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Chloe and Piplup: The Adventure!

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Colton S, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. Colton S

    Colton S Beware Bewear


    The day before Chloe’s thirteenth birthday…
    “Well, well, well.” Jaymie, mother of Chloe Berkily declares. “I think that someone is excited for her thirteenth, isn’t she?”

    “Of course, mom!” Chloe says. “It’s only the day I get a Pokemon! It doesn’t happen but once in a lifetime!”

    “I guess you’re right.” She says from the kitchen of their two story home, where she grabs two cups of hot chocolate from the counter. “Get it while it’s hot!”

    “Thanks, mom. These Sinnoh winters can get really cold! By the way, where’s Ambipom?”
    “Oh. She’s out clearing snow so we can get you to Sandgem Town.” She says while sitting down at the small, blue table.

    “I need to turn in for the night. Love you, mom!” Chloe then runs upstairs.

    The next day…
    Chloe runs down the stairs, still in her light blue Buneary pajamas.
    “Woohoo! I’m 13!” She exclaims while doing a small dance in the middle of the room.

    “Well, that’s quite the attitude to have!” Jaymie then walks over to the brown couch and sits down. “I got you some presents!”

    Chloe then looks over at the pile, wrapped in Pokeball wrapping paper. She starts with a smaller one. “I wonder what it could be.” She says out loud. Chloe then tears through the wrapping paper. A box, with a blue background and letters on the front that read, The Poketch Company. “Oh mom! You shouldn’t have!” “And it’s even in my favorite color, light blue!” Thanks so much!”

    “Oh, it’s nothing! Now open your others!”

    Next, Chloe selects a medium sized package. Again, she opens the package to find none other than a Pachirisu doll! “Oh my!” She exclaims. Chloe continues to open presents, containing a white scarf with a Pokeball on it, a blue coat, and a pair of black sweats. On the last package, there is a letter! It reads, “Dear Chloe, in this box, there are 3 Pokemon. You may choose one. Come by my lab by taking Route 201. Happy journeying!
    -Professor Rowan

    “I am so happy you get to start your journey! Now open it!”

    Chloe then lifts the lid on the box, and brings out all three Pokemon. On the left, a blue Pokemon with a beak tries to greet Chloe, but falls down on its face. It gets back in line with the others. On the right, a monkey with a fiery tail does a somersault and lands on its feet. In the center, a green turtle with a leaf on its head warmly rubs up against Chloe’s leg.

    “Those Pokemon are Piplup, Chimchar, and Turtwig. Which one do you want?”

    “Hmm. That’s a difficult choice! I think I’ll choose…. Piplup!” The water type runs over, and hugs its new trainer. “I should take the others back to the lab!”

    “Good choice, sweetie!” Jaymie says. “Now, put on your new clothes, and your shoes are down here!”

    Chloe runs to her room and changes clothes. She puts her Poketch on, and it fits loosely. Piplup then jumps up to her shoulder, behind her brown hair. She puts up her hood, and goes downstairs.

    “Alright mom. I’m leaving. I love you.” Tears start running down Chloe’s face.

    “Sweetie, I’ll be alright.” Jaymie says, drawing her in for a hug.

    “I know, I am going to be strong.” Chloe says, pulling out of the hug. She reaches for the door, she says for a final time, “I love you.” She then pulls open the door, and walks out into the cold, snowy morning.
    So, what do you think? I hope you like it!
  2. Colton S

    Colton S Beware Bewear

    Chapter 1: Start of an Adventure!
    Chloe stepped out into the cold wind and snow of Twinleaf. She straightened the scarf on her neck, which almost blended in with the snow. If she was going to get to the lab, she would need to hurry. “So, I just take Route 201 to Sandgem? It seems so easy!” She started walking past the other houses, which were all covered with snow. Chloe then started to remember all of the good times she had around the town. She thought of memories of her, riding her first bike through the streets.

    “Hey Chloe!” Said a familiar voice.

    Chloe turned around, only to see her Aunt Jasmine running up to her. “What are you doing here?” She asked, running to her aunt.

    “Oh, well, I wanted to give you a birthday gift!” She reaches into her pocket and pulls out a box wrapped with green wrapping paper. “These are the options you will be deciding on for what you would like to do on your journey!”

    “This has got to be one of my favorite gifts this birthday!” Chloe says after lifting the lid on the box. In the box, there is a badge case and a ribbon case. Both complete with ribbons and badges!

    “Your mom and I decided to give you our old things. As you know, your mom competed in Gym Battles, while I competed in Contests. I hope you like them!”

    “Oh, I love them! Thank you so much!” She says after handing the box back to her aunt.

    “So, which Pokemon did you choose?” Jasmine inquires.

    “I chose Piplup!” The penguin hops down to the ground and hugs Jasmine.

    “Well, it sure has a loving attitude!” The Pokemon then runs back to its trainer.

    “I should get going. I don’t want to be late to the lab!” Chloe says as she starts running off to the lab.

    “Bye! Safe travels!” Jasmine says over the blowing snow.

    Chloe then walked out of her hometown, and headed down Route 201. As she was walking, a few Ice types are relaxing in the snow. She continued walking through the route for a few hours, stopping from time to time to let Piplup stretch its legs and to rest her own. Finally, Sandgem appeared in the distance! She then started running to get there as soon as she could! She opened the door, and waiting for her, was a white haired man in a blue shirt. This was Professor Rowan!

    “Professor! I’m here! I also brought your Pokeballs back!”

    “Good, I am glad you got here safely. Right on time, if I may add.” The Professor then took the box from Chloe and returned it to its spot on the counter. “Now, you chose Piplup, didn’t you?” He asks while returning from the counter.

    “Why yes! I did choose Piplup!” The Pokemon hops down and greets Rowan with a hug. “It does that a lot!” Chloe says while picking Piplup back up.

    “Well, let’s get down to business. Here are your five Pokeballs and Pokedex. Next, you need to register for either the Sinnoh League or Contests. I will not be making that decision for you though. You can register at the Pokemon Center to the East of the lab.”

    “Thank you Professor!” Chloe says as she walks out the door. She places the Pokeballs on her belt. As she enters the Pokemon Center, she finds the place empty besides a Nurse Joy and a few others. “Can I register for either the Sinnoh League or Contests here?” Chloe asks the Nurse.

    “Yes, but we do have a limited time offer where you can compete in both. If that’s what you want, just tell me and we will get your Trainer Card filled out.”

    “I would like to participate in both.” Chloe says to the pink haired woman.

    “Okay! Just stand with your back to this wall and I will take your picture!” She snaps a photo with a portable camera. “It will take a few minutes to get your card developed. Take a look around while you wait.”

    Chloe lets her Pokemon down and lets it go eat. She walks around, looking at various magazines, such as Pokefashion Weekly and Trainer Tips.

    “Miss! Your card is ready!” Says the Nurse. “Could I get your name?”

    “Chloe Berkily, age 13!” She says happily.

    “Now sign this, and you’re a trainer!” Nurse Joy says.

    After signing, Chloe collects her card and turns around, only to see an old friend.
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2013
  3. Colton S

    Colton S Beware Bewear

    Chapter 2: Gotta Get To Jubilife City!

    “Ambipom!” Chloe says, running to the purple monkey with two tails. “What are you doing here?”

    “Am! Ambi! Pom! Ambipom!” It says, while holding two ovals in both of its tails.

    “Ooh! What are those?” Chloe asks.

    “Those are Pokemon Eggs!” Says Nurse Joy from across the counter.

    “What are you doing with those eggs?” Chloe asks.

    “Ambi! Ambipom!” The monkey replies. It produces a note that reads, Dear Chloe, I know that you just got your first Pokemon, but I wanted to give you one. These are eggs from the breeder that lives across the road from us. I have no idea what they are, so go with your instinct on this one. ~Mom

    “So, these are my choices.” She says. She then holds up one egg, which is purple with a cream colored spot that looks like Ambipom’s tail. She holds up the other one, which is white with blue and red triangles. “I wonder what these could be.” Chloe looks at them one final time, and she holds up the one with the blue and red triangles. “That one!” She hands the purple one back to the Ambipom. “How will you get home?” Chloe asks.

    “I think I can help.” Says the Nurse Joy. “If Ambipom has its Pokeball, and you have a Video Phone at your house, I can send it back home.”

    “Ambipom has its Pokeball, but we do not have a Video Phone at home.”

    “That’s fine. We will send out our Pelipper Air Service to your house. After returning Ambipom, just place it in this box and we will take care of it!”

    “Ambipom! Return!” Chloe says and a red aura shoots out of the Pokeball and envelops the Pokemon, and then sucks it back into the sphere. Chloe places the ball in the container. “Thank you Nurse Joy!” She says running out the door. Chloe then sees a Pelipper fly off with a package in the middle of its mouth. She overhears a conversation between two trainers.

    “Did you hear that there is a contest in Jubilife?” Says the trainer on the left.

    “Yes! It’s tomorrow, so I won’t be able to make it because it is too far going north.” Says the trainer on the right.

    “Hmm. I may just compete if I can make it…” She says to herself. Chloe starts running north, onto the snow covered Route 202. She found herself tired of walking through the deep snow. She knew that she needed to keep walking, but it was getting harder and harder. After a few hours, she stops to eat with her Piplup. Suddenly, the egg starts to shake! “Oh no! This egg is going to hatch in this cold! We have to get to Jubilife faster now! Chloe starts running as fast as she can until she is out of breath! The egg starts to shake even more! “Piplup, I don’t think we are going to make it. Jubilife is too far. We had better make room for the egg in my coat.” Chloe then looks in her coat. “How convenient! There’s a pocket right here! Let’s sit down and wait for it to hatch.” After a few minutes of waiting, the egg flashes with a bright light and from the egg emerges a newly hatched Pokemon that had small, stubby arms and a shell on its bottom half. “I wonder what this one is!” Chloe scans it with her Pokedex and finds it to be a Togepi! The Pokemon brushes up to its trainer and shivers. She says, “You must be cold! Get inside my jacket!”

    “Togepi!” The little Pokemon exclaims while sitting in the jacket’s inside pocket.

    “I hope it’s not too cramped in there!” Says Chloe. She zips up her jacket, to where Togepi can just see over the top, right next to Chloe’s neck. “Okay! Now let’s get to Jubilife before the Pokemon Center is closed!” They continue their trek for a few more hours, but it is starting to get dark! The group runs into a girl, who Chloe asks how far Jubilife is.

    “It’s about 3 miles.” Says the girl. “But if you are in need of immediate transportation, I will give you a ride on my snowmobile!”

    “Yes! Thank you!” Chloe says happily. Within 50 minutes, they arrive in Jubilife City! Chloe thanks the girl and asks her for her name.

    “Katelynn is the name!” She says with a grin. “By the way, where are you headed?”

    “I’m going to the Pokemon Center for the night and then headed for the contest tomorrow!”

    “Well, I’ll just come with you! I wanted to watch the contest anyways!” Katelynn says.

    “That’s fine by me!” Chloe confirms. Then, the group heads into the Pokemon Center, ready for the Pokemon Contest!

    So, what do you think? How do you think the contest will play out? Leave suggestions and reviews please!
  4. Chibi_Muffin

    Chibi_Muffin Smart Cookie

    First of all, the chapters are a bit on the short side. I think they need to be at least 2 pages in Word, so I'd make them a few paragraphs longer. This could be done by adding a bit more description. For instance, you could say what Chloe looks like when she is introduced, and say more about the environment outside such as what the Ice types are and what they are doing. The basic description you do have is good enough though, there could just be a bit more.

    I also think things are maybe a bit convenient for Chloe. I understand her mum getting her a Pokemon egg, but I think getting a full set of badges and ribbons is a bit much since you need to earn them. Same with the girl offering her a snowmobile ride, they don't really know each other so there had to be a good reason why she chose to do so. I also think it's weird that Rowan gave her all three starter Pokemon at her house. All three are usually at the lab so three trainers can get them, I just wonder why give them to a girl if she'll only keep one anyway? I think you may need to give more reasons why people do things, and maybe add more challenge to Chloe in terms of getting things. I think part of it as well is that the second chapter is a little rushed in that Togepi hatches soon after she gets the egg. There may need to be more of a gap between events.

    Finally, I think you may need to give your characters a bit more of a distinctive personality. The dialogue you have is good in the sense that it isn't boring and you can picture people saying these things, however I think a lot of the characters sound and act very similar. I'd think about giving each character a basic personality so that their opinions and reactions are more different, that way it w ill be a bit more interesting. Is Chloe shy or brave? Girly or a tomboy? Studious or sporty? Kind or stubborn? These kinds of things can affect your story by creating subplots that may add variety. The same goes for characters like Katelynn as well.

    Overall, this story has potential because your writing and grammar is generally good quality. However, I'd recommend adding more description to each chapter, to stop giving Chloe so many things (though at least in this case it's early on in her journey and so understandable), and to give your characters more unique traits from each other. Good luck!
  5. Colton S

    Colton S Beware Bewear

    Thanks for the review, I know it can be a little rushed at times, and those were her Aunt and Mom's badges and ribbons. I thought of them as a good luck charm. I just figured Katelynn would give her a ride because she saw how late it was and she looked tired. Yeah, you are right about including more details. I will make sure to get those personalities in there, I just couldn't find a very good place to include them, but I will take your suggestions!
  6. Colton S

    Colton S Beware Bewear

    Chapter 3: The Jubilife City Contest!

    Chloe wakes up the next morning, greeted by her Piplup poking her face.

    “What do you want?” Chloe grumbles angrily, as she is disturbed from her deep sleep. Her Pokemon points to a sign that reads, Pokemon Contest Today! “Oh! That’s right! A Contest is today!” She springs out of bed, putting on her clothes and running down the stairs without brushing her hair, which looks like a brown fuzzy mess.

    “Whoa! You should probably take some more time to get ready!” Katelynn chuckles lightly as she takes a sip of her hot chocolate.

    “Well, I’m sorry I can’t be as perfect as you, Miss Perfect.” Chloe jokes. Katelynn had black hair that fell into little rings on the sides. She wore a pink coat that was puffy, probably from Starly feathers or some other plush material. She wore green tights with a white skirt covering the tights.

    “Well, have you decided which Pokemon you are using?”

    “I’m planning on Togepi!” Chloe says. At that, her Piplup starts hitting her and crying.

    “Looks like Piplup wants to participate, and it’s a contest where you can use one Pokemon for the appeal round and another for the battles. Piplup will be able to participate then!”

    “Umm… Excuse me.” Says a familiar voice.

    “Yes?” Chloe says turning around, but does not recognize the woman. She is a little bit bigger than Chloe, both in height and weight.

    “I am participating in the contest today, and I thought I should introduce myself. I am Jas- er… Tiffany!”

    “Nice to meetcha!” Chloe says. “I’m Chloe, and this is Katelynn. When is the contest?” Chloe asks excitedly.

    “In about 10 minutes. If I were you, I would hurry.” Says Tiffany.

    “Oh! We’d better go!” Chloe says, while running out of the Pokemon Center. She runs down the street, through the mob of people and Pokemon, headed to various destinations. She pushed through people, to see a Blue circular building that had a giant sign that reads, Pokemon Contest. She runs through the sliding glass doors and registers at the counter. She heads into the changing room where she finds a plain white dress with lace on the sleeves and the bottom. There are light blue ribbons around the shoulders, while a blue ribbon is around the middle of the dress. There is a note on the dress that simply says, from Mom. “Thank you so much mom!” She says out loud. She puts on the dress and uses a pink ribbon from her Aunt’s collection as a barrette.

    “Coordinators, please come to the stage for the Pokemon Contest.” The loudspeakers blare.

    “Ok, this is it.” She says to herself. “Let’s own this!” She runs up on stage just in time.

    The announcer yells, “Let’s get this contest underway! First up is Chloe from Twinleaf!”

    “Yes!” She says to herself. Chloe thinks, I already know about combo moves, so I should be okay! She runs on stage, where she sees the judges. One is the Nurse Joy of the city and another is a girl who wears a purple dress and has purple hair. The last is an older man, who has gray hair and wears a brown hat with a black stripe across the middle.

    “Togepi! Shine!” She yells as the Pokemon comes out. “Use Metronome!” The Pokemon waggles a finger, and a beam comes out of its mouth that is very colorful.

    “That’s Aurora Beam!” Says the Announcer.

    “Now! Use Swift on it!” Chloe commands. Stars shoot from it and gain the color of the former attack! The crowd starts cheering loudly!

    “That combination was spectacular!” Nurse Joy says.

    “Now! Quick Attack through the Swift!” Chloe commands with grace. Togepi then slams into all of the stars and rainbow colored dust floats to the ground, while Togepi gains the colorful aura. “Metronome!” She says. Togepi launches into the air with a trail of the rainbow colored beam.

    “That’s Fly!” Says the Announcer.

    “Oh! That was magnificent!” The purple haired lady says with a French accent.

    The old man comments, “Yes, quite.”

    “And…. Time’s up!” Says the announcer. “We will find out later who moves on to the battle round!”

    “Woohoo! Great job Togepi!” Chloe says as she hugs the small Pokemon. Chloe watches the other performances as they go by. Eventually, the Coordinators are called back on stage.

    “Eight Coordinators managed to stand out among the best of the best here.” Says the Announcer. “Here they are!” He gestures to the screen where cards with the faces of the trainers appear. They are shuffled, and reveal the eight remaining trainers.

    “Are we in?” Chloe says to herself. She scans the screen and finds herself, battling against Tiffany. “Yes! We did it!” The first battles go by fast, and when it’s time for hers, she brings out Piplup, and gives it a pep talk. “Now let’s win this!” She yells. Chloe runs on stage, while Tiffany is waiting on the other side.

    “Let the Contest battle between Chloe and Tiffany begin!” The referee says.

    “Skitty! Blossom!”

    “Piplup! Shine!” The penguin Pokemon comes out, facing a Pokemon That resembles a kitten. It has a tail that is pink, with three little pin-like objects. Tiffany wore a yellow dress, with red heels and pink bows in her blonde hair.

    “Skitty! Use Tackle!” Tiffany says as the kitten charges at Piplup.

    “Piplup! Use Bubblebeam to block and then counter with your own Tackle! The blue penguin shoots bubbles out of its mouth, and then charges at Skitty. The Bubblebeam hits Skitty, which stops it in its tracks and Piplup hits it with tackle! The points meter in the shape of a circle drains more than a fourth of Tiffany’s points!

    “Skitty! Use Shadow Ball and then slap it at Piplup!” The Shadow Ball heads toward Piplup very rapidly!

    “Piplup! Dodge!” Piplup can’t dodge and gets hit. Chloe loses a few points. “Now! Peck!” Piplup runs, with its beak glowing white. It hits the kitten Pokemon and sends it flying back!

    “No! Skitty!” It becomes apparent that her Pokemon fainted.

    “Skitty is unable to battle so the winners are Chloe and Piplup!” The referee announces.

    “Yes! We did it! Now we’re in the semifinals!” Chloe happily announces. She goes on to defeat a Slugma easily and advances to the finals, facing a Nosepass, who they barely beat.

    “The winner of the Jubilife City Pokemon Contest is Chloe from Twinleaf Town!” Says the announcer.

    “Yes!” She says overjoyed. She happily takes the ribbon that has two white stripes, and in the middle, it has an aquamarine color. “Yes! Only four more to go!” She says, high-fiving her Piplup.

    Well, how was that?
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2013
  7. TheBlackDuelist

    TheBlackDuelist Well-Known Member

    Ok, another Journey fic that needs to be reviewed. I'mma go through each chapter and tell you some of your errors and what I did or didn't like.

    Chapter 1:

    The sentence structure of this just reads to me as awkward. Starting off with dialogue for an Prologue isn't the best way to go. First of all, we don't know even know the setting, the atmosphere, or even how many characters are in the first scene. I would suggest re editing your opening into something that can showcase the properties I mentioned earlier.
    Now about this sentence, using the word "declares" in this sentence. The use of this word shouldn't belong in this kind of sentence. Judging from your text, Jaymie is most likely happy about her daughter, so using a word like declares does not enhance the sentence, it just makes it sound out of place. I would use a thesaurus and change the word to a more fitting one. Perhaps remarked? or even surmised?

    Using present tense is a no no. Change says to "said". Also, this sentence does not show me how excited she is. It merely just tells me what she said and nothing more. You want to not only have dialogue but also description to create an image for the readers. For instance, I would change that sentence to "Chloe smiled happily at her mother as she gripped her hot chocolate. "Of course mom!"

    See that? I just added a few descriptions and just transformed a normal "she said this" into "she reacted a certain way, and then said this with emotion".

    Present Tense Again. Past is the way to go.

    You have to add in those descriptions man. The formation of this sentence again reads as awkward as there is a period at the end of the quote. If you add a period, it means the sentence is done, so the next sentence that comes after it has no flow and is out of place.

    Re organise this sentence so that there is no past tense and that can flow right into the next scene. For example: "Well that's quite the attitude you have there" Jaymie observed as she walked over towards the brown couch. She sat down and faced her daughter. "I've got a great gift for you sweetie" she added.

    For an emotional scene with a mother, that was quite bland. I mean, for a thirteen year old daughter to be leaving her house and then all of a sudden start crying out of nowhere is just weird. There was no build up and I didn't feel for Chloe when she hugged her mom. It just felt like "Yea im leaving, hug me". I would seriously consider revising this.

    I would go on in more detail but I think you got the idea down, I just hope that you can take what I and the other reviewers have been saying. Also, your chapters are horrendously short and nothing really happens in them. Make them at least three to four pages, so that's around 1K - 1.5K words. Another major thing that you need to change is the current tense. Talk in the past tense, not in the present.

    Also Plot wise, the idea of "Trainer leaves home, gets Pokemon, heads on journey" isn't quite popular with the current franchise unless you have mind blowing writing skills and/or have a huge plot twist or something that makes it stand out from just another journey fic. Going on a journey for the badges is also just boring to read through over and over again as a main plot. What I would suggest doing (just my opinion, feel free to ignore me) is make the badge collecting a sub plot, and make Chloe journey around for something more than just becoming the best trainer. In no way am I telling you to completely change your story to satisfy me, I'm just suggesting to you that if you wan't people to like your story and consider your's apart from the same old thing, mix it up a bit.

    I'll review your other chapters in the near future. I wish you luck :)
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2013
  8. Colton S

    Colton S Beware Bewear

    Chapter 4: The Boat Bound for Baelstrom City!

    “I can’t believe we won our first contest!” Chloe said as she walked away from the contest dome. The white flakes of snow fell softly on her coat, each and every one different. As she got to the Pokemon Center, she found Katelynn waiting.

    “You’re really good at contests for a beginner!” Katelynn said as she walked over to the brown haired girl.

    “Thanks! I need to go to a Pokemon Gym and get my first badge, and I think that Oreburgh City has a gym.”

    “Well, sorry to disappoint, but Roark, the leader, retired a few years ago. You’ll have to go somewhere else.” Katelynn said glumly.

    “Oh well. I’ll just ask Nurse Joy.” Chloe walked over to the counter and asked the pink haired lady, “Nurse Joy, could you provide me with a map of towns with gyms?”

    “Sure thing!” Nurse Joy said and then looked through a couple of drawers. “Ah-Ha!” She exclaimed. “Here you are!”

    Chloe took the map over to the table where Katelynn was sitting, and spread it out. “I think that the closest gym is Eterna, but I want to explore, so let’s go to the island to the Southeast of Sandgem.”

    “Looks like that’s Baelstrom Island!” Katelynn said. “You had better get yourself a ticket for the boat!”

    “What?! You aren’t coming?!” Chloe exclaimed.

    “Nope. I want to travel other places. I will give you a ride on my snowmobile back, though.”

    “Are you sure you don’t want to come? I’m sure they’ll have enough room.”

    “No, I’m traveling by myself for awhile. I promise that you will be fine. You can make new friends, and who knows? Maybe along the way, we’ll see each other again.”

    “Oh, alright. Let’s get me a ticket.” Chloe said unhappily.

    “One ticket for Baelstrom Island, please.” Katelynn said to Nurse Joy.

    “Alright, I’ll send it to the Sandgem Town Pokemon Center.”

    “Thank you!” Katelynn said.

    Both of them then walked out of the Pokemon Center and find the snowmobile. Neither of them said much on the way there, but after a few hours, they arrived at Sandgem. Chloe ran in and got her ticket, and came back out.

    “Well, I guess this is goodbye.” Says Chloe.

    “Oh, don’t be sad, we will see each other again. Now get going! You’ll miss your boat!”

    “Okay… See you soon.” Chloe turned around and started for the boat. After handing the captain her ticket, she boarded the ship, headed to the deck, and looked towards the great blue water, darker from the gray clouds. The ship heads out, and soon, Sandgem becomes a dot in the water. Chloe thinks about her first friend, and how she will never forget her. On her left shoulder, her Piplup sits, peering into the distance. “Alright, Togepi! You shouldn’t be left out!” She said as she brought out the small Pokemon. It climbed into a pocket in her coat, where it could see out.

    “Are you all going to challenge the gym in Baelstrom?” A voice said.

    Chloe turned around to see the captain and replied, “Yes I am!”

    “I’ve heard that the gym leader is a shady character, so watch out.”

    “Oh, I’ll be fine! I have my Pokemon by my side!”

    “You’re right! The last time I encountered a trainer, they didn’t even have any Pokemon!” He said while laughing.

    “Yeah. I guess you’re right! Anyways, I should probably get some rest, so I’m headed to my cabin!” Chloe turned and went down the stairs, and found her cabin to be right at the bottom. She opened the door, and flopped down on the bed. “Ahh! It’s so comfy!” She said. Chloe fell asleep in minutes.

    Above, an all black-clad man was chatting with the captain.

    “Are there any trainers aboard?” Said the man.

    “Yes, I just talked to one, a girl; she is aboard the S.S. Disaster!” The captain evilly said.

    “I think it’s time for her to be challenged to survive aboard!” And the power then went out.
    Sorry with this being a filler chapter! The next will be good! Reviews and comments would be appreciated as always!

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