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China is pretty scary isn't it?

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Sure, sure. Go for it.
Supporting North Korea's invasion of South Korea, cultural genocide in Xinjiang, ruthlessly incorporating Tibet, ruthlessly incorporating Hong Kong, forcing Vietnam to change it's borders in favor of China's interest, aggressively pushing control over the South China Sea which worries many of their neighbors and now recently, the leader of China asks it's military to prepare for war around the same time it demanded the USA to cut off ties completely with Taiwan which is a worrying sign.

If I didn't know any better, I'd say China has manage to piss off every one of their neighbors in some way or fashion, except maybe Mongolia and Russia. I think this stems from the fact that even before Mao Zedong's rise to power, China has often seen itself as the center of civilization throughout it's history and saw others outside their sphere of influence as uncivilized barbarians that need to be educated. A lot of what's happening now reminds me of that very thought process that Ancient Chinese and Ancient Romans held. That most Chinese nationalists just don't care what others think and that they just expect you to accept their point of view without a second thought or face the consequences. Even if China argues they can exercise such power legally, such as Hong Kong being part of a treaty between the UK and China, the ruthless methods to assimilate others without consideration of their feelings or views is still pretty scary.

It's not just the government but even to some of the people, specifically Chinese nationalists. Going back to what I said, Chinese nationalists seem to be pretty inconsiderate of other people's views and opinions. For example something of recent, the K-pop group BTS thanked South Korean and US forces in their cooperation in defending South Korea during the Korean War. Many Chinese over the internet took this as an offense because China was never mentioned even thought it's pretty obvious as to why since they supported North Korea who invaded South Korea without declaration, starting the Korean War. One could say to consider how China views things but the fact is, this shows they don't seem to care about the opinions and viewpoints of others. They outright ignored that South Korea sees North Korea and China as the aggressor.

As I said before, China is pretty scary isn't it?
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