?Or if you're a kid (12 & below),Are you enjoying your life so far?I miss my childhood when i could play endless games instead of studying/working,Learn addition & subtraction than complicated math problems,to be free from the real world and happy in your own world.What about you?Delete or move this if needed


Yes. I'm pretty mature and I still miss my childhood. So I learned a lot as a child but I wasn't different than you.

Blazing Charmander

Well-Known Member
I do, a lot. I made many great friends over my childhood and of course got brainwashed by the Pokemon craze (I still am!). Those were the days where your parents would look out for you at any time and homework and extra study was less vital. There are things I regret about my childhood (not pushing the boat out to get a girlfriend, even when certain young ladies expressed interest in me, enjoying the fresh air more often and taking up more hobbies) that i'd oh-so-love to go back and rectify, but then again I can still look back at those times extremely fondly.

Life seems so dull and laborous now in comparison.


Well-Known Member
Yes it seems like my life is decaying as every year pasts. The golden years, I can never get back are slowly slipping away.
Until I realize there was no golden years, my life has always sucked, I had problems back then just different ones than now, and the reason I have no problems back in my memories is because I cherry pick the good memories and eliminate the bad.
So I think I am glad that I am past Childhood and closer to accomplishing life.


sometimes when i think back to it i can safely say that i cherished that time, no cares and everything was new thus making life exciting. but then again that's how it is for everyone, but then again i am still capable of acchieving things in my life i think it's better to focus on that thought instead.


The only thing I miss about my childhood was my innocence. I now know that the world is a sick and disgusting place full of people willing to horrible things to get what they want. I also miss not having to buy everything I own, not having to have a job, and not having to pay car insurance and the like.


I get to enjoy the rare opportunity of still being able to enjoy some of the lovelier aspects of childhood while still maintaining my maturity.

Like getting to stay home all day and marathon Powerpuff Girls with no regrets.

But yes, I miss my actual childhood. Dearly.


Pokemon Master
a little bit of both...whenever i play an old game or watch an old show or cartoon or movie whatever it reminds me of my younger days and i start to miss it...but i go out with my friends and drink and have a good time i say to myself i wouldn't be able to do this as a kid
Yes I still miss my childhood and even the good days where i get to sleep a lot but now since i am in high school i am very busy with school stuff.


Although i miss my childhood it'll never be completely gone, i will always have an outer child rather then an inner one. Theres nothing wrong with acting a little childish sometimes, it's what makes life fun and enjoyable.


I miss my childhood more than anyone else on this whole forum does most likely. I miss being carefree and jolly most of all. Lack of responsibility is up there too.


Riddle in an Enigma
I don't really miss my childhood. The only thing good about it was that I didn't have to pay for most everything I wanted.

Blue Snover

Cold as ice
I miss my childhood :(

It was a lot simpler back then, i had no worries about anything.

Mr. Joker

keep calm & carry on
Eh, my childhood was the most fucked up time of my life, I guess I miss parts of it, being able to do anything without punnishment, but other then that, I really am glad I am a teen and I am able to do more without my parents.


Eye in the Sky
Its weird(or maybe the word is ironic) that when you're a kid you wanna grow up to be older but when you're older you wanna be younger