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Chim-Charred! (549)


Team Awesome
WOW, this episode was awesome. I was surprised that they didn't put more emphasis on how Chimchar's been since he left Paul, but at least Paul finally saw that Chimchar still had that power that he witnessed long before. This was one of the better Paul episodes so far, since his comments about Ash's performance at the Wallace Cup made sense and he didn't insult Ash as much as he has in the past.

This was definitely a great Chimchar episode, and I like that it got to defeat its old teammate Ursaring with one blow after getting fired up. Sarah Notchenny is getting better with her voice work for Ash, too. I think she did a great job in this episode. Also, Gligar was so cute in this episode, it made me giggle whenever it teared up. You gotta love its enthusiasm in this episode.

Overall, a very good episode.


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I felt so sorry for poor Gligar, but it was nice of Ash to let it battle even though he had to know it wouldn't stand a chance.

As for Paul, he actually seemed a bit intimidated by Chimchar when it went postal, and they drew a great expression on his face when Ash grabbed Chimchar and held on, even though he was getting hurt. He may be a jerk, but he's not an idiot; he may being cuing into something he hasn't been getting- that Ash's Pokemon will do anything for him because he'll do anything for them.


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He wasn't intimidated. He was just surprised that it finally taped into that power.


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He wasn't intimidated. He was just surprised that it finally taped into that power.

That's true. However, I think that Paul was more than surprised because Paul had been trying to tap into that power ever since he first witnessed it. But he only witnessed it when Chimchar didn't even know that Paul existed. The fact that Chimchar went crazy while still in Ash's team no doubt ****** him off.


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I think for a split second Paul had a tiny ounce of respect for Ash until he opened his big mouth about chimchar learning how to deal with it on it's own -_- Good job Ash.
Gligar got it's head cut off... by guillotine, ash made a dumb move trying to counter it. While Chimchar had blaze back and kicked ursaring's butt, then he started to attack Ash.
Then Paul had a little respect for ash... until ash talked again...

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I just hope Ash is able to control Chimchar, if it ever uses Blaze again.

It must have a lot of power, because when Blaziken used Blaze it was nowhere near as strong and that was a fully evolved Pokemon.
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Tron Bonne

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Finally got to watch this episode on YTV....

Wow. This is one of my favourite episodes ever. The talk between Paul and Ash was great, the battle was brutal, there was character development, and Ash risked his life to stop Chimchar (I love it when he does that!). Oh, and Gligar was too cute for words.


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Ya, I just saw it on YTV too. I abosolutely loved this episode. I loved the animation, and Ash's voice was perfect. I don't even know what words to use cuz this episode was so amazing.


All the episodes are getting more and more dramatic... The voice acting in this episode was quite disturbing. Rarely have we ever heard Ash scream like that "IT'S OVER!!1!" Not to mention Chimchar's nonstop yelling in outrage as well. I also noticed they used music from Pokémon Heroes; it felt a little out of place.
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When I first saw it I thought Chimchar had just learned Flare Blitz. Can you honestly deny that the way its tail was blazing looked very similar to what Flare Blitz looks like in the games? If it does learn Flare Blitz in the future and uses it while in this berserk state, the characters had better hope there is a bomb shelter nearby.


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I feel sorry gligar but feel great for chimchar.


Chimchar's Blaze was very strong, maybe this was for a second the strongest fire type in the world...
Ursaring was beaten by this blaze, but it was very powerfull.