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Pearl Parukia

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Yeah. I miss my childhood.. everything seems so dull now, extra studying, and I have responsabilities, as well as new worries...


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My childhood was a b*tch, But who cares now because i am happy now. And that's all that matters.

*Sounds like a line from a song. xD*


Pink Floyd Never Die
that would have been a very interesting song indeed.

well for me i'm not THAT old, so its kind of in between.


Childhood is fun because of how much of a joke it is. You don't have to do anything for yourself, and nothing really matters in the long run.

[Name] the [Occupation]

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I miss childhood. I feel old. And I'm only 14, so it may seem like I have no effing clue what I'm talking about but I always figured you're not supposed to get teary-eyed and nostalgic until you're at LEAST a senior. Looking down the road, I just see myself playing Warcraft and working a thankless job in some grey office. At least school forced you in with a whole bunch of your peers and was a good opportunity to make friends. I feel afraid to grow up, is what I'm trying to say. All this new freedom seems terrifying.

BUT, my childhood SUCKED ***. I was bullied, had loads of homework, and things in general sucked. People who get all nostalgic about childhood were obviously never children.


I miss the times when Serebii, Lego.com, Youtube, and some Tamagotchi sites were the only sites that I visited. I also used to love playing games when I was younger, something that I don't seem to enjoy as much now.

Diamond I would say was a disappointment for me, but now that SoulSilver is out, I feel as if I can become a kid again. SS has sparked my love in Pokemon yet again <3


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The thing I miss about the most about my childhood my view on crushes and the such. They seem to complicate everything in my life at the moment.

I also really miss the way so many things were new, so that I could do something different everyday for a while. Now I just spend most of my time with my mac, either on this site or doing homework.

The funny thing is, I'm only 13, so I'm still a considered a child my many (including myself at times).
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So 1991
[QUOTE='[Name] the [Occupation]Looking down the road, I just see myself playing Warcraft and working a thankless job in some grey office. At least school forced you in with a whole bunch of your peers and was a good opportunity to make friends./
I fear the same thing. What will I do when I graduate ?, I don't want to just go to work then go home and do things by myself all the time. Who will I talk to? I don't like being alone all the time but that could very well happen after I graduate if I am unable to keep in contact with any of my friends in the future.


Barney Stinson!
well yeah, sometimes i miss those moments back in the days when you had nothing to worry about. no studying, no pressure. just fun and easy :)


Shade of Blue
Yeah, I miss the good old childhood days as well, when you're not being constantly ripped on because of your failure love life, when there's no stresses and you can basically do whatever the hell you want... now looking back on my childhood, I know how great it was compared to what I'm going through now.


Na I enjoying being a teen. Sure my childhood was cool but being a teen means your more free. But I miss not having to take so many damn tests.


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I miss not worrying about having a job and just sitting in my room playing.
Now I worry about finding a new job after being laid off.

I miss not having friends and commitments.
Now I can't find the time to deal with any of them.

Ah, the real world. If only we could control it...but alas, we cannot.

i completly agree :( but i still have my job 2 years at arbys :( i miss the golden days everyday i wake up breathing lol

but like someone else sai i had problems then i have them now there just on a whole new level


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I enjoy being a kiddo. Nothing to worry about like taxes and stuff like that. I think I'd like having a job though, might keep me from boredom every day. I should spend less time on the internet though, my school results are getting crap, I barely pass tests and keep forgetting to do my homework :( And I study Latin-Maths D:


I don't miss my childhood; in fact, I'm trying to forget about my childhood because I act like a complete moron back then with my actions and my ideas.


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My childhood was a bit on-off. There were bad things like getting bullied and being a sore loser, but there were some good things
as well like making friends and doing well in my grades.
I imagine my childhood as like a giant fruit salad of memories!
way too many bully victims! well that's typical of bullies to go after targets that they know won't go back at them. :\ YOU NEED TO BE STRONG!

unfortunately i used to get bullied, WAY back in elementary school actually. How shitty. Because I have a weird accent and voice in general. But back then I had horrid speech problems, so everyone were assholes and made fun of me. D: and I was extremely shy throughout middle school then. So my childhood was pretty lame. I did have fun though I guess. Less stressful definitely.

I was a quiet child. And I somehow just got over it when I went into high school and WOO.

I'd rather redo some of my high school years rather than my childhood though, just for other reasons. I wouldn't go back to being a child again.
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Matthew Platinum

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Of course I miss my childhood. Carefree and could do what the heck I wanted. Now, its all about work and making money so I can pay for my car, clothes, food and other necessities.
I don't miss my childhood, I missed out on it, heh.
Being in a Asian house, my parents wanted me to always pay attention to school work and studying.

I miss being able to get what I want as long as I get good grades. Whenever my parents take me to the book store to buy a book they want me to read, they let me let a book I wanted to read. Now I have to get the books I want to buy using my own money.

Doing the dishes to get 5 dollars as a kid, compared to job searching and working for a living.

As a kid in elementary school when I forget to do my homework or needed one more day to finish it, the teacher would say: "You can turn it in by Friday." In college, its I miss the deadline, they say that's too bad and no second chance.

*Sigh* I miss being a kid and having things handed to you. But then again, being grown up, you have your own freedom.