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Chilisex91's Vault 101 Trading Thread

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by chilisex91, Apr 5, 2011.

  1. chilisex91

    chilisex91 Dragon Master

    Howdy! Welcome to Leova's Vault 101 Trading Thread. This is the first time i am attempting something like this so bare with me!


    1.All Serebii Forum Trade Forum Rules apply!

    2. No hacks.

    3. Be honest. No one likes liars. :p

    4. Be patient, i will reply to all of the requests.

    5. Please post on here, don't PM me. (Only PM me if i havent gotten back to you on your trade.)

    6. Most importantly, have fun! It's just a game

    NOTE: All of my events are now on my Black Version.

    I am very lenient towards trades but not to the point where its generosity!
    I also clone my pokemon, i don't know how someone can have a trade thread without cloning, so if you're against it, sorry, don't trade here.
    i won't post IV's because it's a hassle, but if you want to know what they are, just ask, ill tell ya!

    Also, if i forget about your trade, please remind me! I run two trade shops so its only normal :)

    White List:

    Black List:

    Pending Trades:

    I can IV breed up to two stats. I dont like doing RNG abuse... :p
    I can also EV train your pokemon. I can do it within a day if i'm not busy.

    The Pokemon

    Snorlax: Curse, Earthquake

    Treecko: Leech Seed, Substitute, Energy Ball

    Chimchar: Grass Knot, Flamethrower

    Elekid: Ice Punch, Cross Chop

    Piplup: Hydro Pump, Agility, Ice Beam

    Magby: Flamethrower

    Houndour: Nasty Plot, Flamethrower, Dark Pulse, Substitute

    Eevee: Iron Tail

    Totodile: Aqua Jet, Blizzard, Ice Punch, Dragon Dance

    Sneasel: Ice Punch, Fakeout, Counter

    Rhyhorn: Swords Dance, Stone Edge, Earthquake

    Duskull: Pain Split, Will-o- Wisp

    Deino: Dark Pulse

    Dream World Pokemon:
    All female unless otherwise noted

    Dratini (Marvel Scale) w/ ExtremeSpeed

    Gligar (Immunity)

    Poliwag (Swift Swim) Available Flawless

    Magikarp (Rattled)

    Murkrow (Prankster)

    Khangaskhan (Inner Focus)

    Taillow (Scrappy)

    Vulpix (Drought) Available Shiny and HP Ice 70

    Nidoran f (Hustle)

    Swablu (Cloud Nine)

    Exeggcute (Harvest)

    Igglybuff (Friend Guard)

    Sentret (Frisk)

    Oddish (Run Away)

    Mareep (Plus)

    Bidoof (Moody)

    Lotad (Own Tempo)

    Sunkern (Early Bird)

    Lickitung (cloud Nine)

    Bellsprout (Gluttony)

    Tangela (Regenerator)

    Lapras (Hydration)

    Slowpoke (Regenerator)

    Shinx (Guts)

    GAMESTP Raikou (has Pokerus, otherwise UT)

    WIN2011 Raikou UT

    Japanese Crown Beast UT

    GAMESTP Entei (has Pokerus, otherwise UT)

    WIN2011 Entei UT

    Japanese Crown Beast UT

    GAMESTP Suicune (has Pokerus, otherwise UT)

    WIN2011 Suicune UT

    German WIN2011 Suicune UT

    Japanese Crown Beast UT

    Pikachu Colored Pichu UT (Jolly)

    Pokemon Movie 09 Pichu UT

    Ash's Pikachu UT

    Ash's Pikachu (Flawless)

    サトシのピカチュウ (Satoshi's Pikachu) UT

    PKTOPIA Surfing Pikachu UT Hardy

    TCGWC Pikachu Lv. 50 UT

    XD Pokemon
    XD Lugia UT

    XD Dragonite

    XD Starmie

    Goon's Scizor UT

    SMR2010 Jirachi UT Relaxed

    WSHMKR Jirachi UT Timid, Careful

    NZ Jirachi UT lv. 5 (Japanese)

    PKLATAM Jirachi Lv. 5 UT

    Pokemon CHANNEL Lv Jirachi UT

    MYSTRY Mew lv 10 Quirky BT

    FALL2010 Mew UT Quiet, Naive

    Japanese FALL2010 Mew Hardy

    UK Aura Mew lv 10. UT Quiet

    Japanese Lv. 10 Mew UT Modest

    Namie's Lv. 30 Faraway Island Mew UT

    Hayley's Mew Lv. 50 UT

    Pokemon Movie 07 Darkrai UT (has pokerus, but otherwise UT)

    ALAMOS Darkrai

    Pokemon Movie 08 Regigigas UT

    TRU Regigigas UT

    Pokemon Movie 09 Arceus UT Quiet

    TRU Arceus UT Docile

    MICHINA Arceus UT Calm

    Pokemon Movie 10 Celebi UT Timid

    WIN2011 Celebi UT (Timid, adamant, rash)

    Taiwanese GBA event Celebi Lv. 30 UT Adamant

    Pokemon Movie 11 Shaymin UT (European)

    Film 11 Shaymin UT

    Oblivia Shaymin UT Jolly

    TRU Shaymin UT

    Flower Paradise Shaymin (OT: Dawn)

    Shiny Flawless Flower Paradise

    Oblivia Deoxys UT Lax

    Gamestop Deoxys UT Rash

    SPACE C Deoxys UT

    10th Deoxys Lv. 50 (Japanese) UT

    Kanto Adamant Shiny Deoxys lv. 30 UT

    Enigma Stone Latios UT Gentle

    Leo's Enigma Stone Latias UT Naive

    Sinjoh Ruins Giratina UT Brave

    Sinjoh Ruins Giratina UT Modest

    Lv. 1 UT Sinjoh Ruins Palkia Quiet, Impish

    Japanese Lv. 5 Sinjoh Ruins Dialga Docile

    VGC09 Shiny Milotic UT

    WCS Japanese Milotic UT

    VCG10 Shiny Eevee

    WCS Japanese Eevee UT

    Pokemon Ranger Manaphy Eggs'
    JBHF Manaphy UT

    WORLD events:
    WORLD08 Lucario

    WORLD09 Weavile UT

    WORLD10 Crobat UT

    TRU Dragonite lv. 50 UT

    Japanese Dragonite UT (Equivalent to the TRU one)

    PCNY events:
    PCNYd Flygon UT

    PKTOPIA Events
    PKTOPIA Electivire UT

    PKTOPIA Magmortar Lv. 52 BT

    Oblivia Heatran Lv. 63

    Embedded Tower Pokemon:
    Embedded Tower Groudon (SS Groudon) UT Hardy

    Emdedded Tower Groudon UT Mild

    Embedded Tower Kyogre (HG Kyogre) BT Lax

    ROPAV's Embedded Tower Kyogre UT Bashful

    Embedded Tower Jolly Rayquaza UT

    10 Anniv Events: (All UT unless noted otherwise
    Umbreon (Lv. 75)
    Typhlosion (Lv. 71)
    10JAHRE Lugia UT
    MATTLE Ho-Oh

    GEN V Events:
    Zorua Lv. 10 Timid (Celebi BW Event)

    Zoroark Lv. 25 Modest (Crown Beast BW Event)

    Japanese Zoroark w/ Snarl

    Liberty Island Victini UT Modest, Naive

    Movie 14 Jolly Victini UT

    Japanese Liberty Island Victini UT

    Iris' Axew

    Cilan's Pansage

    Ash's Pidove

    Ash's Scraggy

    Japanese Eeveelutions:







    English Dream World Eeveelutions:


    Flareon (adamant): Proof of Obtaining.


    Jolteon (Sassy): Proof Of Obtaining

    Espeon (Naive): Proof and more proof.

    Espeon (Timid): Proof of Obtaining.


    Glaceon: Proof Of Obtaining

    Umbreon: Proof of Obtaining



    all these are flawless/near flawless (shinies are stated)

    Totodile Lv. 1 UT Adamant (Flawless)

    Bagon Lv. 1 UT Naive (Flawless)

    Flawless Tyranitar Lv 100 Adamant (Flawless)
    Fully Ev'd

    Infernape Lv 100 Jolly (Semi Flawless, all 31 except SpD and Sp)

    Starmie Lv. 100 Timid Fully Ev'd (Flawless)

    Scizor Lv. 100 Adamant Fully Ev'd (Flawless)

    Machamp Lv. 100 Fully Ev'd (Flawless)

    Metagross Lv. 100 Fully Ev'd (Flawless)

    Feraligatr Lv. 100 Fully Ev'd (Flawless)

    Gible UT Jolly (Flawless)

    Lugia Lv. 45 Bold

    Zapdos Lv. 50 Timid

    Latios Lv. 35 Modest

    Timid joltik ,HP Fire 70 (shiny)

    Adamant Timburr w/ Mach, Drain Punch

    Timid litwick (shiny)

    Hasty mienfoo HP ice 70

    Timid Deino w/ Dark Pulse

    Timid Zorua w/ Dark Pulse

    Timid Volcarona (Shiny)

    Impish Ferroseed w/ leech seed, spikes

    Jolly Axew (Shiny)

    Quiet solosis (shiny)

    I'm mainly looking for Gen V events i don't have. UPDATE: im not looking for shinies anymore because i found out how to do them myself.

    Im interested in all dream world pokemon and events i don't have. i will offer high for them!

    Have Fun and catch em all!
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2011
  2. wearjo

    wearjo Pokemon Trader

    I offer shiny dustox for ur flawless gible ???
  3. Aim06

    Aim06 Pokemon Master

    I'd like goon's Scizor, sneasel, and duskull. I can offer zekrom, thundurus, kyurem, the gen 5 trio, regigigas, cresselia, palkia, Uxie, medprit, and azelf.
  4. Pittbull

    Pittbull Spirit Fighter

    Hey can you tell me what's the nature of your Deino? Also I'm interested in your 10th Anniv Espeon, PKTOPIA Electivir, and most of your events lol. I can offer Rottom UT, Kyurem(Catched in a Premier Ball), Shinny Blastoise, or Reggirock. I have a lot more to offer, let me know
  5. manaphyfan

    manaphyfan Night Shadow Leader

    Interested in
    Zorua Lv. 10 Jolly

    Axew Lv. 30

    Deino Lv. 1 (Flawless w/ Dark Pulse)
    Offering Deoxys / Ho-Oh / Lugia / Manaphy / Darkrai / Dialga / Palkia / Giratina / Jirachi / Pikachu Coloured Pichu / Celebi
    pick your choice :D
  6. chilisex91

    chilisex91 Dragon Master

    would you happen to know the IV's of the dustox?
  7. chilisex91

    chilisex91 Dragon Master

    i can trade you the sneasel and duskull for cresselia, uxie and mesprit. I might need another offer for the goon scizor. :)
  8. chilisex91

    chilisex91 Dragon Master

    the deino is Timid (the flawless one) sorry i guess i forgot to put that

    im only particulary interested in your shiny blastoise. what lv is it at?
  9. chilisex91

    chilisex91 Dragon Master

    i have all of those
    do you have anything else?
  10. pambihirang_nilalang

    pambihirang_nilalang epic AWESOMENESS!

    i have Ash's Cubchoo
    wanna trade Iris' Axew
  11. KiwiDude

    KiwiDude Poké-Shop Owner

    Offering UT Liberty Garden Victini, UT WINN2011 Celebi Modest w/Pokerus
    for Pre Gen V Legendaries
  12. ThePandaPunisher

    ThePandaPunisher Puppy Trainer

    I'm interested in your eggmove piplup, sneasel & duskull. I do a few eggmove pokes and would be happy to trade accordingly. Here are a few I can offer:

    Houndour with rage, fire fang & incinerate
    Eevee with yawn & synchronize
    Totodile with crunch & dragon claw
    Absol with zen headbutt
    Trapinch with earthquake

    I have some others and am working on some more too.
  13. chilisex91

    chilisex91 Dragon Master

    Id be happy to trade for those
    when can you trade?

    i have two Victini's. whats its nature? (im looking for timid, jolly, and adamant)
    i already have a modest WIN2011 Celebi :)

    im interested in your totodile, houndour and absol.
    unfortunately, those eggmove pokemon are in my SS so i need sometime to transfer them over. ill add you to my pending trades. is that okay?
  14. Zorua Lover

    Zorua Lover Awesome Breeder

    wat were the other generation v events
  15. chilisex91

    chilisex91 Dragon Master

    the japanese ones? those eggs that hatched into random pokemon, the japanese victini.
    theres lots
    and theres also DW events as well
  16. Zorua Lover

    Zorua Lover Awesome Breeder

    how did u get the jp ones!!!!! do u live in japan, if so never mind
  17. chilisex91

    chilisex91 Dragon Master

    hahaha no i live in california
    and people have the events on here...a lot of people got japanese versions of the game
  18. Zorua Lover

    Zorua Lover Awesome Breeder

    oh that means im never gonna get them, until it comes to america
  19. Pittbull

    Pittbull Spirit Fighter

    It's Lvl 51 and it's legit. I'm interested in your Shinny Flawless Dratini, Ash's Pikachu Flawless(it's legit right?), 10JAHRE Lugia UT, and 10th Anniv Espeon. I can offer you my Shinny Blastoise, Shinny Riolu /w Sooth Bell UT, Shinny Giratina UT, and any items your looking for.
  20. chilisex91

    chilisex91 Dragon Master

    what lv is the rioulu and giratina and what are their natures?
    and yes, the pikachu is legit

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