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Chim-Charred! (549)


I loved all the gore and drama in this episode! For a while I forgot I was watching Pokemon. I liked how everything started normal, with Ash's Pokemon each displaying their attacks in training practice. Gilgar got over excited as usual and it collided with Ash's face, then it started crying. Ash should've trained it harder in the past, and it order to make up for it, he commenced to training it right before Team Rocket's balloon showed up. Gligar managed to puncture a whole in the balloon, sending them all flying away.

Gligar ended up falling near Paul and his training cite, much to my delight. Though the Drapion he was battlnig got away, figures. As usual, Paul starts to bad-mouth Ash's Pokemon and Ash gets all defensive. I can't believe a battle commenced, it's like they always battle for whatever reason lol. Paul sent out his Gliscor, the same one he caught while Ash caught Gligar. Gliscor managed to hit Gligar but Gligar fought back with a weak Sand-Attack, which didn't affect Gliscor. Gligar lost and then Paul chose a different Pokemon; that big beastly Ursaring of his while Ash used Chimchar.

Chimchar was able to use a Fire attack and then it was able to block most of Ursaring's Focus Blast. I can't believe Ursaring was strong enough to push Chimchar to it's limits with it's Scary Face attack too. Then things got very interesting as Chimchar's hidden Blaze ability awoke and all hell broke loose! It went berserk but at least it managed to beat Ursaring. I still can't believe Ash would try to stop it despite the danger, nice to see Dawn worry but Brock should've stepped in somehow. Chimchar bit Ash and just when I thought Chimchar was going to unleash all it's power, it cooled off. Paul seemed slightly impressed with Ash though. 10/10 for the drama.


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Paul's Ursaring is SCARY! lol. It was pretty hard watching Chimchar get demolished like that and then go berserk because of Blaze. Ash still needs a lot of work if he ever plans on defeating Paul. Great episode.


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Poor chimchar, and poor gligar. Chimchar went crazy! It was nice to see all of Ash's pokemon help keep Chimchar from running away. Gligar had a horribly defeat from Gliscor. Paul knew exactly what to do to win against gligar.

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This episode was pretty good, I liked how Dawn commanded Staravia and Chimchar as well for some reason. Chimchar was sure ****** I am surprised it didn't contiune to attack Paul when it went berserk, it was good that he came back.


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Tomorrow's the big day: Ash vs Paul at the Sinnoh League starts off, and really the beginning of the end of Sinnoh. So this episode is really a good one to look at.

Gligar is really cute in this episode. It wants to battle in the next gym, but Ash refuses, saying that it hasn't had enough experience. In general, this is sort of how things go for awhile b/w the two of them. Gligar is fired up to battle, but once it gets in a battle, it's teary-eyed nature comes out. I think Gligar doesn't appreciate how mentally tough and hard battles can be until it's in one (then comes the teary-eyed look). Ash isn't a fan of this attitude, but Dawn and Brock do take a liking to it, and so it's a bit of a conflict. Today in one of the other threads, I said Brock is important b/c he really the only person now who is familiar enough with Ash's travels and pokemon to give Ash advice or listen to what's on Ash's mind. But over the course of Sinnoh, I definitely think Ash has grown to the pt where his judgement and ideas are just as good as Brock; and not just about Pokemon, but about other people. It's another reason why I think 2nd of Dawn's first round contest losses was so important, b/c it showed Ash picking up how a person was really feeling, while everyone else was stumped about why the person was acting that way. To bring this back to Ash's and Gligar's relationship, I think Ash ends up having a better idea of the character of Gligar and how to train it than Brock, Dawn, or someone else who comes along and voices his opinion do.

Ah! But Paul is what this episode is really about. Poor Ash! After hearing Wallace say he should compete in the contest, Zoey's apology that he was right about learning from both contests and gym battles, and then pulling off the most stunning move in the Wallace Cup, the ice aqua jet (which even caused Wallace to drop his composed aura and look absolutely stupefied and shocked at the idea), Ash couldn't have been ready for Paul to say what he does. Paul, for his part, I think, is a little jealous; he was watching when Ash pulled off the Ice Aqua Jet, and he heard the amazement of other people who saw it as well. It's bad enough Ash is a hypocrite, from Paul's perspective, but then other people are also impressed with Ash pulling off the ice aqua jet. That's hard to take. But again, the fact that Paul is bothered by any of this shows that he respects Ash (and remember the last episode in which Ash and Paul met each other was the Pikachu episode, where Ash did prove his pt to Paul, that trusting in your pokemon can make them stronger).

Ash goes from smiling at the start when he explains Wallace told him to enter the contest, to being furious himself as Paul doesn't buy it. This has to be tough on Ash as well; all along it's been crystal clear that entering the Wallace Cup was the right decision, but now Paul puts a different spin on things. Does this make Ash wrong? Of course not. But is this the way life goes sometimes? Yes. Everyone has a different view of things, and it's amazing how a decision you make can seem like the right thing to one person, and then the wrong thing to someone else. You know, back in the tag battle tournament, I said it was interesting that Paul chose to use Torterra after he released Chimchar. To me, it was like it was Paul's way of saying he now acknowledged Ash, and so wanted to show him his real power. He even says in this episode: I did win the Tag Battle Tournament. He changed his viewpoint, from trying to get Chimchar stronger and not caring about the result to really trying to win. Sure, Elekid evolved, but it was really a nice bonus; Paul was definitely trying to win. What was Ash trying to do at the Wallace Cup? He stuck with Buizel (and that was actually given as a reason for why he lost to the guy COTD), and really he thought the whole thing was good for Buizel. Did Ash really want to win the ribbon? Not really....at the very least, he was probably hoping more that Dawn would win b/c of her troubles.

After a few moments of anger, Ash becomes very honest with Paul; I think this is Ash's most honest moment in all of Sinnoh. He tells Paul that the way they train their pokemon are completely different, even though they have the same goal. Ash is wondering about what it means to be a strong trainer, and he's got to try to be one doing it his way: to trust his pokemon and care for them. I think what Ash says here really shows how much Paul has bothered him, that a trainer doing what Paul does is still so skilled. This is why Paul bothers him.

Well, the two square off in a battle. Now, the way Ash chooses his pokemon is open to 2 different interpretations. The first is that Ash realizes this is a practice battle, and so choosing Gligar is a great way to give it some experience. The other interpretation is that Ash really does Gligar simply b/c it asks him to-and this is a failing of Ash's (Paul even laughs, and I don't think it's simply b/c he can choose Gliscor). Going back to that Brock topic question earlier about how Brock helps Ash, this is why I think Brock is/was helpful for Ash to talk to during league battles. Ash was prone to picking pokemon just for the heck of it rather than thinking things through, and this is no way to win a league. But Ash does mature over Sinnoh; and again, it's really almost gotten to the pt where Ash's thought process is consistently as good, although different, from Brock's-honestly, there have been a few instances where Ash's thinking skills are shown to have surpassed Brock's, in my opinion.

Chimchar is up next, and of course there's the whole Blaze thing. I think Ash's attitude about Blaze is pretty admirable at this stage. Dawn and Brock are keen to talk about how Ash got Blaze to work while Paul could not, but Ash doesn't get caught up in that. The most important thing, to me, is not that Ash got Blaze to work. It's that he got Blaze to stop. Ash never gloats about using Blaze, and is extremely careful to put on a carefree expression as soon as it's over so that Chimchar doesn't get too frightened. When Paul asks Ash is he thinks he can master Blaze, Ash doesn't give a straight answer either (nothing at all like the honest explanation for why he and Paul are different that he gave earlier). Chimchar is Chimchar, and Blaze isn't the important thing for Ash. I think Ash takes more pride in Chimchar's stronger flamethrower than the fact that it activated Blaze.
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This episode served its purpose. We got to see more of Gligar's personality ,and boy did it look super precious in this episode.We also got see more of Chimchars hidden power ,and more Interaction between Paul ,and Ash.If some of you can't stand a little storytelling, then thats too bad.

Also , holy crud did Ursaring look like an unstoppable brute in this episode.Sheesh I don't see it ever being released with the power that it showed.

To me, Ursaring always seems to be an unstoppable brute. All Ursaring's seem to have rage problems.

I could nitpick at whiners who are so obsessed with evolutions that they can't even enjoy the damn episode...

But instead, I'm going to take the mystery prize behind Door #4.
And the mystery prize is...
Shut up and review the damn episode.

Exactly! Why must so many people think that just because an episode focuses mainly on one of the main characters Pokemon that it's going to evolve? In the same episode, no less?

It's been a while since we've seen Chimchar (as in, being the focus of something). And yeah, I have a feeling that something is building up. The music from Movie 5 is plain awesome.

Also, I think Gligar's gonna evolve soon, possibly against Crasher Wake.

What makes you think that?

I do like that Chimmy's story hasn't been forgotten by the writers. If this was season 1 or 2, "the tears of chimchar" would have been the end of it and never heard of again. But D/P has quite respectable continuity so far. I wonder if the "going insane" thing will be back someday. League perhaps?

I would like to see that! Blaze activating as an Infernape would be almost apocalyptic!

Whoa! Chimchar sure is scary when Blaze is activated. For a minute, I didn;t think Ash was going to be able to calm Chimchar down. But, thank goodness he did, and everything was alright in the end.

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If chimchar can have such a powerful flame wheel then imagine Infernape's flame wheel when blaze is activated


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This episode was ok... It was a very intense episode. It was cool to see Chimchar's Powerful Blaze ability, unfortunately it caused it to become confused, and went completely wild/crazy. Paul gets interrupted from another capture, this time it was Drapion, since Gligar prevented him from succeeding. It was interesting to see Gliscor use Guillotine on Gligar, It really looked painful... Interesting how Chimchar beat Ursuring only when it went wild. It was great that Ash was able to stop Chimchar while risking his safety.


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Wow I knew Gligar was still new and all, but I didn't expect Paul's Gliscor to defeat it so easily. ^^; Still, this match was good and Ursaring was frightening and so was Chimchar's rage mode.
Good episode because of how Paul showed up and Ash challenged him. Even though Ash lost their fight, Chimchar developed and that was good.
I loved this episode. I felt sorry for Gilgar when it started crying and also Chimchar as well, especially when it started going crazy then when it bit Ash. The bit when Ash's Pokemon started cheering as well was good as well.


I was actually surprised how intense this episode was. I mean, the DP saga has probably been the most "grown-up" of the whole Pokemon series, but damn. Chimchar freaking out probably scared more than a few kiddies tuning in.


I liked Satoshi's training session, as well as how Gligar burst the Rocket-dan's balloon in place of Mukubird. Shinji appearing out of the blue was entertaining since I knew he'd rile up Satoshi, which would lead to a match. Shinji's Glion defeating Gligar was irksome, although Ringuma losing to Hikozaru was glorious. Too bad that Hikozaru lost control.


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So... after being a part of the Pokemon Fandom, I've grown used to people talking about how Blue/Green/Gary/Shigeru was such a huge jerk.

But absolutely no one prepared me for Paul, and every single time he's on screen I get surprised by how inconsiderate and terrible that man gets.

Geez, poor Chimchar.


So... after being a part of the Pokemon Fandom, I've grown used to people talking about how Blue/Green/Gary/Shigeru was such a huge jerk.

But absolutely no one prepared me for Paul, and every single time he's on screen I get surprised by how inconsiderate and terrible that man gets.

Geez, poor Chimchar.

Much like Shigeru, Shinji would eventually change. As much of a jerk as he was to Hikozaru in this episode, he didn't remain that way throughout DP.


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Ash's Gligar was so cute in this episode and as for Chimchar's part, I was expecting that the writers would let him stay in Blaze mode longer. This episode had some really nice development.


Hikozaru was the main star of the episode, but I now notice that his role here seemed bleak since aside from his mental breakdown, nothing else happened to him.