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Choose It Or Lose It! (407)


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Choose It Or Lose It

Ash's battle with Morrison continues on...but Morrison seems apathetic to the battle and not wanting to battle Ash properly, he starts losing. Ash manages to convince him to battle properly and so the fierce battle properly begins. Who will win? Ash or Morrison?

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*awaits people who know what happens to dazzle us with knolage*

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Oh the speculation thread was already closed, I wanted to talk about the possable Torkoal time. But from what I know is that the whole battle was squweesed into the one epsiode. Which is bad but I only know is that Corphish had all its time at the begening of this episode.

Thats all I know.


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So Ash beats Masamune. I'm not particularly surprised, and I'm betting he'll lose to Tetsuya which would continue this 'pattern' of getting to top 16, then top 8 I think it was..

Factory Head Noland

The episode doesn't air until 7:30pm so why's this thread open and the speculation one closed? Should be the other way around!
I hope the battle was really exciting with "Advanced Adventure" in it (that just MAKES an episode).
We don't actually know if Ash will battle Tetsuya, there is no proof of it it's all just speculation...


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Click on the "Episode Guide" Link, and it says clearly at the side that Ash beats Masamune and discovers he will battle Tetsuya. :/

I'm not even sure when it airs, or even if you are correct. Though the trailer on TVTokyo is still the same..


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From what i can gather Ash won

Sounded like Steelix took down 2 Pokes (not sure on this one)
Swellow VS Gligar (I had a feeling they'd have this matchup, and a lot of others :p)
Metang VS Glalie (edit: oops Meteo Mash was used)

I don't really know anymore specifics >< but Zak posted Tetsuya's last 2 pokemon to be Hariyama and Shiftry
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You mean Meteor Mash?

~Bayleef~, there's probably a huge time difference between here and in Japan and I think they're ahead of us, so it must have already aired other wise we wouldn't have the basic details yet.


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Once again, doesn't look like Torkoal does much... *groan* According to several message boards, this is how the battle went (I haven't seen the episode yet, but it's pretty clear):

Ash left off having Corphish out, while Masamune lost Girafarig quickly. Masamune chose Growlithe for his second...
...And lost quickly to Corphish again. Next, he uses Swampert, and as Corphish and Swampert use Crabhammer and Focus Punch, they both knock each other out and faint. There is then an interval because Masamune lost 3 Pokemon.
Steelix VS Pikachu. Both have Iron Tail, but Steelix's is faster and the win goes to him. Torkoal's turn to face a Steelix for a second time... but it's Flamethrower and Overheat are no match for Steelix's Dig and Dragonbreath, so it's taken out pretty quickly again.
Grovyle, however, avoids Dragonbreath and defeats Steelix with Leaf Blade.
Gligar's turn, who then quickly defeats Grovyle with Guillotine.
Swellow VS Gligar. Again, a collision of attacks causes them to hit each other and both faint, thus they are down to their last Pokemon (Aerial Ace and Metal Claw).
Glalie VS Metang... I couldn't exactly understand what went on here, but yes, Meteor Mash was introed. But anyway the fact remains that Glalie won somehow.

The Sceptile shown in the preview, as I recall one person correctly speculating, is to show how Tetsuya is doing meanwhile. But, it's decided, that Ash will be battle Tetsuya next round, and yes he IS in the top 8 and the battle IS for the top 4, so if Ash loses he'll be top 8 again.

Anyway, seems like Ash sees Tetsuya training with Meowth at night and they have their little "talk" as usual... bleh... but anyway, Ash's battle with Tetsuya does actually start in this episode, and he makes a pretty surprising choice for a first Pokemon... Sceptile. Ash uses Glalie. They start fighting for a while, and the episode ends in the middle of a fierce battle...

I think that might be what the next title's referring to. But... given the placement of the round, it's hard to really say who will win. Given that it's for the top four, Ash does have a chance with the writers... But to be honest, it's good because now we won't really care who he loses to or if he loses, assuming he beats Tetsuya. Plus, unless he withdraws it, not sure if we'd have to worry about Sceptile being a threat...

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He has returned.
i serously would like to know what the writers are smoking when they write these battles
i mean come on Torkoal got shafted again,Grovyle beating a Steelix, and Glalie has suddenly become one of the Big guns for ash's team, what's going on!!!????


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Awesome to see that pikachu wasn't Ash's final trump card for once... very happy that glalie ended up being the one who claimed the victory for Ash.


Yeah, ok!
Swampert gets knocked out by Corphish? Meh. I wanted to see Swampert do some good battling, not this quick faint crap.

Sounds like the battle went pretty fast, I hope it isn't really that rushed. Sounds like a one-hit KO fest mainly, with about 20 seconds per battle. Lame.

So it's Ash Vs. Tetsuya next then eh? Considering the upcoming episode titles, seems Ash loses to him as expected. *yawn*


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Torkoal is finished off quickly again. Its come to a point where I'm not even surprised anymore. If Torkoal gets any decent battling for the remainder of time its going to have on Ash's team, I'm going to be really shocked.
I like Glalie and Grovyle, I really do. But I fail to understand why the writers are feeling that its so nessicary to have them take so much spot-light in this league, leaving the likes of Torkoal to suffer. Because really, thats just crap.

And judging by the summary of the battle and how each pokémon seemed to be taken out really quickly or lost in a draw, it sounds incredibly weak at best. I honestly can't see any Houen matches being more enjoyable than the round against Kaeda. One-hit KO battles suck sh*t.

Negative yes, but I like it too~


Yeah, ok!
I think it's safe to say that Torkoal is the weakest pokemon on Ash's Hoenn team, either that or the writers have some kind of vendetta against it. No wonder why Torkoal will be sent back to Oaks in a few episodes from now.

V Faction

Man, does that sound ever shitty. Swampert gets knocked out by Corphish? Steelix remains in the battle longer than one round? Guillotine is used on Grovyle? Glalie beats Metang? My god... I had some hope that this battle would offer a little fun. From Zak's descrip. though... sounds like one big impossible fest. I'm guessing I may enjoy it more if I watch the Episode, but damn I'm not having high hopes.

And LOL at Hariyama with Tetsuya. One person managed to predict that correctly.

Darn that Tetsuya! He can't get any original Pokemon of his own. Shiftry counts a little, if you despise Brendan.
man this episode really sucks IMO.... c'mon Swampert atleast could've lasted more long and whats up the the Pokemon fainting each other at the same time?...........................*sigh*


*swoons for Noland*
Yah...a Pokemon like Swampert getting knocked out along with Corphish. It took out half of Masamune's team! That's on fire!


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Go, Corphish! But Ash's choices suck and so did Masemune's! Pikachu VS Steelix? Growlithe against Corphish? And Glalie taking all the glory while Torkoal loses miserably again! BIASED!!! If only they'd not evolved Snorunt- Glalie's the new Charizard (only more obedient) He can do anything!!!


Yeah, ok!
Well what did you guys expect?

The writers rushed a 6 on 6 battle into a single episode, of course it's going to be pretty crappy.

If the Tetsuya match is finished all in one episode as well, I fear for that one too.


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Ok, I liked Onigohri at first, but I'm getting sick of the overgrown hailstone. :p Satoshi caught the thing not even 20 episodes ago, and ever since it evolved it's been this unstoppable powerhouse? What the hell?

I can understand winning a battle or two because of beginner's luck - like Crab for instance - and I was OK with him winning despite an obvious type disadvantage (Heracross did it too after all ^_^), but now he delivers the final blow to defeat Masamune? And he was doing just fine in the Keade battle - the only reason he got knocked out was because of destiny bond. It's just rediculous for a pokémon captured so recently and with virtually no battling experience before the league to be doing so good. Not only that, but it's rather unfair to Satoshi's other pokémon who worked really hard all through the Houen region.

Give Kootasu more screentime, dammit! *kicks writers*
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