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Chorus II ~ The Storyline Face-Off

Discussion in 'Face-Offs' started by Dramatic Melody, May 4, 2008.

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    Book 4

    Prologue ~ Choice

    One year after the events of Chapter Seven.

    At the exact time Replacement’s Epilogue was happening in a different setting.

    “Hm, this celebrates our anniversary of staying in this hideous prison cell.”

    The Umbreon paced back and forth in the shoebox that was his prison cell. He shared it with a yellow spiky version of himself and an elegant orange phoenix, who had to bend down all the time as her height wasn’t very compatible with the cell’s.

    “Oh, yeah,” Volteon acknowledged, “exactly a year ago when those little assholes beat the crap out of us.”

    “Since it is technically our birthday here,” GoldenHouou butted in, “let me give a present to both of you. How about I get all three of us out of here?”

    The Eons looked at the Phoenix peculiarly. What wicked idea has gotten into her bird brain now?

    “But, but, how can you ever do that?” Volteon reacted rather curiously. “We’ve tried a million times to escape, and all of them have led to failure. What makes you think your ‘brilliant idea’ is any different?”

    “Trust me, dear Volteon,” GoldenHouou assured her beloved pair, “being in this prison for one year has its benefits. Like I know that our guard is coming in 3…2…1.”

    At once, a red octopus appeared in their midst. It sauntered over to their cell’s door and tapped the unbreakable bars. The captives hissed at him, which he was undoubtedly used to by now.

    “So it’s been one year, huh?” the Octillery stated, “I can’t believe it’s been that long.”

    “Oh, shut up, Octoboy,” Volteon stabbed back at him, “you know how much of a shitty job it is to guard us.”

    “Yes, dear Octoboy,” GoldenHouou said slowly, as if trying to be captivating, “surely you’re tired of being a mere guard when your competition, Benmeister, is the mod of a big realm.”

    “Shut up, Houou,” Octoboy replied, “at least I’m not as low as you guys, stuck in a prison cell for eternity.”

    “But think, my sweet Octoboy,” GoldenHouou went on, “if we take down The Benmeister, you can become the Face-Offs Realm’s Moderator. You can have absolute power!”

    The Octillery envisioned him in that position – commanding the people, being regarded as a great person, and being treated better than everybody else.

    It was perfect.

    “All you have to do is put that key into that keyhole,” the Ho-Oh pointed at both objects, “and together, we can bring The Benmeister down!”

    Octoboy motioned to his key, and thought for a moment.

    What was he to do?

    You like? =P

    Well, it's easy, you have to decide whether Octoboy will become an Apprentice (someone who supports the protagonist) or an Accomplice (someone who supports the antagonist).


    1. General Chorus rules apply.
    2. Voting is once per three hours.
    3. Vote Apprentice or Accomplice. First to reach Seven points wins.

    I vote...Accomplice. It'll be more interesting. =D

    Apprentice - 0
    Accomplice - 1

    Start voting! And welcome to Book 4 - Idiosyncrasy!
  2. Kikas123

    Kikas123 What 'bout My Star?

    Hm.... Hard decision, I guess I'll say Accomplice.
  3. Volteon

    Volteon Back I guess??

    Accom for me!

    Because Octazooka = evil.
  4. Jonessodaco.Chris

    Jonessodaco.Chris Is Back Finally!

    meh to make it closer

    i'll vote Apprentice lol ;)
  5. MareepMan

    MareepMan Well-Known Member

    Apprentice too!
  6. Flamander

    Flamander Ihatetheaboveposter!

  7. Half of me is jumping out of my chair, whereas the other half of me is wondering if that's all...guess I have mixed reactions to this. Psi was awfully quiet there...I wonder if he works well with the lovebird and the eon or is just using them to get out and run...
    I'd be interested to know where Dramatic Melody is right now...
    So I got this figured out. GH plays the same ploy on a few other pkmn too far which, in turn, makes Volty turn on her and join up with Beneister as second moderator...only to the hombres' dismay, as they wanted the position themselves, thus making their own evil camp, separate from GH who is separate from Psi. Yesssss...

    Accomplice...octoboy came close in the last one, so I'd imagine he's upset with Benmeister.

    Apprentice - 3
    Accomplice - 4
  8. king of blue

    king of blue That's me!

    I'd like him to be the apprentice, most likely cause I nominated him.

    Apprentice - 4
    Accomplice - 4
  9. Volteon

    Volteon Back I guess??

    I evil side him again.
  10. Ludi-Kero!

    Ludi-Kero! Hugging 'til the end

    Dark side!
  11. Apprentice - 4
    Sith - 6
  12. Kikas123

    Kikas123 What 'bout My Star?

    By Hombres you mean us, right Agent?
    And Accomplice to push it through.
  13. Yes, us =P...read Kikas's sig xP.

    Apprentice - 4
    Sith - 7

  14. Octoboy's a baddie, then.

    So for Idiosyncrasy, the chapters will shift scenes. That means Chapter One will have a different setting from the Prologue and Chapter Two, and so on, until the story puts them together.

    Yeah, I just thought you'd like to know. About the winner of Idiosyncrasy...well, it all depends on the choices you make for the characters as each chapter passes by. So Octoboy becoming a villain is a very big plus...or a very big minus. I won't tell. =P

    Chapter One ~ Bittersweet

    “Kikas, Kikas, Kikas…”

    Illegible tried to wake the fainted Charizard up, but to no avail. Their three co-missionaries have left them in the cave, and for hours they’ve waited for their rescue.


    Hours turned into days.

    Days turned into weeks.

    Weeks turned into months.

    Kikas had recovered from fainting, but was still too weak to plow through the rocks that blocked the cave’s exit. Illegible tried and tried, but to no avail. Whenever they successfully removed a boulder, several others came in its place.

    They had virtually no food – they had to live through Illegible’s Wish and Roost techniques and Kikas’s Roost and Rest techniques, their power getting weaker as time unmercifully passed by.

    One day, though, exactly one year after this prison-fest began, the ceiling began to crumble. Kikas shivered in anxiety while Illegible’s eyes glinted in hope.

    As the sunshine blinded the two Pokemon (harsher than usual as they were secluded from light for such a long period of time), a small bird appeared in their midst. They recognized the figure, even though they haven’t seen any other Pokemon but each other for a long time.

    It was a Swablu.

    Illegible’s heart raced as he charged to the Swablu’s body and hugged her tightly. He caressed her soft cotton wings and smooth blue skin, missing his pair so much from the unbelievably long time they were separated.

    “SnoWing! Oh damn am I glad to see you again!” he said excitingly.

    “…Yeah, it’s great to see you again, Illegible,” she replied rather vaguely, to Illegible’s wonder.

    “Yo, SnoWing,” Kikas butted in, “can you please tell me why the **** did you only come now? I mean, you had us waiting for a goddamn long time. It must’ve been months already!”

    “Uhh, sorry about that,” SnoWing apologized sincerely, “it’s just that the Face-Offs realm has been so busy that everyone, even your own co-missionaries, has forgotten about you. The Benmeister is now the new mod, and the three captives you had to fight are now imprisoned. It’s only one year later that someone had ordered for us to check on this cave. Again, I’m truly sorry.”

    “Well forget about that, Snow,” Illegible told her, “now that the Face-Offs Realm has improved, we can finally live the life we’ve dreamt of for a long time! We can finally be the true pair that we always wanted to be!”

    “That’s…where it gets complicated, Alec,” SnoWing said rather shamefully, “since my notion was that both of you were dead, I’ve been…seeing someone else.”

    The Togetic froze as he heard the words, his mouth wide open in shock and disbelief. Kikas could only feel the pain – from the millions of stories he had been told while they were in the cave, he could tell that Illegible and SnoWing were very close friends.

    “How could you be seeing someone?” Illegible reacted, tears beginning to form in his eyes, “We were great together! You promised me that you’d wait for me for as long as time would tell me to. This is unfair!”

    “Nothing’s unfair, sir Illegible.”

    A green dinosaur-like creature appeared in their midst, having a very leafy tail and a rather wide abdomen. The yellow and black eyes met Illegible’s, and optimism was the last thing seen in them.

    “Infinite Master Sceptile?” Illegible said in shock, “How…how could you do this to me?”

    “I’m sorry, Alec,” IMS replied sincerely, “but I guess that’s love. Finders keepers, losers weepers.”

    Angered by such words, the Togetic tackled the Sceptile with all his might, causing him to fall down. IMS counter-attacked with a Quick Attack, sending Illegible flying to the other side of the room.

    Kikas and SnoWing tried to stop them, but to no avail.

    It was a battle they had to fight.

    Now if the plot doesn't make sense, I'm sorry...but it had to be done to lead up to the last part of the chapter. o_O

    Btw, remember that these are all fiction, as much as I want them to be somehow real. *jk*

    So there's a battle and all, and it's rightful we use the Battle Style. They'll each only have two moves, though, instead of the usual four.


    1. General Chorus rules apply.
    2. Voting is once per hour.
    3. Pick one attack, then attack the opponent. =P
    4. Each Pokemon starts with 80HP. First to reach 0HP loses.

    Here's the attacks:

    Illegible (Togetic) - 80HP
    ~> Aerial Ace (Power: 6, PP: 7/7)
    ~> Ancientpower (Power: 5, PP: 8/8)

    Infinite Master Sceptile (Sceptile) - 80HP
    ~> Leaf Blade (Power: 6, PP: 7/7)
    ~> Night Slash (Power: 5, PP: 8/8)

    So I Aerial Ace IMS. =P

    Illegible (Togetic) - 80HP
    ~> Aerial Ace (Power: 6, PP: 6/7)
    ~> Ancientpower (Power: 5, PP: 8/8)

    Infinite Master Sceptile (Sceptile) - 74HP
    ~> Leaf Blade (Power: 6, PP: 7/7)
    ~> Night Slash (Power: 5, PP: 8/8)

    Start voting! *prepares to be beaten down by notorious criticisms about the plot, most especially from a certain Togetic...*
  15. IMS...xD. Wow, that was unexpected...

    Illegible landed a perfect hit on the saurian. He then turned to his hombre and asked for suport. "Kikas! Toast him!" Kikas just stood there expectantly as Illegible was stricken with a glowing green tail and let out a cry of pain.

    Illegible (Togetic) - 74HP
    ~> Aerial Ace (Power: 6, PP: 6/7)
    ~> Ancientpower (Power: 5, PP: 8/8)

    Infinite Master Sceptile (Sceptile) - 74HP
    ~> Leaf Blade (Power: 6, PP: 6/7)
    ~> Night Slash (Power: 5, PP: 8/8)

    ...this'll get really good if Illegible loses. SnoWing and IMS run off with Kikas and leave him there *nods*...so I wonderrrrr...where's Pure at right now?
  16. king of blue

    king of blue That's me!

    Aerial Ace!

    Illegible (Togetic) - 74HP
    ~> Aerial Ace (Power: 6, PP: 5/7)
    ~> Ancientpower (Power: 5, PP: 8/8)

    Infinite Master Sceptile (Sceptile) - 68HP
    ~> Leaf Blade (Power: 6, PP: 6/7)
    ~> Night Slash (Power: 5, PP: 8/8)
  17. Kikas123

    Kikas123 What 'bout My Star?

    Illegible clapped his hands. Kikas just looked at him. "Sorry Hombre, I never entered this fight, Encore won't work, but this will. SHIS-SHAA!" as Charizard pointed out a small landslide, then continued "Put the pucks in the net, and smash the goalie while your at it, we're already in the sin bin! Remember, we're in this together hombre."
    It took a second for Illegible to figure out Kikas's cryptic Hockey analogy, where in the time IMS landed a successful Leaf Blade!
    Illegible got up slowly, but knowing what Kikas meant, It was Illegible's turn to strike! "SHIS-SHAA!" yelled Illegible as The the landslide moved and sruck a clean blow against IMS.
  18. @Kikas-you used Ancientpower, then, right? C'mon guys...IMS has gotta win <<. It keeps the story goin'...

    "Spam this, Agent!" the saurian cried out as he struck Illegible with another crashing, green Leaf Blade. The triangles on Illegible's body were quickly becoming line segments the more times he would get hit. Illegible gave a pitiful glance over to the swablu (who was not impressed with either of their belligerence right now) as he prepared for his next Aerial Ace attack.

    Illegible (Togetic) - 68HP
    ~> Aerial Ace (Power: 6, PP: 5/7)
    ~> Ancientpower (Power: 5, PP: 7/8)

    Infinite Master Sceptile (Sceptile) - 63HP
    ~> Leaf Blade (Power: 6, PP: 5/7)
    ~> Night Slash (Power: 5, PP: 8/8)
  19. Kikas123

    Kikas123 What 'bout My Star?

    @Agent-How do we know what the heck is going on in DM's crazy mod brain? It could be counter-intuitive to the plot if you to lose.(Yes I did)
    "Doing great!" Yelled Kikas, remembering the sacrifice the Togetic had made for him gave him reason enough to put his faith behind it, "We'll get through this Hombre!"
    And with that Illegible struck with another Aerial Ace and Sceptile returned fire with a Leaf Blade, both slide back a few feet, then continued to circle.
  20. ...damn it.


    Btw Kikas that's an attack by Illegible right?

    [insert awesome story here] Illegible used Ancientpower. XD

    Illegible (Togetic) - 68HP
    ~> Aerial Ace (Power: 6, PP: 4/7)
    ~> Ancientpower (Power: 5, PP: 6/8)

    Infinite Master Sceptile (Sceptile) - 52HP
    ~> Leaf Blade (Power: 6, PP: 5/7)
    ~> Night Slash (Power: 5, PP: 8/8)
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