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Chinatown market - Jun's graphic stand

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their rooms
Here is Pikadude43's request. I know, it didn't look very good. But, I tried. And my hands hurt....



m!ss p!nk

Puss wuss >3
Awww your new shop is awesome jun, i miss it x3

Simple drawing
Pokemon: flaaffy and marshtomp
Extra: marshtomp look like fall in love with flaaffy and flaaffy look like she hate him
Do you want me to crop or resize it so it can fit your sig: I want it to be like kingRaichu dragonite size :3

I hope ya can do it ^^"


their rooms
Ooh, welcome Pinky! I will try my best (although that sounds like a lot of work). Maybe it will take more time.... be patient :)


an i request? if so:
Picture:janice litman
Text: OH. MY. GOD!
Extra: can the text be seperated like theyre seperate clauses? thankx!


fanfiction is life
Okay, guys...Jun, I hope you don't mind. (and no, I don't think it counts as mini-modding)

The shop is closed. aclover, you'll need to wait until Junpearl is finished. In a few hours, I think.

I just wanted to remind everyone of a rule:

4. Only request if you’re going to use it for at least a month.

Okay, that's all. Thanks.


their rooms
Plusle+Minun: What you do is what the shop guardian's job, not Mini-modding :)
Aclover: Be patient my friend, I will finish the other soon.
Pinky: I tried, but Marshtomp is hard :p How about a Flaafy only?

Rules added, one Pokemon only for simple drawing request.


Sparkling Star
Simple drawing
Pokemon Vaporeon if its too hard then a Shiny Eevee
Extra: make the pokemon happy and cheerfull in any pose you think looks nice
Do you want me to crop or resize it so it can fit your sig? No

thank you

I wasn't sure if you were open or not as I saw a open spot for requesting,if you're closed then just ignore this request :)


their rooms
Accepted :) Have a cookie while waiting *give cookie* and Vaporeon is okay.

Edit: tried my best...but, Vaporeon's fin is harder than I think. Eevee maybe?
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Team pose
Stage:water gym
Trainer: P.I
Pokemon: tyranitar, kingdra,milotic,togekiss,celebi,gengar



fanfiction is life
jahz, the shop is closed.

If you would like to request the spot will need to be open or else someone steals it.
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